In Naruto with a GOLDEN FINGER.

First time I write something that is not an essay for school. Don't expect a very complex or developed plot. It's a simple wish-fulfillment story with an OP protagonist and a huge harem. English is something that doesn't enter my head, so I'm sorry for the many mistakes. Read the synopsis and tags below. . . . A simple young man died by God's mistake and now he will be able to reincarnate in the world where one of his favorite manga takes place, with some wishes, of course. . . TAGs: Overpowered-MC; Anti-Hero; Multiversal Travel; R18; Harem and Incest.

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Chap 19 - Destroying the World's Fate.

Ryuuji ignored Hiruzen's screams and flew away with Kushina in his arms and Mito being carried by a support made of his golden chains, that continued to restrict her chakra, as well as the tailed beast's chakra sealed in her body.

Before Ryuuji burst into speed towards Uzushio, Kushina interrupted him:

" Ryuu-nii…let's meet my new friend before we leave. "

Ryuuji didn't find anything strange, so he just nodded and slowly flew towards where he knew Mikoto was.

It didn't take long for him to arrive at one of the training grounds within the Uchiha Clan compound.

Mikoto felt someone approach her and turned her face towards Ryuuji, letting him see her beautiful red eyes, that had Two Tomoes slowly spinning.

" Mikoto-chan, I came to fulfill our promise! "

Mikoto looked away from Ryuuji and looked at Kushina. She saw Mito Uzumaki trapped by Ryuuji's golden chains, but chose not to comment on the matter.

" Kushina-chan, your trust in your cousin really was something valuable. I never imagined he would come get you so soon…let alone cause so much trouble around here. "

Kushina smiled and puffed out her chest.

"I warned you that Ryuu-nii is the best ever! "

Ryuuji coughed lightly and placed his hand on Kushina's head.

" I like it when you speak so highly of me, Kushina, but shouldn't you introduce me to your new friend first? "

Kushina pouted and removed Ryuuji's hand from her head.

" This is Mikoto Uchiha! Mikoto-chan, this is my cousin! "

Mikoto smiled sweetly and looked at Ryuuji again, who also responded to the beautiful black haired young woman's gaze with a smile.

Kushina stomped the ground hard like a spoiled girl and pinched Ryuuji in the waist.

The redhead boy just smiled at his cute cousin and pinched her cheek in response to her actions.

Kushina made a face of someone who was being bullied and complained to Ryuuji:

" Ouch! This hurts, Ryuu-nii! "

Ryuuji didn't mind Kushina's false complaints and changed the subject.

" So, Mikoto…what is this promise you made with my beautiful cousin? "

The young woman from the Uchiha Clan was slightly red in the face, but replied with all the class she learned to have since she was young:

" Kushina and I promised that if you came to get her, I would go with her to Uzushiogakure and there I would continue my career as a Kunoichi. "

Ryuuji was slightly surprised, but it didn't show on his face.

" And you can't still be a Kunoichi here in Konoha? "

Kushina didn't let Mikoto answer and spoke:

" She can't! The Uchiha Clan wants her to be the wife of the next patriarch, so she will become a housewife and not be able to follow her dream of being a famous Kunoichi! "

Ryuuji nodded his head.

" Uzushiogakure will always open doors for a talented person like you, Mikoto. It all depends on your decision. "

" See, Mikoto? I said Ryuuji wouldn't mind! "

Mikoto smiled at Kushina, but shook her head negatively:

" I can't do this, Kushina. I don't want your homeland to get into trouble with Konoha because of me. "

Ryuuji smiled as he saw that Mikoto really cared for Kushina.

" Don't worry, Mikoto. To be honest, I think war between our villages is inevitable. Just follow your heart and do what you want. As long as I'm alive, no one can judge your decision. "

Kushina walked over to Mikoto's side and started whispering things in her ear, unaware that Ryuuji could easily hear everything she was whispering.

*" Come on, Mikoto, don't forget the promise we made! Also…do you notice the way Ryuuji looks at you, right? I'm sure he won't give up so easily now that he's laid eyes on you. "*

Mikoto got her face completely flushed and turned her face to the other direction, while answering Kushina with a whisper:

*" K-Kushina! Watch your words, y-you…you n-naughty girl. "*

Kushina and Mikoto continued talking through whispers and meanwhile, Ryuuji just watched with an amused smile.

As he watched the two girls, three shadow clones of Ryuuji appeared and handed him three storage scrolls.

" You were fast, guys. "

" Yes, Boss! Konoha is a mess right now, so it's very easy to move around here. "

Ryuuji smiled and dissipated the clones, receiving the memories of the three chakra constructs.

After destroying the ROOT base, Ryuuji created three clones and sent them around Konoha to rob the military warehouse. These three scrolls are full of weapons, military ration pills, and other important war resources.

As the two girls were still having their "private conversation", Ryuuji took the opportunity to create several shadow clones. Said clones transformed into small birds or insects and spread across Konoha.

Konoha would definitely retaliate against Uzushiogakure for the current situation, so Ryuuji wanted to be fully prepared.

His plan was to start a veritable information network around the world, at least until his hearing fully develops and allows him to have the entire planet at his fingertips.

Another point that Ryuuji would focus on from today was ensuring the safety of his loved ones.

What happened to Kushina was a big mistake on his part and he didn't intend to do it again, mainly because he could already feel Madara's eyes and ears that were in Konoha.

Ryuuji could easily destroy these White Zetsus, but that would do him no good and would only alert Madara Uchiha about his detection ability, which would make the man pay more attention to him than necessary.

Not that he was afraid of Madara Uchiha, who was now nothing more than an old man relying on the Gedo Statue to survive, but he wouldn't take unnecessary risks until he was fully prepared to deal with the Uchiha's Ghost.

While Ryuuji was in his thoughts, Kushina and Mikoto finished their conversation.

" Ryuuji-sama, I thank Uzushiogakure for having me! "

Ryuuji smiled and raised his hand, making a move that showed his disdain towards Mikoto's formality.

" Don't worry about it, Mikoto. If you are Kushina's friend then you are also my friend. Just don't call me Ryuuji-sama. "

Mikoto smiled cutely and replied to Ryuuji:

" How can I not call you that? You are the Daimyo of the Land of Swirls. "

Kushina let out an annoyed huff and ended their small exchange of words.

" Call him Young Master! He loves it when Morgiana calls him that! "

Ryuuji blushed slightly and looked at his cousin with a look that promised pain.

Mikoto smiled.

" Very well…I'll be by your side now, Young Master. "

Ryuuji coughed lightly and created another clone, that transformed to carry the group back to Uzushiogakure. The redhead boy had some preparations to make now that another war was approaching his home.

" Madara-sama! Madara-sama! "

In the underground of the Land of Grass, where no one would have guessed, a white-haired old man was in an induced coma, with several white cables attaching his body to a humanoid statue.

Madara Uchiha, who was now an old man with long white hair, slowly opened his eyes.

The pair of purple eyes with circular rings looked at the white creature in front of them and the old man finally spoke, in a heavy voice:

"White Zetsu…why are you making so much noise. "

" Madara-sama, I have found something that is sure to pique your interest. "

Madara just looked at the White Zetsu with a blank face. In the next moment, a black mass sprouted from the ground and merged with the White Zetsu.

" It's the truth, Madara-sama. A very impressive character appeared in the Ninja World. "

" Tell me more about this. "

Black Zetsu proceeded to tell Madara everything he knew about Ryuuji Uzumaki, from his reputation and ranking in the Bingo Book to the feats the new Patriarch of the Uzumaki Clan accomplished today.

A small smile appeared on Madara's lips.

" Oh? Interesting…did this brat really make the mediocre army of Uzushiogakure win the war against three Shinobi Villages? "

"Yes, Madara-sama. Although we don't send White Zetsus to the Land of Whirlpools, the information has already been confirmed. But still, what he did next is what is most impressive. "

Seeing the curiosity on Madara's face, Black Zetsu continued speaking:

" Ryuuji Uzumaki invaded Konoha, destroyed Danzo's Roots, fought some Kage-level powerhouses, rescued Kushina Uzumaki from the fate of becoming the Kyuubi's new Jinchuuriki, kidnapped Hashirama Senju's wife and even tortured Danzo in front of the current Hokage, turning the man into a cripple. "

Upon hearing what Ryuuji did, Madara was really curious to meet the boy. The old legendary shinobi can't help but mutter:

" Hashirama…has someone emerged in the ninja world who can match our strength? "

Unfortunately, his thoughts were fleeting.

" No matter how strong this brat is, without the Sharingan or the Mokuton, he poses no threat to our plans. Keep him under observation, but spend most of your time looking for a wielder of my will, as well as someone who can carry my Rinnegan. "

Remembering something, Madara spoke again:

" Did any members of the Uzumaki Clan leave Uzushiogakure before the war? "

Zetsu promptly replied to his "creator":

" Ryuuji Uzumaki's prestige in Uzushiogakure is very high, so only two families chose run away and not believe in the new patriarch. "

" Very well, keep an eye on these families. "

" Madara-sama, are you sure it's not best to eliminate Ryuuji Uzumaki before he becomes a threat? "

Madara huffed but took the trouble to reply:

" Don't worry about anything, just follow my orders. If I move to eliminate a brat there is a possibility that my survival will come to the light and that is unacceptable. No matter how strong he is, without the genes of the Uchiha Clan or Hashirama Senju, he poses no threat because his growth is limited by his blood. "

Black Zetsu confirmed Madara's wishes before he turned into a black mass and entered the ground, moving tens of kilometers in just an instant.

" Madara…you're too arrogant for a pawn. "

Black Zetsu took a thousand years of planning and manipulation to resurrect his mother. With all that time invested, how could he leave such an unstable piece on his chessboard?

At the very least, Ryuuji Uzumaki would need to be fully monitored, to ensure his strength didn't fall outside the acceptable standard.

A few days after Ryuuji's departure from Konoha, Hiruzen was in the hospital, accompanied by his most faithful student.

Hiruzen looked at Danzo's catatonic body and Orochimaru's bruised face and squeezed his old pipe a little tighter.

" Orochimaru, what are your thoughts on going to war with Uzushiogakure? "

Orochimaru brought his hand to his face and felt a pang of anger in his heart.

" Sensei, I don't think we have anyone capable of fighting Ryuuji Uzumaki, but a war is more than just that. Can the Uzushiogakure army fight the Konoha army? I don't think they can. "

" But the army of Uzushiogakure defeated the coalition of three great Villages. "

" Sensei, the information says that Ryuuji Uzumaki didn't let the enemy army reach land. Would the result be the same if the fight were on land and not in the ocean? "

Hiruzen stroked his chin and nodded.

" Your words have merit, but we'll continue to gather intelligence. By the time we declare war on Uzushiogakure, the other Villages won't stand still, so the preparation process will be somewhat time-consuming. The Land of Fire is a very fertile place for other villages to miss this opportunity. "

Orochimaru agreed with his Sensei and after taking one last look at Shimura Danzo, he left the place to begin his preparations.

" Ryuuji Uzumaki, this humiliation…I'll make sure that you get a little taste of it too. "

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