24 Chapter 24: Killing Chiryo, Integrating Byakugan

At the ninja academy, Uchiha Mina arrived at Hyuga Chiryo's seat and opened the note she left behind. There, she found Chiryo's current location.

"Count your last moments Chiryo, I'm coming to get you!"

Mina crushed the note in her hands, a look of madness appearing on her face as she sped off towards the location. The moon was bright and the stars were sparse. A short amount of time had passed.

As if she'd fallen asleep, Chiryo lay in Tonan's arms, unwilling to get up.

As it was just about time, Tonan's right hand paused on her back. Then he put some distance between him and her, but his left arm remained around her thin waist. He looked into her eyes.



"I have to say, I admire you," Tonan said, as he moved his lips closer to hers. Both of them could feel their hot breath on each other.

"But your ambitions are too limited. You're not strong at all. Strong people don't cling to this so-called love. So, let me give you a gift."

After saying that, he slowly lowered his head. Ecstasy flashed past Chiryo's eyes as she slowly closed them. His left arm around Chiryo's waist suddenly tightened, pressing her soft body against his own while he rhythmically formed seals with his right hand.

A few moments later, their lips parted, but the two maintained a distance close enough where the tips of their noses were slightly touching. Tonan whispered in a deep and magnetic voice, "Enough. It's almost time. The Explosion Tags are already wet."

The sentence was like a rude alarm, waking Chiryo up with a start. Eyes open, she activated her Byakugan and thrust her delicate right palm on Tonan's chest.



An arcing Lightning Needle pierced through the back of her head, penetrating through her entire skull and exiting between her brows. In the very next moment, the chakra on Chiryo's right hand faded away as it lay limply on Tonan's chest. All vitality vanished, she fell into Tonan's arms.

"You love me, so you want me to die with you? That's not love, but a perversion."

Tonan had activated his three tomoe Sharingan at some point. As the crimson eyes looked down at the corpse in his arms, he said with a pitying face.

"No matter what the reason, if you want me to die, then you leave me no choice but to kill you. With your radical ideas, I wouldn't feel safe if you stayed alive."

At this moment, Tonan felt a subtle warm current flow through his entire body.

"This chakra attribute… Water and Earth? Not bad. This is…"

In Tonan's vision, the meridians in Chiryo's body appeared. When he looked up, it was as if the scenery around him had changed color. It was not the same white color shown by an authentic Byakugan, but a unique red, similar to an infrared detector.

A 360-degree vision without any blind spots.

"The abilities of the Byakugan have integrated with the Sharingan? Chiryo, I didn't expect you to be such a treasure."

Tonan's face was filled with joy as he instinctively controlled the eyes. The Sharingan had now disappeared, and the veins around his eyes bulged, activating the Byakugan.

Aided with the system's power, Tonan could switch between the Sharingan and the Byakugan at will. He could also supplement the power of one dojutsu into the other.

This was useful.


A kunai slashed across Chiryo's neck, beheading her. Since he killed someone, he had to clean up after himself. After all, there existed the Yamanaka clan in Konoha that could probe into memories of the dead.


Chiryo's headless body fell heavily on the ground. Tonan threw the head into the clearing before quickly forming hand seals.

"Fire Style – Great Fireball Technique."

A blazing fireball scorched the head in an instant. After finishing up, Tonan unhurriedly fastened his collar's buttons and smoothed out the creases on his shirt. He turned and left down the path.

By killing Chiryo, he gained both the Water and Earth attributes, as well as a superficial form of the Gentle Fist. But the most valuable thing he gained was the Byakugan.

Even more so, he made the unexpected discovery that the Byakugan and the Sharingan were compatible with each other.

In that case…

In the dark forest, dozens of eyes glowed red, taking in the view of everything happening in the vicinity. As Tonan expected, Mirror Heaven and Earth Change could be combined with the Sharingan to control the pigeons and share their vision with him. Now that the Byakugan's power was integrated into the Sharingan, he could use it even with these white pigeons.

The only downside was that a substantial amount of chakra was required to maintain this ability. Even so, Tonan was satisfied. In the shinobi world, the most important thing was information. Otherwise, someone as strong as Uchiha Madara wouldn't wouldn't have been stabbed in the back.

Tonan was in a good mood when he saw a familiar figure running through the forest towards his location through the shared vision with one of the white pigeons. He stopped his footsteps and his face turned dark. He said in a cold voice, "No wonder you were trying to stall… you were thinking of bringing both of us along for the ride."

After saying that, Tonan slowly walked into the dark jungle. A large cloud drifted over the sky, swallowing up the full moon little by little.

On the far side, a huge shadow approached as if it were devouring the entire forest. On the other side, a furious Mina was dashing through the jungle. She soon arrived at the waterfall. Since it was too dark right now, she couldn't see too well.

As soon as she walked two steps, she seemed to have stepped on something. Looking down, she picked up the object.

"These… these are that bitch's clothes."

Mina frowned. Her nostrils twitched slightly, sniffing twice before muttering, "Why does it smell like roast meat here?"

Mina followed the smell for a few steps before her body froze in place. A cold chill ran down her spine. There, just a short distance away, was the naked and headless corpse of a girl. About five or six meters away from the body was a charred head whose face could no longer be identified, and the ground around it was scorched black.

"This is…" Looking at the clothes in her hands, Mina gulped. She could guess that the dead girl was Chiryo. Even though it wasn't her first time seeing a dead body, this kind of situation made her blood curdle.

Chiryo must have been bathing in the river under the waterfall. Who could have killed her before she could even put her clothes back on? She must have been beheaded before her head was charred with a fire release technique.

"Has that person left? Could it be an enemy ninja? Or a perverted ninja lurking in the village. I heard the clan's elder women say they often discovered perverts peeping into the baths…"

Many possibilities crossed her mind, and the more she thought, the more fear she felt. She quickly tossed the clothes and ran towards the village. The road along the way was littered with withered leaves, which crunched as Mina stepped on them in her furious run.

She had to report this to the police. Even though she hated Chiryo, it was a fact that someone killed her. And, there was a high possibility of the culprit being a spy from the enemy village. As a Konoha resident, she had to report such matters as soon as possible.

"That bitch was better off dead anyway. Now she can't have any thoughts about Tonan-kun. Thank god I arrived late. Otherwise, I might have been killed together with her…"

As these thoughts ran through Mina's head, a realization hit her, and she slowed down.

Why didn't Chiryo ask her to come straight to the river in the first place, and made her go the school instead?

"She was stalling for time! She must have made plans to meet with someone else from the beginning. And that person was… Tonan-kun!"

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