In MHA With a Dimensional Trading Quirk

In a new life a few years before the crisis, a young man finds himself with nothing to face it but a trading system.

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Chapter 22

After the first event was over, it was time for the second one, which meant my break time was over.

On a large screen facing the audience in the stadium, everyone's name appeared with a score attached to them. Nejire had the highest one, and then comes Mirio and then me. The rest of the scores were divided by half. The last one got 2 points. I didn't even bother seeing the number since it was big.

Present Mic explained the rule of the next game: Cavalry battle. Everyone would have a bandana with a score attached to them, and they would form teams. Every team would have to steal the others' bandana and get scores for themselves to pass to the final stage. The game is simple. You form teams, with 4 as max. One is a rider, and there would be one horse at least. If the rider touched the ground, the team would be eliminated.

We then took our bandanas with our score attached to them from a staff guy.

"Kenshiro, let's team up," Nejire said as she came to me.

I looked behind her. Apparently, not many wanted to team up with her. After all, she was the biggest target. And I must say, these guys are idiots. After all, with her ability to fly in the air, she could stay in the air there and no one would be able to take a score from her.

"Okay," I replied, handing her my bandana.

"It's time for me to ride you," she smiled and clapped her hand. "You can't complain now, can you."

"What man in his right mind would complain?" I replied.

"Many," she said.

"Lemme guess. The Sigma edit kids," I asked with sarcasm.

Giggling, she nodded.

"You can fly now," I said.

"Nope," she replied, her legs growing on their own and kicking repeatedly on my chest. "I want to ride you."

Sighing, I held her legs and said, "No problem."

In a field surrounded by the crowd, Present Mic announced the beginning of the event. I won't say it was quite fair as everyone attacked us first. Nejire aimed her hand at one group, yellow energy concentrating around her arm, before it turned into a shockwave beam that knocked them down.

"Preserve your stamina," I replied, jumping backward, avoiding a shiny string.

"We're just going to knock everyone,"

"It would be safer if you flew."

"But if I flew, I won't preserve it."

"You're just making that up."

I concentrated my chi on my legs and ran around, not giving regard to anyone. Sometimes, my hand slipped and took the bandannas of another team; sometimes, I failed on purpose as I took strands of their hair. I passed by a classmate, Tamaki, whose hand turned into an octopus arm that tried to get me. But he got knocked out by Nejire's wave along with his group.

The cavalry battle was more like a clinic to me. Nobody posed a worthy challenge except for Mirio, who was quite invincible that he could take your things under your nose without you realizing. Also, he seemed to be allowed to take special pants with him that allowed him to pass through things.

'That dude. Only if I can get my hand on a piece of him. I don't care if I had to lose. His quirk had life-saving potential. It will worth tons of money.' I thought as I looked at Mirio, seeing him more as a profit than a human being. I knew it was a messed-up image. But what could I do other than that to survive in this world? You think preparing to fight All for One was cheap? I needed money.

With that thought, I placed my hand on Nejire's butt and sent her flying in the air, causing her to gasp as she floated.

"Whoa! Why that?" she asked, but I ignored her question as I dashed toward Mirio's team. I won't knock this guy out. But if I could get my hand on his DNA, then I won't mind getting knocked out of the tournament.

I reached my hand forward, only to find a tree growing in front of me and taking my fist. Someone from that team could grow trees. I circled around the tree and pretended to be after their bandanas. But another one extended his hand at me, which happened to be wrapped by fire. Smirking, I ignored the flame, knowing that I was immune to both electricity and fire.

My fist went past Mirio, who was just another horse in his team.

I was about to knock his group down, but there was a problem. If they get knocked down, they won't participate in the next game, meaning that I wouldn't get Mirio's DNA. But it's not that difficult. If I didn't get it now, I could always offer Mirio a juice or something and steal something from him.

I jumped backward. Nejire landed on my back and said with a childish tone, "You're a bad horse that threw its owner. You're too bad, Kenshiro."

The childish tone she used didn't allow me to take her seriously.

"You can fly, no?" I replied.

"But it's a cavalry battle, not an aircraft," she replied, aiming her hands forward, ready to knock out another poor team.

Taking a deep breath, I ended up deciding not to argue with her. And she had a point.

I opened my hands, channeling my chi, and ran toward another team, before grabbing their knight quickly and throwing him to the ground. I had made sure to 'accidentally' snatch a hair from those who had a good quirk.

Then, Present Mic announced the end of the current event. The last teams happened to be three, making the final round between 8 people.

I then turned my head to the guys on the ground, realizing that I may have blown up their chances to join the hero courses.

But they should thank me if they knew what would happen in the future to the heroes.