1 The Beginning! (Rewritten!)

It's a beautiful day outside, birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. In his home, a loud ringing sound echoes throughout, and a young man extends his arm, reaching for his alarm clock. Turning the alarm clock off, he rolls back on his bed and falls asleep. 30 minutes later, the boy finally wakes up. Reaching out his hand to grab his phone, he turns it on and to his horror sees that he is late for school. "Shit, I'm late for school!" the boy yells before getting up and hurriedly getting dressed before dashing out the door to school.

Arriving at the school gate, he sees that it is closed. "Goddammit, I didn't make it!" cursed the boy. He sees a few teachers waiting inside of the gate to the school. Sighing out loud, the boy begrudgingly walked into the school from the second gate near the guardhouse. "Good morning to you mister Tanzo." Turning his head to face the teacher that spoke to him, he replied "Good morning to you to Mister Tenko." "Do you mind explaining why you came late to school?" asked Mister Tenko curiously?

"I simply slept through my alarm sir" replied Tanzo. "I see, very well then come and write your name on the late attendance book and get going to your classroom." "Understood sir." After writing his name in the book, Tanzo went on to his classroom, and once reaching the door he knocked on it and spoke up "excuse me teacher may I come in?" from the other side of the door he heard his teacher reply with "you may come in." Opening the door and walking into his class, he looks to his teacher and spoke "I apologize for coming to school late Miss Onodera, I slept through my alarm this morning." Miss Onodera nodded at him "very well then, please go and take your seat."

Nodding to his teacher, Tanzo went and sat down on his seat and started paying attention to what the teacher was teaching. "Tanzo, please open your mathematic textbook, page 55." "Understood," replied Tanzo. After class, "that is all for today" said Miss Onodera "Tanzo if you would please." "Everyone, stand now bow thank you Miss Onodera" the rest of the class stood up bowed, and thanked Miss Onodera. "Have a good day everyone" she said with a small smile before leaving. School continued as usual until it was time to leave.

Packing his things, Tanzo walked out of his classroom with the rest of the class, however instead of going home, Tanzo walked to a different classroom with the sign saying Mythology Club. Opening the door, he sees his best friends and fellow clubmates Maria, Ichijo, Uiharu, Sasaki as well as Kyojuro sitting, reading, and discussing various books on Mythology. "Wassup guys," Said Tanzo. "Oh, you finally arrived!" exclaimed Ichijo. Kyojuro replied with

"Nothing much, me and Uiharu were discussing rather or not Rimuru would be a lot more powerful if he had learned runes by going to another world and learning them from the king of Asgard Odin."

Tanzo walked to the nearest desk and placed his bag down before asking "And what do you think about it then?" Tanzo asked curiously. "Of course, they would help him massively considering how versatile Nordic Runes are. However, Uiharu is disagreeing with my statement." Said Kyojuro. Uiharu responded back to Kyojuro's statement by saying"I only disagreed because other than simply increasing the sharpness, durability, and giving an item an enchantment to make it better for the user and possibly increase the strength of a magical barrier, it has no use for someone as powerful as End Of Story Rimuru. I mean he has the Origin Skill Magicule Breeder Reactor which gives him an infinite amount of magicules, Turn Null energy which is the strongest form of energy to exist in the Tensura Verse that allows Rimuru to create and destroy universes over and over without any issues, Information King Akashic Records which basically allows Rimuru to use every skill that has existed in the Tensura Verse and his Manas:Ciel which makes Rimuru a Nigh-Omniscient being"

Tenzo decided to ignore the two and went to the shelf of the club and picked up a random book on Shinto Mythology.

"Hey guys," said Tenzo. "Yes?" said the others. "Tell me do you guys think that the Shinto gods are weird?"

Sasaki closed the book he was reading and looked at Tanzo with a raised eyebrow and asked "what do you mean by weird?"

"I mean think of it Susanoo-no-Mikoto is basically the god of not only storms but is also seen as a local deity linked with the harvest and agriculture."

"What's so strange about that?" asked Maria.

"I mean how does someone who is seen as a storm deity be considered a local deity of harvest and agriculture?" said Tanzo in confusion. "Ahh, understandable. it is rather illogical to give a deity that represents storms a title for something as peaceful as harvest and agriculture." Said Ichijo.

"Maybe he helped the people by using his authority over storms to bring rain on the days they were facing a drought. I mean he was said to be a local deity thus meaning he must have visited them quite frequently right?" Said Kyojuro.

"Hrrm, maybe you're right. But then who is the strongest between the two Shinto Gods Tsukuyomi or Susanoo? Since Amaterasu is the strongest of the 3 of them then which one of the two brothers is the stronger one? Asked Tanzo.

"Ughh, don't go starting debates so early Tenzo, unless you wish to be trapped in this room for eternity!" Exclaimed Ichijo. The others and Tanzo laughed at what Ichijo said.

A couple of hours later, Tanzo and his friends left the school.

"Bye Guys, see you all next week!" exclaimed Ichijo and the others said the same thing and left back home before waving each other goodbye and laughing. They all went back to their respective homes. Reaching his house, Tanzo unlocks the gate to his house, turns around, and locks it. He walks to his house door opens it and enters his house, takes off his shoes places them on the shoe rack before closing the door behind him. "I'm back," he says to no one in particular. Walking to his kitchen, he heads over to the fridge and takes out the ingredients needed to cook his dinner. After cooking himself a light meal of bread and eggs, Tanzo started cooking fried rice with chicken.

After cooking everything, Tanzo placed the food on the table and placed it with a food cover net before going to his room and changing into a tracksuit. Tanzo went towards the front door and put on his jogging shoes and muttered "I'm off."

Yet once more he spoke to no one. Opening the door then closing it back, Tanzo walked towards his gate unlocked it, turned around, and locked it. Then, he placed his keys in his tracksuit pockets and he went out to exercise. A few hours after his exercise, Tanzo came back home took a shower, changed his clothes, ate his dinner, and before going to bed, Tanzo made a silent prayer. "I wish I could experience what it's like to go on an adventure in another world. Maybe even give me a family this time." Tanzo stopped praying and finally went to sleep.

The very next day, Tanzo woke up feeling very strange. Tanzo woke up from his bed and went to check his phone, however, Tanzo suddenly noticed his hand was quite small compared to how he remembered it. Touching the back of his head he suddenly realized he has long blueish silver hair. 

-(Scene Break!)-

(3rd Person Pov) 

In one of the houses in the Musutafu district, a confused and shocked scream was heard as the boy who was once known as Tanzo found himself in the body of a character he adores. 

"What the hell is going on?!" Tanzo exclaimed. Jumping out of bed and looking in the mirror, he looks confused and shocked. "Why the hell do I look like Rimuru Tempest?!" Tanzo screamed.

Looking in the mirror, Tanzo seemed confused. He reached his hand out to touch the mirror, and Tanzo looked on in bafflement because he clearly feels the sensation of touch.

"What the hell happened to me?!" But no reply came. "How did I suddenly become Rimuru?" yet once more no reply came. Tanzo took a few deep breaths to calm himself before he finally decided to understand the situation he is currently in.

"Alright first things first, let's make sure that I truly am awake and not in some kind of lucid dream." Tanzo took a deep breath and then proceeded to slap himself across his face. "Ouch, that hurt!" Screamed Tanzo as he went on to caress his cheek. "Holy Shit this really isn't a dream?!" Taking another deep breath, Tanzo decided to first check which world he was sent to and then come up with a plan on how to go home to his original world. " Now, what's the safest way to gather info without seeming suspicious?"

Walking out of his room, Tanzo went into the living room and he noticed that everything was the same as his original house. Walking to the sofa, Tanzo sees the tv that's in front of the sofa and facepalmed himself. "I'm so dumb, I forgot that the tv still existed in this house." Grabbing the tv remote from the coffee table, Tanzo proceeded to turn on the tv to see if he could find a news channel that might help explain which world he is in. Turning on the TV, the first thing that appeared was a cartoon about heroes.

"Oh God, if this world is the world that I'm thinking about I'm either quite lucky or unlucky. considering how if I'm really in the world that I think I'm in as long as cannon hasn't started I'm still relatively safe." Tanzo proceeded to keep switching through the different channels until he finally found the news channel he was searching for. It is currently showing a video of a super buff hero with a big smile and two rabbit-like tufts of hair saving a bunch of people. Turning off the tv, Tanzo just sighed.

"What the hell man, I don't even know the date for when cannon starts and the worst part is the fact that I barely know everything that's going to happen! I only remembered the important events like the USJ attack and a few others."

"Wait a minute, since I'm in the world of MHA do I have a quirk? And since I look like Rimuru do I also have his powers and resistances? Well, no time like the present to see what I can do. let's first try his usual skills."

Pushing my hand out I proceeded to say the name of one of the abilities "Void God Azatoth!"

But nothing happened. Oh God, was I sent here without a quirk? No, if this is like those fanfictions I've read then do I have a system? "

"Let's try it out then. System!"

... Yet again, nothing. Tanzo began freaking out as he exclaimed. 

"Oh F*ck! Did I really not come with any power?! Where's my Golden Finger! This is a scam!" 

As Tanzo began freaking out about his current situation, he failed to hear the faint whispers of someone chanting the first three lines of an aria. Though it seemed incomplete. 

[I Am The] 

"What the hell am I to do to survive?! Thi- Huh? Was I hearing things? It felt like someone was whispering things to me."

This time, he heard another voice. 

[Taking a step into the realm where my technique reaches the God's. Nine...]

This time, Tanzo heard it much better. But he still felt really strange. 

"Just what's going on? God's? Technique? This is all getting kinda eerie you know?" 

[To save everyone and become a He- Unlimit-] 

[Having accepted pain, and embracing futility ,I am lost to the world and myself.] 

[A blade of steel cutting no flesh, nor bones and neither life. What I seek for is the clearance of resentment. The cutting of bonds, fate and destiny.]

[I have overcome countless battlefields, Not even once retreating, Not even once being victorious.]

Tanzo frowned as he couldn't understand anything that was just said. Then he heard these strange voices speaking at the same time. To who he assumed was himself lest there was a ghost in his house.

[What Drive's You To Seek What Is Ours?] 

And then the voices dissappeard causing Tanzo to sigh as he thought he's finally gone mad. 

"*Sigh*I'm not insane right? I'm fairly confident that this isn't a dream. So what were those voice's?" 

Tanzo went into the kitchen to grab himself a glass of water. However, he froze when his eyes made contact with a knife that was left on the kitchen counter. Tanzo's mind was suddenly flodded with information of how the knife was made, the steps taken to make it, and even who has used the knife. Tanzo's mouth was wide open as he realised that he indeed had powers. More specifically Tracing magecraft from the nasuverse. 

"Oh F*ck! I got Shirou Emiya's magecraft!" 

Tanzo cursed out in surprise realising whose powers he owns. However, he was suddenly really confused. 

"Why did I get Rimuru Tempest's body and looks, but Archer's magecraft? Can't someone just give me an answer please?!" 

His words were answered by the sound of space ripping, and a portal appearing infront of him. Tanzo gripped his erratically beating heart at the sudden appearance of a portal, but sighed in relief when he realised that it wasn't Kurogiri. 

"Well, I almost had a heart attack. Thanks alot universe."

Tanzo's words were full of sarcasm, but no answer came to his sarcastic words. Instead, the portal just continued existing there... Menacingly. Tanzo sighed regretfully as he decided to walk into the portal. 

"Who knows, maybe I'll actually get a proper answer this time."

Tanzo walked through the portal only to be met with the most shocking sight ever. Standing before him was a tall handsome man with short hair with the exception of being white and swept backwards, gray eyes and tanned skin colour. He wears body armor consisting of a black tight and sleeveless shirt with silver accents that outline his muscles and a metal plate on his collar, along with black pants that have two black straps on his thighs, and another two strapped around his shins separate from each other.

He wears black metal plated shoes, which appear to be attached to his trousers. With a red coat that is a type of holy shroud, which were actually two separate sleeves which covered his arms and was cut off showing his upper torso and midriff, and had a separate red open skirt which ended above his shins with the top fashioned and tied with an agemaki knot, covered by a silver metal plate.

The tanned man analysed the individual standing before him as he narrowed his eye's causing Tanzo to get goosebumps at the intensity of his gaze. Tanzo awkwardly scratched the back of his head as he now stood face to face with one of his favourite characters from the Fate franchise Archer Emiya. 

Being unable to stand the awkwardness of just remaining, Tanzo spoke. 

"Um, nice to meet you?" 

Tanzo really was unsure what to say in such a situation, so he greeted the man. However, what he wasn't expecting was for the man to dissappear, and for him to fall to his knees clutching his stomach in pain from being kicked. 

"*Groan*What was that for?!" 

The tanned man ignored Tanzo as he spoke. 

"Your physical parameters are about as strong as someone who does alot of physical activities. Your strong, but nowhere near servant level."

Tanzo gritted his teeth as he slowly got up and spoke. 

"Oi! What was that kick for?! 

The tanned man answered his question. 

"To get a better understanding of the person I'll be training for the next ten year's."

Tanzo's brain shut down for a moment as he dumbly replied. 


The tanned man in red crossed his arms together as he spoke seriously. 

"All right kid, tell me everything that you know about myself."

Tanzo blinked even more confused, but still complied and spoke. 

"Uh, I know that your true name is Shirou Emiya, you abandoned that nane and tend to go around as just Archer or EMIYA. You have several variations of yourself, all who went through the same thing you did, but chose a different way to move forward. Uh, you really despise the notion of hero of justice, and you really hate yourself. You specialise in tracing, projection, and reinforcement magecraft, and posses a reality marble."

Archer Emiya raised his hand stopping Tanzo from continuing as he rubbed his forehead and thought to himself. 

'This brat knows alot about me. He knows too much about me. Honestly, why did I even accept training this faker? Has my time at Chaldea really softened me that much? Regardless, a deal is a deal.'

Archer then glanced into Tanzo's eye's as he spoke. 

"Alright kid, you know a bit too much about me that it genuinely creeps me out. That's first. The second thing is that I've made a contract where upon I'll have to train and mentor you for the next ten years in my mageceaft, and how to properly fight with it. Rather you end up just copying the way I fight, or you develop your own way of fighting is all up to you and how you take to the training."

Tanzo frowned in confusion as he spoke 

"So I'm assuming you will get something out of this?" 

The Red Bowman nodded his head and spoke. 

"Since you know more about myself that I do you, how about you introduce yourself and what is your goal?" 

"My name is Tanzo. Just Tanzo. No family name whatsoever. My goal is to go back to my home. Also, this look of mine isn't how I originally looked."

The red archer snorted in amusement as he spoke. 

"That much is obvious. You look like someone straight out of a fantasy manga."

Tanzo rolled his eye's and continued. 

"I've got decent experience in Muay Thai, Taekwondo, parkour and Boxing, but only a few moves as I only train in them for keeping myself flexible and healthy. But with this sudden change of height, I think I'll have to repractice to get used to fighting with shorter limbs. Oh! I also forgot to mention that I do spar with my friend quite often before well this whole unexpected situation. I've also got experience 

Archer nodded his head noting his experience with martial arts as he thought to himself. 

'The boy is more of a fighter that relies on their legs for most fights huh? Not bad choice for martial arts. And parkour is good for stamina and endurance, as well as training acrobatically. And finally boxing is good for strong and unexpected quick jabs that could catch his opponents off guard when believing him to be a fighter over reliant on his leg's for powerful kicks. But he never really took it seriously, which is to be expected. Not many people would really ever take martial arts seriously as they usually only take them to help maintain their health. But it's still shows impressive dedication and discipline to know three different martial arts, and something as exhausting as parkour.'

Archer then called out to Tanzo. 

"All right kid, brace yourself. I'll be putting you through hell for the next ten year's. My rule's are simple. Listen to my order's, and only talk if you have a question you'd like to ask. Based on your description of yourself, I'm hoping you don't go quitting on me early on into the training. Don't ask stupid questions, and most importantly. Don't let the fact that you know who I am means that were buddies, and to never grow arrogant just because you can use my mageceaft. Since you know so much about myself, then you should know what it means to walk the path of a mage."

Tanzo solemnly nodded his head and answered seriously. 

"To walk the path of a mage is to walk the path of death. I cannot guarentee that I won't be blinded by arrogance, but trust me when I say I'll try my damned hardest to not let that occur."

Archer nodded his head grateful that this boy isn't as frustrating to talk to in comparison to his younger self. He proceeded to summon his nameless black bow as he spoke. 

"Let's begin your training. The first thing we'll be doing, is to see how well you handle stressful and dangerous situations."

Tanzo felt sweat forming on his face at the red bowman's word's, but he still looked firmly into Archer's steel grey eye's nodding his head as Archer turned into his spirit form not allowing Tanzo the sight of his sadistic smile. Yet unkown to Tanzo, his sudden disappearance from his original world shocked his neighborhood, school, and close friends.

-(Scene Break!)-

(Japan: Tanzo's Earth) 

Kyojuro: "Did any of you find any info on what happened to Tanzo?!"

Maria: "None sadly. We checked his home but it was completely empty other than a bunch of police officers and concerned neighbors."

Ichijo: "Nothing was stolen according to police his wallet, school supplies, and even all of his clothing are all untouched. It's like he disappeared into thin air even his phone is still on its charging port."

Uiharu: "The police also asked if he has been suffering from any mental illness because they say the most logical explanation was that he ran away or he left to go kill himself.

Sasaki: "It most definitely isn't any of those. We have known Tanzo for quite a long time and we all even made an oath to each other that no matter how tough life gets, well remain strong and continue pushing forward for ourselves and each other. I refuse to believe that he would kill himself even if he lived alone he always tried to stay positive and help others I think someone didn't like him doing that and decided to kidnap him."

Maria: "Who do you think did it?

Before they could continue with their conversation, miss Onodera entered the classroom.

Miss Onodera: "Alright that's enough the police are doing their best in trying to figure out where Tanzo went so just leave it to them and start focusing on class."

Before any of the students could protest Miss Onodera silence them all by informing them of something very important.

Miss Onodera: "Should the police fail in their search of Tanzo the school will hold a special prayer on his behalf so I hope none of you go damaging anything on school grounds otherwise you will be paying for the damages and repairs. That's all, now open your textbooks."

Whilst everything was going on the person in question was just simply sleeping comfortably on his bed without any problems.

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