1 Chapter 1

It was a rainy day,Hinata was daydreaming it was about his favorite sport, Volleyball.His friend Yachi tapped him on the shoulder awakening him from his daydream."Daydreaming again?" The blonde girl joked. Hinata nervously laughed with her trying to convince her that it wasn't true even though it was a lie.you see,in his society or if you would even call it that,Volleyball is a disgraced upon sport,only the 'poor and Insignificant people' play it,as the other people would say.

But,Hinata he was different.He didn't want anyone to know about his fantasy or most likely his world. He was adopted by a wealthy family along with his Sister,Natsu. He wanted to play volleyball the moment he laid eyes on the ball.His sister,natsu, tried to make him go back to reality of which Volleyball is a disgraced to them. Although,He didn't listen.

"Hey Hinata,You're spacing out" Yachi snapped both of her fingers."Oh yeah,Sorry about that" He answered."Why are you so Focused on convincing Volleyball is not a terrible and uninteresting sport anyway?" Yachi Whispered to Hinata to avoid attention."Well..It isn't" Hinata Whispered back,His eyes sparkling,just thinking about him spiking a ball for the first time.

"It's..Too bad I can't though" Hinata said,His voice getting lower by the word."Yachi looked at Hinata,Confused is an understatement."What do you mean? I thought this was like your life dream or something" She said Furrowing her eyebrows."Well that's just about it.." Hinata

whispered under his breath,"What?" Yachi said, Apparently she didn't hear him.

"Nothing,Anyways it's time for Arts" Hinata Smiled brightly at her, Completely changing the topic."Oh yeah! it is,Let's go" Yachi said as she Dashed through the halls with Hinata Laughing and Ran as fast as he can to his classroom with Yachi.

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