1 The Maiden of Chaos and Order

In the beginning, light and darkness divided the forces of the Land of Dawn. In this ancient time, strength and power were the only standards to rule over the lands. This triggered a never ending war between light and the darkness. Despair over hope, truth before lies, love into unending pain and wrath over a senseless fight. There is no other thing they can do but to keep the blood flowing to achieve what they are soaring.

There, a girl with tremendous power was awoken from her deep slumber. She stepped out in the battle field and everyone fell asleep and drowned into the land of dreams. Bringing great presense of both Chaos and order, Lunox the mysterious maiden was able to control her dreams and make it into reality. Looking all over the battle field with her eyes so deep like an ocean, she was sad and hopeless- thinking why all of this things happened when they can just celebrate peace and live with harmony. Lunox was a kind maiden and all she ever wanted was to bring peace in the Land of Dawn- to the point that she is willing to sacrifice her own life.

Small voices are all over her head, bringing light pain as they said, "You have to control both of your powers." Lunox then decided to accept her fate knowing that there is a possibility that she will die in vain. She channeled both of her powers to the dream land and became one of the twilight orbs. "One day you will wake up and fulfill your duty, you will find what you are searching and revive the twilight orbs that will be forgotten in history." said the voices in her head before putting her into slumber again.

"When I wake up, I hope there will be no bloodstains left in the ground."

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