46 Chapter 46: Sanbo Motoyoshi, Moving House Again

Not long after, the old man in the living room smelled a delicious aroma wafting in from the kitchen and secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Uchiha Tonan walked out and started placing the food dishes on the dining table. The meal comprised one meat dish, with two vegetables, one soup, and two bowls of rice.

Once all was set, he turned to the old man and said, "I personally prefer lighter food. I don't know if it suits your taste but would you like to try it?"

The old man had not eaten such a wholesome meal for a very long time. He picked up his chopsticks and tasted the food. His eyes were opened wide with delight.

So delicious!

He began to eat, one big mouthful after another. Tonan smiled and filled the empty bowl with soup. He pushed it in front of the old man and said, "Take your time, otherwise you might choke on the food."

He picked up his chopsticks and began to eat elegantly. In his past life, he could cook, and later he had absorbed Uchiha Nanako's abilities. This system was very humane. Cooking skills were also considered among abilities.

Tonan's culinary skills had soared, and most older people preferred lighter food. Not surprisingly, therefore, the meal particularly appealed to the old man's appetite. And as the saying goes, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

"Grandpa, I'm Uchiha Tonan. I'm not sure how to address you."

The old man swallowed the food in his mouth and replied in good spirit, "Sanbo Motoyoshi."

"Grandpa Motoyoshi, you should eat more meat to nourish your body." Tonan politely put a piece of tender meat into Motoyoshi's bowl.

Motoyoshi narrowed his eyes and said, "Young fellow, your cooking skill is not bad, but I don't have money to hire you."

Tonan shook his head and replied, "I'm not short of money."

Tonan's comment got Motoyoshi speaking again. "Not short of money? That does make sense because you're an Uchiha after all. I never thought that clan could produce a bright child like you."

"Let me tell you though, you're young and you have no concept of money. Money must be saved. Don't spend it if you don't have to. Back then, during the Warring States Period, you don't know how many civilians starved to death. It was the same for ninjas as well."

Tonan looked confused, like a naïve youth who was ignorant of the world, "Ninjas also starved to death?"

Motoyoshi sipped the soup, and sighed, "Ninjas are just physically strong. At that time, the chaos of war was everywhere. Without a large clan's protection, who would produce any food with peace of mind. After some time, even if one wanted to steal for sustenance, there was no place to rob. Food was more expensive than explosive tags."

"Many ninjas couldn't put up with it, and just to fill their stomachs they had to become dogs for the large clans."

Tonan ladled more soup into Motoyoshi's bowl and thoughtfully asked, "That's why grandpa Motoyoshi is so diligent and thrifty?"

Motoyoshi's expression became solemn hearing this question. He took the soup from Tonan, took a few breaths, and said in a low voice, "That's not the only reason."

Tonan saw that Motoyoshi was feeling low at this moment, so he didn't pursue and continued to eat quietly. After the meal, he washed the bowls and chopsticks and made a pot of tea for Motoyoshi before preparing to leave.

In the living room, Motoyoshi looked at the tea and sighed, "Young fellow, I think you're a good person. If it's lonely to live by yourself, you can come live with me. There's a spare key in the shoe cabinet."

Tonan stopped his steps and turned his head to see Motoyoshi. He happily agreed, "I've to train in the afternoon. I'll move in tomorrow night. From here on, I request Motoyoshi Grandpa to advise me as much as possible."

Tonan left soon after. En route to Kakashi's house, his mind was calculating several theories.

"This old man used to be an Anbu squad leader. His strength would've been first-rate. If I can get his acknowledgment, I wonder how many abilities I will inherit after he dies. Judging from his age, he shouldn't be very far from his last day."

"How is ability inheritance calculated in such cases? If it's the abilities at the moment before death, then I will basically just get his knowledge. But if it's inheriting the abilities at his peak state, that would be impressive."

"Come to think of it, there are many aged people in Konoha, who've survived wars. Their strength cannot be weak considering sustaining until now would've been no joke. Most of them are elites. Could it be that this is the correct way to use the system?"

"No wonder it is called the inheritance system."

Tonan felt he had stumbled upon a whole new world. He raised his hand, adjusted his glasses and his steps became much lighter.


The next day, the sky wasn't bright yet, when Motoyoshi woke up from his sleep.

When people get old, their sleep becomes very light, and they would get up early every day. Looking around the empty room, he couldn't help thinking about Tonan.

That young fellow should have gone for a mission in the morning. And since he has to train with the team leader in the afternoon, he would be moving in at night.

Motoyoshi got out of the bed and climbed onto his wheelchair with difficulty. He then wheeled himself out of the bedroom. However, just after he pushed open the bedroom door, he was stunned.

The original incandescent lamps in the living room were replaced with warm-colored fluorescent lamps. On the dining table, there were two bowls of porridge and three plates of side dishes.

Tonan was sitting in front of the table in a seiza style, immersed in reading a not very well-known book.

"Cough, cough" Motoyoshi coughed lightly to attract his attention. Tonan raised his head and quickly got up. He ran behind Motoyoshi and helped him push the wheelchair to the dining table.

"Grandpa Motoyoshi, why did you wake up so early? The porridge is a little hot. You might need to wait for a while."

Motoyoshi looked at the food on the table and then at Tonan. He asked, "Did you come here this early to cook for me?"

Tonan returned to his seat, sat down seiza again, adjusted his glasses, and replied, "An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening, I always like to get up early. After all, early birds get the insects."

"That's right. That's very good…"

Motoyoshi looked at Tonan and appreciated him more.

"How wonderful it would be if he was my descendant! He's obedient, hard-working, and sensible. And he's so thoughtful in handling matters. He seems to possess all the good qualities of this world."

"What book are you reading?"

"I'm learning how to hide and disguise myself. I'll be taking different missions soon. If I'm not proficient enough in these matters, I might drag my teammates down." Tonan didn't lookup. He continued to mark key points while flipping through the book.

"Where did you buy this book from?"

"From the bookstore in the shopping district."

Motoyoshi frowned and said, "That nuisance bookstore? Such a book is full of empty words. You can't learn much from it. If there's something you don't understand, you can ask me. Although I'm old, I have experience. I've done several assassination missions before. I can share my experiences with you as a reward for taking care of me."

Tonan looked up, closed the book, and gently said, "I am taking care of you out of my wish. Talking about rewards is like treating me as an outsider."

Motoyoshi picked up the porridge, blew it lightly, and asked casually, "You can ask me nonetheless. What do you want to know?"

Tonan thought for a while and said, "If I meet a samurai, how can I get him to acknowledge me?"

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