In Mushoku Tensei With A Customization System

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Fuinjutsu Training





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Name : Light Migurdia

Age : 9

Class : None

Speed : 65

Strength : 100 

Vitality : 50

Defense : 50

Intelligence : 55

Charm : 70

Magic : 15234967

Skills : Fire Ball [Proficient Level], Water Cage [Proficient Level], Limitless [Proficient Level], Shadow Clone Magic [Proficient Level], Thunder Bolt [Proficient Level], Infinity Blades [Proficient Level], Ice Spikes [Proficient Level], Wood Smash [Proficient], Earthquake [Proficient Level], Spears Of Light [Proficient Level], Spears Of Darkness [Proficient Level], Gravity [Proficient Level], Ultimate Healing [Proficient Level]

Cursed Skills: Cursed Punch [Proficient Level], Cursed Technique: Amplification Blue [Beginner Level], Cursed Technique: Reversal Red [Proficient Level], Soul Perceiving [Proficient Level]

Abilities: Cursed Magic [Saint Level], Six Eyes [Saint Level], Higher Regeneration [Proficient Level]

Talents : [Fire Magic Nature] [Water Magic Nature] [Ice Magic Nature] [Wood Magic Nature] [Earth Magic Nature] [Light Magic Nature] [Dark Magic Nature] [Gravitational Magic Nature] [Infinity Magic Nature] [Support Magic Nature] [Soul Magic Nature]


I gaped as I looked at my Status, unable to remove my eyes from the fact that the Cursed Magic vial boosted my Magic reserves as well as increased the abilities of mine that tallied with Cursed Magic up to the Saint level.

'Fucking awesome,' I thought as I waved my hand, gathering the Infinity in my surroundings rather easily.

It was rather surprising, I was able to gather a lot of infinity within a span of a second and the amount of Infinity I could control had increased too. I can't wait to activate the Six Eyes and see how much they've changed.

Cursed Magic also reached the Saint level so… I decided to convert my Magic to cursed magic and a feeling spread through my entire body, Even so that Roxy had to gaze at me, momentarily stopping her talk with Ruth.

'His Cursed magic feels a lot more different than when he fought with those Cursed souls… It's much more synergized,' Roxy thought, 'He must be doing some sort of exercise to increase the strength of his Magic, I wonder if I can ask him to teach me about Cursed magic…'

Even while being a successful Positive mage, Roxy knew she held those negative emotions and they would always be a part of her. Those negative emotions she had gotten after being ostracized by her own people… would always be a part of her. There was nothing she could do to change that.

Yet seeing her apprentice… become stronger, It stirred up a strange feeling within her. She felt that urge to become stronger with Cursed magic to surpass even her apprentice.

Her mind seemed to come to a halt, Her cursed magic flowing through her veins and I turned to her direction.

That flickering flame… had risen to a roaring storm, pervading her soul entirely with it's roaring power.

'You're so easy to read,' I thought with a smirk.

The fire in her heart seemed to roar, A cursed aura that was unseen to Ruth and Sylphy burst forth.

She converted her Magic reserves into Cursed magic in an attempt to outshine mine. Ruth recognized the invisible confrontation and she looked at me, chilling at the tree with a carefree look on my face and then for a crisp second, She could see it… Everyone could see a roaring purple aura forming the shape of a monster, It surrounded me and let out howls of uncontrollable laughter… and then it vanished.

'Whoa, Was that my cursed magic?' I thought.

I turned to Sylphy and saw that the girl had fallen over and fainted, clearly shocked by what she saw and Roxy on the other hand was letting out gasps of breath while her eyes never left mine.

Ruth flashed a bright smile before going back to her magic training… She didn't seem to be shocked about what she just saw. Is it because she's watched too much anime?

Time to focus on what that was, My cursed magic seemed to take shape, surrounding me and even covering my entire body. And then it laughed… What the fuck did that mean? That my Cursed magic was alive?

That theory didn't stray too far from it, My Cursed magic could be alive… after all, It's gained a higher form above others upon reaching the Saint level but what about Emperor or God level? If my Cursed magic has gained a higher form of Sapience than the Cursed Magic of Roxy or other Demons THEN! I might have to create a pact with it… Just like the one I have with Infinity.

'So much fucking trouble, Well I'll leave that for future me,' I thought.

The sun was setting as I waved Sylphy who had long regained consciousness goodbye as she, Roxy and Ruth entered the house.

Roxy had requested that we trade Know ledge, I would teach her how to perform Cursed magic and she would teach me about Water Magic. As for why I readily agreed, Learning water magic didn't seem to prove a disadvantage rather it boasted an advantage of superiority as the versatile arts of Water magic would assist me later in redirecting attacks or defending against attacks.

Water magic doesn't deal with Attack damage but rather focuses on the Defense, Debuff and Redirection. 

I turned around and shot into the air, the wind pushing against my face and hair as I made my way into the sky but I was not heading to the clouds, No, Rather I was making my way to the Library.

I arrived at the Buena Town Library and talked to the receptionist, Moments later, I was carrying a huge pile of dirty paper to a private room…

"She promised that if I clean up this room, I can use it," I said, entering an abandoned room in the Library.

The room was dusty and there were cobwebs stretching to even the ceiling, indicating how long this room had been unused. There were tables but they had long since lost against the battle of time, Becoming pillars of wood that were prone to fall at any moment.

Paying for manpower to carry the wood and clean up the room would cost a pretty penny and finding someone who would do it for free was rather lucky. But the Cursed magic sealing was just that important…

I wasn't going to only focus on Cursed magic seals as that would be stupid, But I was going to focus on Fuinjutsu itself.

Storage Seals, Explosion Seals… A lot of things involved with Fuinjutsu was going to be studied in here.

"Since my Magic went up to 15 million," I said and smiled, "Let's have a cleaning army!"

Making the Hand sign for the Shadow clone Jutsu, I found forty of me appearing in the room each having their arms pulsate with magic. 

"Get to work!" I exclaimed and they followed through.

The first clone took care of the few wooden chairs as well as the wooden cupboards with a single less destructive fireball, burning the wood down instantly before sizzling the fire with Water magic.

The other clones used Wind magic to cut through the Cobwebs before blowing them out the closed window, abruptly bursting the window open as cobwebs and dust flew out.

And then the remaining clones combined the power of their Water magic to douse the walls and ground with cold water and then blowing it dry with a concentrated burst of wind.

The clones vanished and I smiled in relief, It took merely 3 minutes to clean up this room to the way I wanted. Sadly, The paint on the walls was dried but still, It was a free spacious private room and something I wanted to use.

And 50 clones were formed… Each holding the dirty paper with cloned feathers as they began to write.

They were practicing Sealing magic…

As I expected, The Sealing symbols used in the bottle was extraordinarily complicated. To the extent that my Intelligence cranked up just trying to reason such a Complicated seal but after a few hours of scrutinizing it, I realized that it was not only a Cursed magic restriction seal but also a suppression seal, What made the Seal complicated was that there were actually three seals atop each other.

The first seal that formed the base of the entire thing was a simple restriction seal, which meant that even if the bottle was broken or damaged or even had holes in it, The liquid wouldn't slip out and remain within the seal.

The second seal was the suppression seal that suppressed the effects of the Liquid inside and also amplified the effects of the Restriction seal. On a regular note, Such a simple bottle wouldn't be able to hold such a powerful liquid so the Suppression seal was in place to suppress the power of the Cursed magic vial and by this, The glass wouldn't crack under the sheer power of the fluid.

And the final seal was the Amplification seal, Anything that is suppressed and restricted is bound to lose quality and so therefore the Amplification seal was there, Once I opened the vial, I felt the Cursed magic in the vial burst into existence and not only appear but amplify the quality of itself creating the state that my Cursed magic was currently in, The purple aura… was abnormal, It was caused after reacting with all of my Magic potential.

A slight smile appeared on my face, Studying Seals simply increased Intelligence. Right now, I had clones grinding the other stats but the Intelligence stat was also being grinded by me and the clones in this room… The feeling of growing stronger was simply addictive and nearly maddening.

After studying and understanding the seals, I tried to replicate them on paper. One might think that it would be easy to copy the symbols down but any single mistake in the sealing inscription process and your seal fails to work.

It took me ten tries to get the Restriction seal down, It wasn't as complex to draw as the Suppression seal or Amplification seal but nevertheless, It was a little bit difficult to draw but I finally did it, On the dirty paper available.

Sure, I could buy some Paper from the system with the 100 Creation Points that I currently had but what was the point? I was planning on creating something that would really be valuable to me once I hit 10 so for now, I'm just cumulating CP.

Besides, This paper was free albeit dusty. After performing the restriction seal, I ordered a clone to stand atop the paper before pouring Cursed magic into the seal… The results were underwhelming to be honest.

A small barrier formed around the clone, A simple barrier but it did little to restrict the movement of someone as strong as my clone… as it was simply broken under the terrible pressure of my existence.

"So weak," The clone had the guts to say… 

"Fuck you!" I punched him and he vanished instantly.

The Restriction seal was a simple seal, I had picked it up from the bottle that the System had given me… so either I was really strong or the Seal was weak without the amplification of the other seals.

Besides, It made sense that no seal any douche from this world could pull out of their ass would be able to seal me. My existence defied too much of reality.

Currently, The only people I'm afraid of are Orsted because I don't know if he has some Inverted Spear of Heaven sword… If so, Infinity was screwed.

AND The System… It could literally create a Prison Realm! I wouldn't be able to get out of that in my dreams, bro. Not even Gojo could break out of the Prison Realm without the assistance of the others.

The Man God, Hitogami had no influence over this world and therefore he was weak. The only way he could appear to people is in their dreams and try and influence them to operate according to his will with his measly ability to see the future.

That's just sad bro.


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