1 Ch1. Awakening

The soul opened its eyes with a long gasp as if wanting to take as much air as possible. It was definitely a painful experience and something not worth repeating.

Its eyes fell on small... hands.

Of course, the soul noted as in an almost broken window nearby, it could see its reflection.

Pale blonde short hair, emerald eyes, pale-skin and... worn-out clothes.

I really did transmigrate, didn't I?

The soul, no. The boy was looking out of the window with an expression filled with mixed feelings. He remembered the talk with the cosmical entity that called itself TUFAP...

He was not allowed to get OP powers. He was only allowed to pick three talents, not even being told how useful said talents will be!

It was the saddest day of his existence...

When he asked if he would be able to choose the world, the answer was.

You already did...

Apparently his inner wish he didn't even know he had... or some other bullshit. He was not amused when he was told he is going to Narutoverse.

When he asked if he could choose a clan?


When he asked if he could choose the village?

Random. But he could always change in-gam, eh, life.

When he asked if he will be a ninja or civilian?


When he asked which timeline?


He was getting quite irked by that point.

So, he asked one last thing, half-expecting the same generic answer. He asked if he will be even reincarnated during the Shinobi Villages era.

The answer was... yes.

At least some hope sparkled in his mind.

He could absentmindedly hear a loud 'boom' and quickly jumped up on his feet, only to flop back down onto the ground with a killer headache. The memories of this body. 'His' memories flashed through his eyes as he, the new Yotsuba Rei, 'remembered' the memories of the boy he took over. The boy, who died of grief after his parents died a day before.

He remembered where he was. Ame no Kuni.

He also remembered when he was. Kinda. He overheard people talking about Hanzo the Salamander. Start of the second shinobi war. The viciousness of Iwa and Konoha shinobi towards the populace. He also remembered the boy's parents died by the hands of shinobi. His mother was raped by shinobi while his father was tortured.

The previous Rei found their dead bloody bodies on the edge of the forest when he came to look for them. His childish mind broke and as he came home, he died of grief, of all things, due to losing his loved ones.

The new Rei could see more into the situation. The bodies were found near trees with Konoha symbols on the trees. Clearly, Konoha's enemies are trying to raise an uproar and make Amegakure fight against Konoha. He didn't grieve for these people. They might have been the parents of the previous boy residing in this body but that boy was not 'him'. He only found it sad that shinobi didn't mind killing, raping, and stealing through a country that has nothing to do with their war. All because the country was caught in the middle of their conflict and presented a perfect battlefield.

Rei was lucky though. He had a house. Well, as much as a one-room wooden shack can be called a house, anyway. But it was still much more than normal orphans. He still had a roof above his head. And while the crime rate was going up, it was not yet as dire to force the people trying to steal from a kid. He was safe. For now.

He also had enough food for a month or so. He could make do with that.

Thankfully, the memories contained the teachings of how to read and write in Kanji so that was not a problem either. His handwriting was also naturally neat. Unfortunately, his family was a plain non-shinobi poor civilian one.

With a sigh, Rei sat cross-legged on the floor of his shack. He started meditating, focusing inwardly...

And surely enough, his twenty-something years as a normal human without any supernatural energy in his body showed. Not even five minutes later, Rei found and unlocked his chakra. It started as a small spark of warmth in his lower abdomen, something unnatural to him. He slowly coaxed it, led it to open, and spread through his body. It was resistant. It didn't want to leave his abdomen. But... the more he pushed, the easier it got. His will exerted over the energy, the chakra, it was enough to make it course through him. Enough to... make him scowl. It was pathetic. The amount.

Rei was seven years old. And he had, what he thought was, a civilian amount of chakra. It was not something he could use to defend himself.

With a sigh, he sprawled his limbs on the floor, looking at the ceiling, resisting the urge to groan. He knew kids had it tough in this day and age. He needed more chakra. More power. More... control?


His body sprang up, back into a sitting position as he again focused on his energy. He tried to make it circle his body. Slowly, ever so slowly the energy started to flow through it, dragging itself as if it had a viscosity of honey. The energy did not want to comply. But Rei, with a grin, noted his control was impeccable.

He stood up and walked closer to the wall. Putting his foot on it he tried to channel a minuscule amount of chakra on the soles. It quickly slid down.

Rei scowled as he understood the amount was not enough. He again put his foot on the wall and put more chakra into it. He tried to gently part the leg from the wall only to be happy when the sole stuck on the wall. He looked the entire twenty seconds as his sole was glued to it, the fact that he was currently in a supernatural world finally seeping in.

"Well, shit."

Rei cursed at the realization. He was in a very dangerous world without any strength. Why the heck did his 'inner desire' pick this world? He really wondered about it. Really hard and deep!

His mind finally came with a time-worthy conclusion. The only reason why he could have wanted to come to naruto was.

The girls.

There was really no freaking other reason! Either that or TUFAP screwed him over!

Rei had no want for being all-powerful. Wealthy? Maybe. But if he wanted some supernatural power, he would reincarnate as a pure-blood devil in DxD, thinking about boobs. He was sure that somehow could grant him immortality, the ability to convert rocks to gold, and of course, it would also attract females. The women in DxD are weird like that.

So... instead of magic, he is in a world of chakra, knives, and fists. Not a good bargain. Really, Kaguya could create dimensions with chakra but... Kaguya is on the level of a deity.

Fuck, TUFAP did screw me over, didn't he?... Rei cursed inwardly.

Rei noted his chakra reserves were getting dangerously low and stopped his musings as he cut the flow of his chakra to his foot. He lasted two minutes. No, correction.

He had enough chakra to stick ONE of his feet to a wall for two minutes. And even then, it was only thanks to his Supreme Chakra Control trait which enabled him to not waste even an ounce of chakra. His reserves were that low...

This trait basically gave him better chakra control. Nothing else was told to him. No information. No description. Rei didn't even know what 'better' meant exactly. He picked it because, in the list of talents, there were only five things with the adjective Supreme and only two with the adjective Godly. He obviously chose the two godly talents and one supreme.

His Supreme Chakra Control seemed to really be 'supreme' as he felt every single bit of his chakra and instinctively knew he could manipulate it.

Rei wondered... If he could unlock his chakra in five minutes with his control, then how long would a normal child take?

What Rei didn't know was that the children DO NOT unlock their chakra alone. They get a kind of a jumpstart from their teachers. That was the reason why the shinobi academy was a thing. Otherwise, the world would be roamed by civilian shinobi wannabe who unlocked their chakra on their own by fluke. Many civilians tried to meditate and unlock it, yet… Only really talented and determined individuals managed it on their own.

Rei shrugged as he decided not to care about other kids. He was here now. Others didn't matter. He had to think about what he should do from now on. Hmm, he could...

A smile spread through his lips as he remembered what he saw the previous day. Something he was sure the previous 'Rei' deemed unimportant.

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