In Mushoku Tensei With A Customization System

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Fuinjutsu Training (Part 2)





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"Ah, My genius is refreshing," I said while presenting a three-layered Restriction seal. The complexity and complication of the seal was born from nothing but pure determination and intelligence.

It was not simply a Restriction seal upon a restriction seal, That wouldn't work for the sealing process at all. Rather I created a barrier seal… 

The barrier seal was formed after fusing the signs of the Restriction seal with the Suppression seal, See why I said that the seal was really complex?

It was a wider joined seal but it did the job done for acting as the center between all the seals, So I stacked up three restriction seals and put the two barrier seals in between as glue to make everything stick together.

Don't get me wrong, This wasn't done in a single day but rather in three days flat. The clones have been working harder than I am, They are literally creating seals from scratch and it's not like the Naruto Kanji worked either. 

But they worked past that limit, Their Fuinjutsu topping even that of an Uzumaki as they created the Explosive seal and Storage seal within the span of these 3 days.

The storage seal worked as a miniature storage, I wouldn't use it too much since I had an Inventory but if I wanted to keep things of lesser value as well as look cool and reasonable while bringing out stuff, I needed the Storage seal.

The explosion seal worked like it did in Naruto, I could paste them onto an Opponent and make them detonate by pouring a little bit of Magic into them. The More magical energy, The more coverage the explosion covers.

Although the explosion couldn't expand more than 3 meters but that's because I haven't created a complex seal for it. But even though, I had to commend these clones for their Intelligence at creating these seals.

To make sure that the range of the Explosion seal increases, I shall merge Explosion and Storage seals together, The explosion seals would be there and then once triggered, The storage seals would also be triggered and bring more explosion seals into the picture creating… More explosions!

That would be the greatest Explosion seal in history but the Complexity of the seal would be like trying to understand why Heaven and Earth are separated… What a Drag.

But we shouldn't go too ahead of ourselves, I dropped the three-layered restriction seal on the ground, admiring it's complexity.

A person who didn't understand seals would say this is a collection of circles and lines but as a man who truly understood Fuinjutsu, It was nothing more than a masterpiece.

Putting my hands together, I created a Shadow clone atop the paper and poured my Magic into the seal, A bright barrier was created, It was like diamond shimmering even in the bright rays of the sun.

The clone instinctively punched the barrier and the force behind the blow sent ripples through the barrier, but it didn't break. I let out a smile as the clone through a blitz of punches, each smashing against the barrier but it didn't budge.

The Three Layered Restriction seal was great at holding off Physical attacks but the fact is that in Mushoku Tensei, A majority of the people here are Mages so…

"Commence to regular Magical attacks!" I ordered and the clone nodded.

The first attack that clashed against the barrier was a Fireball, flames echoed within the barrier as a result of the collision but the barrier didn't shake.

'It's able to protect against even Proficient Level Fireball,' I thought, 'Man, I'm really a genius,'

The Clone brought his hands together and water formed but the temperature increased and freezing spikes of ice were created, stabbing into the barrier and for a moment, It looked like it was going to break before the ice spikes were broken.

'Okay, Against the Ice Spike magic, The barrier can last,' I thought, 'But against Light or Dark magic… I'm not sure,'

Energy swirled around the Clone's fingers as a bright spear of light was formed, The clone threw it forward and it crashed against the barrier, shattering it instantly. The spear of light was heading toward me, It's shimmering figure a testament to the power of light.

I caught it between my fingers and crushed it instantly, The light magic vanished abruptly. 

"Hah, The three layered Restriction barrier surely is a hassle," The clone said, "It was able to face against Fire magic and Ice magic… but not against Light, so what I think you should do is to create a Six or Seven layered Restriction seal, That would be fucking invincible,"

I nodded in acknowledgement of the Clone's words, He wasn't lying though but still, I appeared in front of him and kicked him in the face, smoke puffing as he vanished.

"You really think working on this seal is easy?!" I cried out.

Over the span of these three days, I had learned all the seals that the System had put in the bottle. So, for this seal to become as Invincible as he said… I would have to form the layers as followed.

The first layer: Restriction Seal

The second layer: Barrier Seal

The third layer: Restriction Seal

The fourth layer: Barrier Seal

The fifth layer: Restriction Seal

The sixth layer: Barrier Seal

The seventh layer: Restriction Seal

The eighth layer: Amplification Seal

The ninth layer: Restriction Seal

The tenth layer: Barrier Seal

The eleventh layer: Restriction Seal

The twelfth layer: Amplification Seal

The Amplification seals would be put after the Restriction seal so strengthen the power of that certain seal.

"Such complex thoughts," I said and stood up, turning to the clones who were hard at work.

I dispelled all of them instantly and received a flood of their thoughts, Since there were multiple clones working on an even more Complex Storage seal and the Storage Amplification Bombing seal… I had to tally their ideas.

I created 40 clones once again and they resumed the work of the others, The ideas of the original clones flooding their minds.

As for me, I was busy with tutoring Roxy as well as Sylphy.

"Alright Bros, I'm going," I said and waved to them.

Each of them gave a salute.

"Have a nice day," They said and I nodded before flying out the window.

After I left, The attendant came in with a steel tray and a cup of water. But once she saw the multiple clones at work, She turned around and thought she was hallucinating…

"Okay, Don't think of Cursed magic like a weapon but rather as an extension of one's soul," I said to Roxy as she kneeled on the grass, sweat trickling down her beautiful face.

"One's soul?" She asked.

"Yeah, Cursed magic emanates from the soul," I said, after all I was clearly able to perceive my Cursed magic from my soul, it was in perfect symphony with my Positive magic so everything was balanced.

"Okay," Roxy said with a nod.

"Now when activating Cursed magic, One is unable to perform regular magic," I said, telling her the first thing I learned about Cursed magic, "Activating Cursed magic means turning all of your Positive Magical reserves into Negative magical reserves. So during the time of using Cursed magic, Don't try to use Regular magic as it would fail and burn through more Cursed magic in the process,"

Roxy nodded.

"Now let's start with basic stuff," I said and then focused my eyes on my hand, A brilliant flame burst to life and revealed a Fireball.

Roxy widened her eyes, Not at the fact that the Fireball was far stronger than any Fireball she had ever managed to create but because… I didn't need to see any chant.

"This is when you use Positive magic," I said and then activated my Cursed magic, a brilliant purple aura covered me as the Fireball became black, echoing Cursed power.

"Turning Positive magic into Cursed magic will be your first lesson," I said, "Although it may look easy, It really isn't especially when you want to maintain focus,"

Roxy nodded and said a chant, creating a Waterball in her hand. 

"Good," I said and she smiled, maintaining her concentration.

I guess I really shouldn't tell a Water mage about concentration…

And when she tried to switch to Cursed magic, The Waterball turned deep blue and exploded, sending bursts of water through the air and even staining her white clothes.

Now the outlines of her bra were visible, She wore a pink laced bra and it was beautiful… Roxy raised her hands to cover them and I averted my gaze from her's.

She didn't say anything but I used a Wind spell to dry her up without looking at her of course, Some women were really self-conscious about their Bust size and that's why they were like this. 

I don't know why they can't just appreciate the fact that they have a nice ass?

"Thanks," Roxy said with a bright red face, "But did you look away from them because they were small?"

Women bro…

"No," I said, "They're just right for me,"

I don't know why but I feel like I heard a sigh of relief from her lips, maybe I'm just imagining it.

 "Okay," Roxy said, still staring at the ground with embarrassment.

"As I said, It requires an immense amount of concentration to muster," I said, "To change from one form to another, From positive to negative is not easy at all, Not only does it require an intense amount of concentration but also a mastery of Cursed magic,"

"If one lacks mastery of cursed magic and tries doing so, The attack will certainly explode in their face just like it did, so it is a perfect exercise to strengthen the mastery of cursed magic," I explained.

Roxy stared at me with a seemingly surprised gaze.

"It's a good exercise," Roxy said, "I'll be using it,"

After saying that, Roxy stood up clearly with the intentions of leaving.

I stared at her swaying hips as she left and felt a little entranced… 

After escorting Sylphy and the others home, I was back in the Library. Of course, There was a clone chilling in my room.

Sweat trailed down my face as I narrowed my eyes at the seal I was creating, It was a teleportation seal or so I wanted it to be.

I planned to craft it into a Ring that I would give to every one of my women so when I activated the seal, They would instantly teleport nevertheless of where they were to my position… It would be good to use that with Zenith or Lillia to prevent a lot of problems in the Teleportation Incident.

And I had finished the seal, It wasn't really a complex seal but nevertheless complicated, A fabric of the paper was attached to my finger and then a clone took the paper to the forest.

"First testing, Teleportation Seal," I said and poured cursed magic into the paper that was with me, A brilliant light spread through the floor and the Clone appeared… I smiled but then a frown made way on my face as soon as I saw it's appearance.

Half of the clone had been fucking destroyed…

'Implementing and storing Infinity inside the seal did this maybe,' I thought as the clone vanished, the sealing paper dropping on the ground.

'No, Infinity is the only element I can use to trigger the teleportation unless I have a teleportation spell,' I thought, 'So maybe the reason why the clone was half destroyed was simply because the Infinity used in the teleportation had been randomly activated,'

"Seals are such a confusing set of stuff," I muttered under my breath and sighed, "Well, at least I know now that Infinity can be used for teleportation albeit short range teleportation,"

The concept of Infinity being used for Teleportation was certainly intriguing. I picked up the seal, determination flowing through my body as I wanted to start again… To make sure that this seal was going to completely work.

'It's for the safety of my wives,' I thought.


Author's Note:

The Preparations arc is soon going to end…