In Naruto with a GOLDEN FINGER.

First time I write something that is not an essay for school. Don't expect a very complex or developed plot. It's a simple wish-fulfillment story with an OP protagonist and a huge harem. English is something that doesn't enter my head, so I'm sorry for the many mistakes. Read the synopsis and tags below. . . . A simple young man died by God's mistake and now he will be able to reincarnate in the world where one of his favorite manga takes place, with some wishes, of course. . . TAGs: Overpowered-MC; Anti-Hero; Multiversal Travel; R18; Harem and Incest.

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Chap 1 - Death and Rebirth.

In a stellar void, a soul wandered without any sense of control or the passage of time.

"How long has it been since I got here? The last thing I remember was being struck by lightning on the way to work…wait, why the hell is this as familiar as a wish-fulfillment fanfic? "

Lost in his thoughts, the little soul didn't notice that in front of him, an old man with white hair and a kind face appeared.

When the soul became aware of its surroundings again, it was shocked by the size of the man, which was easily larger than the various galaxies that were in sight.

" God? "

The old man stroked his beard and replied in an amused voice: "Hmm? Can you still perceive me, even though you're just a soul? That's weird… "

"From your words, it sounds like this is the first time you've met a soul. Are you a God or what? "

The old man continued stroking his beard and replied, "Yes…I am what you might call God, actually this is the first time I have personally met a soul, I really made a mistake this time. "

"I don't want to get into the subject of how it is possible for a God to make mistakes, but can you explain to me what happened to me? "

"It's very simple…I was angry and accidentally sent a lightning bolt, which ended up killing you. After that, I stopped you from reincarnating and searched the Multiverse for your soul. "

"I don't understand…wouldn't it be easier to just let me reincarnate? "

"It would, but then my wife wouldn't be too happy about it. "

Leaving the surprise aside, the soul replied: "Okay… now what? "

"Now I will send you to reincarnation and as an apology, I will be able to give you some advantages. "

"And can I reincarnate wherever I want? Even in a world that in theory is fictional? "

God laughed and replied: "Of course, of course…I'm a God, so it's not too difficult to do that, just don't exaggerate your requests, your human life isn't worth that much. "

The soul fell silent and began to think about what to ask for.

A few minutes later, the soul spoke again: "I would like to be born a Kryptonian, but with an altered bloodline so that there are no obvious weaknesses like Kryptonite. "

"That's pretty easy, in the vast multiverse, a Kryptonian isn't that special. You can ask for a few more things. "

" Okay, I'd like to instantly master anything and a system. "

God stroked his beard again and laughed loudly.

"Aren't you a greedy boy? I gave you a hand and you already want to rip my arm off? I will not give you Instant Mastering, but I will give you a Divine Talent so that in this way, you can achieve perfection in everything with dedication and I will also give you a system, but it will only manage your earnings and your skills, increasing the effectiveness of your Divine Talent. "

"Fine by me, now, let's decide which world-"

"My wife is calling me. Child, I wish you luck and happiness in your new life, you have my blessings, now…goodbye! "

Before the soul could question the blatant disregard, God waved his gigantic hand, creating a wormhole that sucked in the soul and carried it to its fate.

Losing the wonderful perceptual ability he had when he was just a Floating Soul, the protagonist felt his mind being pressed into an extremely tight space.

"What the hell…where did that God send me? "

[ Starting System...1%...50%...100%. ]

[ System Started. ]

[ Playing automatic message:

"Boy, I'm sorry for the abrupt way our conversation ended, but I can't leave my wife unanswered, otherwise I'll have to sleep on the couch.

Don't worry about the tight spot you find yourself in. Right now, you are in your mother's womb and nine months from now, you will be born a healthy, strong baby. All your wishes have been granted perfectly and you can see their results by asking the system to show your Status and Abilities.

I wish you luck and happiness. To the next. " ]

Ignoring the fact that God is a hotshot, the little fetus called out to the system. A beautiful translucent screen appeared in his consciousness, showing his status.

[ Name: N/A

Race: Perfect Kryptonian

Age: 0 Day

Solar Chakra: Genin ]

" That's it? I swore I would be greeted with those gigantic status screens. Well, never mind. "

Realizing that there was the word Chakra in his status, the protagonist easily realized that he was in the Naruto-Verse, but as it was named differently, he mentally "clicked" to receive more information from the system.

[ Solar Chakra is a energy created from the fusion between solar radiation stored by the Kryptonian Physiology and the Chakra generated by the Chakra Seed given to the user by God. ]

"I see… it seems my Kryptonian Physiology has given me more benefits than I expected. I mean, being a Kryptonian is practically a free pass to be the strongest creature in the Naruto-Verse, but being a Kryptonian with access to a special Chakra? I don't even know how far I can go. "

Leaving that enthusiasm aside, the protagonist called out to the system again.

"Show me my skills. "

[ Command executed. ]

[ Divine Talent 100/100 - Passive

God-given passive skill that allows the user to learn everything at an extremely high speed, as well as bypassing certain limits that will be encountered during the journey. ]

[ Perfect Kryptonian Physiology 1/100 - Passive/Active

It allows the user to absorb and store solar energy from any star and use it as a source of strength and as a source of energy to perform various feats. ]

[ Bioelectric Aura 1/100 - Passive/Active

The special muscles of the Kryptonian Physiology allow the user to control the strong bioelectricity that runs through the body, generating force fields, thus being able to control the gravity around them and ignore friction. ]

[ Chakra Seed 1/100 - Passive/Active

By using the God-given Chakra Seed, the user became independent of the Naruto-Verse Chakra system, spread by the Sage of the Six Paths, improving the level of Chakra control and gaining maximum affinity with all types of Nature Transformation. . ]

[ Perfect Uzumaki Physiology 1/100 Passive/Active

Upon contacting the Chakra modified by Star Radiation, the user's Uzumaki bloodline evolved, dramatically increasing Chakra volume, vitality and releasing all clan characteristics such as the talent for Fuuinjutsu, the ability of perception and the ability to heal others with their own blood. ]

After a few minutes of reading and studying all the skills, the protagonist mentally let out a sigh.

"I really got lucky to meet such a benevolent God…with this skill set, my path in the Naruto-Verse will be practically free. "

"My biggest obstacle is my lineage, I mean, not my lineage but the fact that I'm probably in Uzushiogakure, a Ninja Village that's been in touch. Everything will depend on when on the Timeline I will be born. If I'm in my teens, then no matter how many villages come to my house, I'll only need one punch to destroy them. "

Leaving thoughts aside, the protagonist let his consciousness slip into darkness, patiently waiting for the day of his birth.

In a white room bathed in sunlight, a beautiful crimson-haired woman lay, breathing heavily and heavily.

Two other women were delivering the baby while encouraging the woman to continue.

"Don't give up, Benihime, he's almost out! Keep pushing! "

Benihime gripped the metal bars that were on the side of the bed, squeezing hard enough to deform them easily.

"I'm fucking pushing! I'm doing all I can! "

"A little more, madam! I can already see the head! "

" AHH! "

With a final push, our protagonist is finally out. Benihime let out a long breath and finally relaxed her body.

" H-Heavens…finally. "

Hearing her baby's cry, Benihime put a smile on her face and stretched out her arms, "Come on, let me hold him! "

The midwives handed the baby over to the mother, who soon began to shed tears as she took her little bundle of happiness in her arms.

"My baby…my baby…I was so excited to see you. "

One of the midwives approached and covered the baby with a warm blanket before speaking to the new mother, "Benihime-sama, what will be the name of the young prince? "

"Ryuuji…Ryuuji Uzumaki. "

Hearing his name, Ryuuji smiled at his mother, making the red-haired woman even more in love with her son.


After leaving the operating room, Benihime and Ryuuji went straight to the royal castle of Uzushiogakure, with no need for postpartum medical care. A boon bestowed by the Uzumaki Physiology and his strong vitality.

" Ryuuji…are you looking forward to seeing your house? You are smiling non-stop. You are such a cheerful boy, aren't you? "

The baby continued to smile as he stretched out his little arms to play with his mother's nose.

Of course, Benihime has no idea that her son actually has memories of a past life and at this point, he was lavishing happiness over the simple fact that his mother is a hot MILF.

When he completed three months inside his mother's belly, Ryuuji could already hear everything that was going on in the surroundings thanks to his super hearing. Thanks to that, he already had a basic sense of where and when he was in the Naruto-Verse.

At this point, 25 years had passed since the founding of Konoha and if Ryuuji's memories were correct, there were approximately 10 years left for the invasion of the Alliance between Kumogakure, Kirigakure and Iwagakure.

Ten years.

With only a decade left to become strong enough to defeat an army of thousands of ninja and protect Uzushiogakure, Ryuuji was at ease.

To ensure his mother's safety, Ryuuji has not trained any of his Kryptonian skills, but since he was six months old, he has been constantly training his Chakra Control and already knew how terrifying his Divine Talent was.

In ten years, Ryuuji was sure he would be a Super-Kage-level powerhouse, only slightly weaker than Hashirama Senju in his prime.

A simple alliance of three low-ranking Shinobi Villages? Not even worth mentioning.