22 Chap 22 - Let Mommy Relieve Your Stress. (Small R18)

(AN: This chapter contains content R18. I want to make it clear that the content (body proportion, sex biology, characters age and others) here is pure fiction and doesn't match reality. Please be lenient with this amateur author and don't send the FBI to catch me.)




The last year has really been a tough one for Ryuuji, but in addition to getting drastically stronger by accumulating more and more Solar Chakra, Ryuuji has also drastically improved three skills he's been training the hardest over the last year.

" System, show me my status and my skills. "

[ Command Received! ]

[ Name: Ryuuji Uzumaki

Race: Perfect Kryptonian

Age: 10 Years

Solar Chakra: Kage (Sealed)

Strength of a Hundred Seal: (14 Tails). ]

( AN: Adding up all the Bijuus, we have 45 tails. In other words, the Ten-Tails of the Juubi is equivalent to the 45 tails of all the Bijuus. In order for Ryuuji to have the same amount of chakra as the Juubi, he needs to reach the mark of 45 tails on your chakra-storing seal. This is pure guesswork on my part, so don't give me pseudo-canonical data in the comments, this is a Fanfic. )

[ Perfect Kryptonian Physiology 80/100 ]

[ Bioelectric Aura 99/100 ]

[ Chakra Seed 99/100 ]

[ Perfect Uzumaki Physiology 99/100 ]

[ Fuuinjutsu 99/100 ]

[ Ninjutsu 99/100 ]

[ Genjutsu 80/100 ]

[ Taijutsu 90/100 ]

[ Bukijutsu 100/100 ]

Ryuuji couldn't stop the satisfied smile from appearing on his face.

Looking at the Seal that will need to be mass-created on his desk, Ryuuji remembered how much time and material it took to create this little masterpiece and bring not only the Fuuinjutsu skill to level 99 but also the Ninjutsu and Bioelectric Aura skills. .

By constantly training the functions of his Bioelectric Aura, the secret Earth Release Technique of Iwagakure, and mastering the Dust Release created by the Second Tsuchikage, Ryuuji merged the concept of these various abilities with materials already available in the Uzumaki Clan's library to create the Seal gravity control function.

Ryuuji used Kumo's Lightning Armor training method, which involves brutal physical training utilizing pure electricity to create the Seal's electrotherapy training function.

The Flying Thunder God Technique and the basic Summoning Jutsu to create the Safe Teleport function and of course the use of the Strength of a Hundred Seal used as the basis for the chakra storage function.

All this work paid off for Ryuuji, but it wasn't just these three skills that were improved.

Ryuuji also trained in a forbidden Taijutsu Technique which he learned from reading the forbidden Konoha scroll that he stole on his visit to the site.

A technique that all Naruto fans in his past life knew about: The Eight Inner Gates.

Initially, Ryuuji thought he wouldn't have the same limitations as humans, but to his surprise, he actually managed to open the first gate after a few minutes of training.

After a year of training the technique for a few hours a day, Ryuuji could easily open and close up to the sixth gate and open and close the seventh gate with some delay in doing so. But the skill had a different effect on Ryuuji.

In humans, the ability would literally deactivate the physical and mental limiters of the human body, allowing the technique's user to exert force far beyond their normal limit, as well as experience absurd chakra production while burning their own vitality.

For Ryuuji, who had no limits like humans and could generate chakra infinitely while under the radiation of a star, the technique worked as a way to amplify the abilities of his Kryptonian physiology, which was still limited by his early age.

Despite appearing to be an amazing skill, Ryuuji realized by constantly training the skill that the Tenketsu in his body referring to this technique were getting more and more "open" as he aged, meaning that the technique was functional only before his physiology fully matured.

But even with this limitation, it was still a good technique to train on a daily basis, because not only does it raise the level of the Taijutsu skill in the system, it is also a technique that works very well for Uzumaki Clan members - who have a strong vitality.

During the training Ryuuji intends to do with the Village members before the war against Konoha, he is sure to choose some shinobi with bodily talent to learn the skill and further increase the overall strength of his army.

And when Ryuuji levels up his Taijutsu skill to level 99, he will look for ways to level up his Genjutsu skill and then he will focus on taking his two main skills - Perfect Kryptonian Physiology and Chakra Seed - to the maximum level.

He hopes that the level 99 insurmountable bottleneck on his skills will be broken by fully mastering these two core skills.

He already has a basic understanding of how to level up the Chakra Seed skill, but as for Perfect Kryptonian Physiology, Ryuuji can only make guesses, his most hopeful guess being the passage of time and maturation itself.

After presenting the new Seal set to his uncle and grandfather. Ryuuji once again went through his training routine.

After some time, Ryuuji had already trained in the Eight Inner Gates technique for several hours and now, he was enjoying the good old-fashioned hot spring bath in his mansion.

Unfortunately for Ryuuji, with the addition of Mikoto and the maturing of the girls' bodies beside him, Benihime decided to build a partition inside the large thermal bath, condemning Ryuuji to long solitary baths.

But when Ryuuji's ears twitched slightly, he knew that today would be an exception to that rule.

" Hmm? Mommy? "

" Ryu-uu-jii…mom came to bathe you! "

The red-haired boy looked towards the entrance and was shocked by what he was seeing.

Maybe it's his ability to see the entire electromagnetic spectrum that's causing him to see a pink, lustful aura around his mother?

Ryuuji ignored the fact that his mother was slightly drunk and simply shrugged, deciding to play along with the redheaded MILF.

" You came at the right time, Mom. I will really appreciate your goodwill. "

" Fufufu~ you naughty boy…wishing your own mother would go and rub herself on you. "

" I never said anything about you rubbing those full, soft breasts on me, Mom, but it sounds like a good idea. Why not put it into practice?"

Benihime smiled at Ryuuji and walked slowly towards her son, with a deadly hip swing that hypnotized the red-haired boy.

The MILF approached Ryuuji and hugged him from behind.

" It's not fair, Ryuu-kun...mother has taken care of you since you were a baby and now that you've grown up to be a wonderful man these women are circling you like vultures..."

" Really Mom, it's not fair. You must make your moves to secure your piece of the pie. "

Benihime squeezed Ryuuji's body, pressing her plump breasts into her son's broad, muscular back.

" Yeah, it's not fair…hic…I'm your mother, and I have to have all your first times! "

Ryuuji, as a good mama's boy, would never question his beautiful hot mother.

" You're right, Mom. I must give you all my first times! "

Benihime smiled slightly and her hands that were on Ryuuji's rigid chest slowly lowered.

" My baby…because you've been working so hard the last few months, your stress is sure to build up. Let Mom handle it…she will help you ease it. "

Ryuuji swallowed hard as Benihime's hands slowly descended, passing through each hard ridge of his abdomen.

The way Benihime's delicate nails grazed his skin was driving him crazy and the lust that had always been stored in his body began to contaminate his thoughts.

When Benihime's soft fingers finally touched his manhood, Ryuuji let out a husky moan from his lips.

Benihime licked her lips and stood on tiptoe, allowing her to bring her lips to Ryuuji's left ear.

Feeling his mother's warm breath on his ear, Ryuuji's pole pulsed hard.

" Fufufu~ Ryuu-kun, you've grown up so well…even though you're only 10 years old, your penis is already a impressive meat stick…so thick and long with so many swollen veins around it. "

Ryuuji moaned again with his hoarse voice as he felt the up and down movements of Benihime's hands on his manhood.

The red-haired boy thanked the heavens for his early development, otherwise his beautiful red-haired MILF sure as hell wouldn't be so excited to play with him for now.

Ryuuji, as a 10 year old pre-teen, could easily pass for a 14 or 15 year old young and this was reflected in his tool, which in addition to being above average for a large margin, also had a very strong erection potency.

Finally feeling his mother's soft hands on his penis after waiting for 10 years, Ryuuji couldn't stand the slow speed Benihime was using to masturbate him.

" Mom…faster. "

Benihime laughed and started licking Ryuuji's ear.

" Do you want mommy to go faster, Ryuuji? Do you want mommy to play faster with your big and fat cock? "

" Hmm. Yes, Mom, I want you to move your hand faster! "

Benihime smiled with a mixture of excitement and sadism before moving her hands in an unsteady rhythm, being fast and slow at the same time.

" Umm, m-mommy! Please! "

Benihime's sadistic side couldn't bear to see her beloved son, a piece of her own flesh, groaning with anxiety in her hands.

The red-haired woman felt pleasure hearing Ryuuji's desperate voice and let a moan of pleasure escape from her lips, making Ryuuji's skin crawl.

Benihime removed one of her hands from Ryuuji's member, causing the red-haired young man to let out a dissatisfied groan.

Benihime smiled with amusement and pleasure as she masturbated her precious baby and took her free hand to play with her wet slit and her swollen little clit.

The mother and son couple indulged in this pleasure for a few minutes until Benihime felt that Ryuuji was dissatisfied with just one hand around his member.

Ryuuji moved his right arm and started playing with Benihime's pussy, practically begging her to put her hand back on his cock.

Benihime moaned in a delicious way when she felt Ryuuji's hand on her slit and then granted Ryuuji's wishes, placing her hand full of female juices on his throbbing member.

"Oh my Ryuuji, the way your meat stick throbs in my hands is so delicious. "

Ryuuji closed his eyes to enjoy that immense pleasure.

" Y-Yes, Mom…and it's all because of you. I love you mom! "

The movements of Ryuuji's hand on Benihime's vagina intensified as the pulse of his cock increased more and more.

Benihime felt that her son was about to release what would be the first load of cum of his life and she was quick to squeeze his cock tightly, preventing him from reaching climax.

" Not yet, Ryu-uuu-jii…I said I would have all your first times. "

Ryuuji's eyes widened and he swallowed hard as he let himself be pushed around by his hot mother.

Benihime placed Ryuuji leaning on one of the large rocks around the thermal bath.

" Before mommy catches your first cum the right way, let me catch one more of your first times. "

Without letting Ryuuji respond, Benihime captured her son's lips.

Ryuuji's eyes widened but he wasn't frozen. The redhead started kissing his mother's soft lips eagerly, sucking and biting that pair of plump, luscious lips.

Gradually, things got more intense and Ryuuji tapped his tongue on his mother's lips, who happily opened her mouth to welcome her son.

When the two tongues touched, Ryuuji and Benihime felt a shock pass through their bodies and opened their eyes. Looking at each other, both of them there realized that the taste of this sin was too much for them to resist.

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