In Mushoku Tensei With A Customization System

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The Six Eyes




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That was a whole lot of news to me, Of course I knew that there were seals in place to restrain Magical power but Cursed magic? Now that's stress bro.

"I didn't know there were seals to restrain Cursed magic," I said and Roxy bated her eyes, a little surprised by my words.

"There are seals for Magic so seals for Cursed magic exist as well," Roxy said and smacked her palms together, "But you can evade a lot of that if you become my Apprentice,"

"Why so?" I asked, stroking my Silver hair.

"Because I will soon breach the King Realm of Water magic," Roxy declared with a prideful grin, something that strangely seemed to fit her face a lot, "And if you become my apprentice, I can offer a whole lot of Knowledge on how to enter the King class stage as well and with me as your master, Even the King will find it hard to get to you if the truth ever got out that you were able to use Cursed magic,"

She didn't try to blatantly say she was offering Protection to me, Because I did not need her protection at all. I was perfectly capable of protecting myself with Cursed magic according to what she knew.

But, She decided to offer me something of even more value, Knowledge. 

Knowledge on breaking through to the King class was useless because once one of my spells entered the King level, I was already a King class mage.

'It's not like I didn't have any intention of following her off in the First place,' I thought, 'There are literally a lot of gains on this mission, One, I can expand my horizon and get more girls in my harem by Journeying alongside Roxy Migurdia and Two, I will have a chance of getting Roxy into my harem as well and not to mention the System rewards, Everything's a win-win for me and don't worry, Even though I hate you a lot Rudeus, I'll help you knock up Roxy in this world,'

"Alright," I said, "I agree to become your apprentice,"

"Sure, Your apprenticeship will start after I leave this town," Roxy said, "But can I ask who your parents are?"

I looked down to the ground and turned to her again, giving her a sad smile.

"They're Six Feet under," I said and she gasped for a bit, The revelation that I didn't have Parents seemed to shock her but she recovered quickly.

"Ohh- I didn't know," Roxy said, averting her gaze, "It's okay,"

She reached her hand out and her palms touched my silver hair, a slight feeling stirred in my heart as she rubbed my head.

'What's this? Do I like headrubs?' I thought, I refused to believe that I had such a fucked up fetish.

She pulled her hand back quickly and smiled.

"I was worried on how to talk to your parents about it but even if you're an orphan, You must have a lot of people you care about at the Orphanage," Roxy said.

Apart from Granny, I don't really like anyone at the Orphanage. It's not like I'm close to the others, even furthest from Drew after the incident. I don't believe we've even talked at all since Hoki left, If we did and he made me angry… Fuck what Granny said about her children fighting, I'll throw a Reversal Red at him!

"Not that much," I said, "But I'm sure Granny would want good for me, She'd want me to be happy and If I'm happy while being with you, She'll accept it,"

Roxy smiled and nodded, feeling a whole lot better. As long as I belonged to an Orphanage, I could be adopted.

But her cheeks started burning red as soon as she realized we would be bearing the same name… Migurdia. If she gave me a few years, I'd look more of a husband than an Apprentice.

"Master, Is there anything wrong?" I asked, the feeling of Master still irked my tongue. It felt like I was more of a Slave to her.

"No-" Roxy replied, turning away. 

A desperate attempt to hide her blush that I had already seen… My sight is unparalleled.

The Six Eyes was a peculiar ability, When I awakened it, Not only was I able to sense Cursed magic but I also gained a higher perception of cursed magic. But alongside those two others, My length of sight also improved. The Six Eyes didn't grant all round vision but rather it worked on one's line of sight, Anything within my line of sight seemed to slow down as I started to perceive it's movements. And then I worked against my opponents with my speed, After perceiving their movements, I use my speed to disappear from their sight and attack with a powerful counter like I did with the Martial artist from the Elrok family. Feints were of course added to the arsenal, Faking out moves they could see and then striking with a speed that they couldn't keep up with was a forte of mine.

All this was made possible with these Eyes, When activating the Six Eyes, Cursed magic is evenly distributed through both eyes through the eye muscles and then the pupil adapts to this flow generating the dots that appear on the eyes when using Six Eyes. With this constant flow of Cursed Magic, The eyes are heightened beyond regular limits as they will be able to perceive all movements made by anyone that I can see but will perceiving it be enough?

That is where the brain comes in, The eyes capture things and transmits them to the brain. But if the brain isn't as Powerful and Heightened as the Six Eyes, Would the Six Eyes even matter? Even if I can see and perceive the movements, What's the point if I can't even keep up with them? 

Therefore, During the activation of the Six Eyes, Cursed magic is transmitted from the soul to the brain and then to the muscles of the eyes, With this transmission, The Synergy of Cursed magic between the eyes and the brain is amazing as they work side by side.

The Perceiving motions of the Six Eyes of course are transmitted to the brain and then you can dodge them, It offers the Premonition ability that comes with the Sharingan so the Six Eyes is apparently an advanced version of this Doujutsu.

Of course this Premonition ability goes even further, If one pours even more Cursed magic into the eyes, The dots gain an even greater glow as all movements made by the Opponent can be read before they even do it, and it only comes at the cost of expending more Cursed magic. At this point, The brain has even gone beyond the reasoning level of even a god as the body moves on instinct, every vein and arterie as well as every muscle reacting to instructions from the brain.

Ever wonder how Gojo dodged all of Sukuna's hits? Like he literally knew they were coming, You really think it was because he was fast? Nah. It's actually because he perfectly used this Premonition ability to it's fullest. But it was mildly because Sukuna was weak too and then after utilizing the Premonition ability, He used his speed to dodge all of the attacks.

In the final battle against Sukuna and Gojo, the battle that resulted in Gojo's death… This Premonition ability was used to it's fullest but as I said earlier, It let one ascend beyond even a god in reasoning but Sukuna and Gojo were beyond gods in that battle and Instincts can be the downfall in most cases. 

This ability is not invincible in JJK, But here in Mushoku Tensei… It's absolutely OP, on everyone except Dragon God Orsted. No offence but that dude has ascended beyond even the level of a god, If his curses weren't holding him back, He was literally the most powerful being in this world.

Actually Second that because I'm first.

[Side Note: I didn't mean to go too much into the Six Eyes but I felt the need to explain the results of my astounding research!]

"Is your face red?" I asked.

After hearing my question, Her face became tomato red.

"N- No," Roxy replied and turned to me with a stern face, her face still red. It looked very cute, "Are you questioning your master?"

"No," I said, averting eyes from her, "But master, You don't look stern right now. You're a blushing mess,"

"Don't try to change the subject," She said.

Finding myself back in the confines of the hill, I was leaning against the tree clearly ready to cash my rewards. 

The girls were too engrossed in what they were doing to notice me lazing off and staring at the System.

Roxy was advising Rudeus in her training as they were practicing a new water spell, Sylphette on the other hand was gathering her mana and trying to break past the 10 Fireballs she could muster. 

[Main Quest has been completed, Rewards will be distributed]

[#1: Become The Apprentice Of Roxy MIgurdia

Description: Come on Bro, A chance to become the apprentice of a hot loli like that, Bruh, Don't let this chance go to waste.

Time Limit: Until Roxy Leaves The Village [Completed in a Year, 3 Months]


20 Attribute Points

100 Creation Points

Cursed Magic Vial 

Cash in Rewards [ Y / N] ]

I pressed on Y and a familiar ching sound was heard as the tab vanished, A blue light shimmered in my palm for a moment before a strange vial appeared, It had a black bottle and a purple cork but I was nevertheless intrigued.

I couldn't feel any Cursed magic coming from this thing, 1.5%, 1%, 0.5% None! There was no cursed magic leaking from this vial yet it seemed to attract the burning sensation of my Cursed magic.

My urge to drink it increased as I pulled off the cork with my free hand, sending it rolling down the hill and then the brew assaulted my nose, It didn't smell neither did it smell but rather I could perceive Cursed magic from the vial itself.

Now that it was open, I was able to feel the Cursed magic from the item and at once I knew the vial bottle acted as some sort of resistor to Cursed magic, I couldn't perceive anything apart from the sloshing liquid while the cork was on but once it was open, I could feel the cursed magic leaking from it… So even the System was able to restrain the Cursed magic with the help of vials.

'Might as well include Fuinjutsu to the techniques I'm perfecting?' I thought with a chuckle.

Just create 5 clones and buy some sealing paper from the System, They can work their butts off while I chill and continue my Harem cultivation.

I drank the purple liquid down to the last drop and threw the bottle into my Inventory, I had to analyze the Cursed magic seals sooner or later and the seals used by the System would be more complicated than anything any Sealing expert from this world could chuck at me.

The effects were instant as my magic reserves instantly heightened, the feeling of power spreading through my body was intense as every single nerve shook with uncontrollable joy, The joy of growing stronger.

A bright blue aura shrouded my figure, My mastery over the negative side of magic reaching the breaking point as the shimmering cursed aura became Purple, a perfection achieved within myself.

I turned to Roxy and saw the core of her cursed magic, Her cursed magic was like a flickering flame standing in a rainstorm… My eyes went to Ruth and I sensed no Cursed magic emanating from her, The same thing happened to Sylphette.

I could see the core of Roxy's Cursed magic even without activating the Six Eyes, If I did so, I apparently would be able to comprehend everything down to the last atom.

'So fucking cool,' I thought.



Author's Note:

The MC is getting more and more Overpowered with each Chapter!