4 Exploration!

After stepping through the portal and into his house, Rimuru looks around the living room for a bit before moving to sit on the couch. After sitting down for a bit, Rimuru turns on the tv to see if anything interesting happened recently.

News Channel: "Good afternoon people of Musutafu, I Nakamura will be your host for today. As of today, I'm happy to report that the number of villain sightings is as always at an all-time low thanks to the work of the local heroes. In fact, according to a recent file sent to us by the police, I am proud to announce that not only has villain sightings been staying at an all-time low. But attacks made by villains have dropped by a total of 5% not just for the peaceful city of Musutafu but the entirety of Japan! And we can thank the recent most popular video of All Might saving two young boys from a sludge villain in one punch!"

This time a different reporter continued. 

"According to the details of the report, the villains became terrified after witnessing the video of All Might casually changing the weather with just the force of his fist! So as always, we send our thank you's to all the heroes out there currently working to protect us from the dangers of villains. Now, today's weather report will be given to us by our usual weatherman Shinji."

Turning off the TV, Tanzo suddenly became confused.

Tanzo: "Wasn't I training for Ten Years? Did my reality marble have some time-dilation magic placed upon it?"

Tanzo shook his head and decided to focus more on the present than his confusion. Looking around his house, Tanzo couldn't help but mutter. 

"It's so empty and lonely."

Tanzo sighed sadly muttering silently.

Tanzo: "I wonder how everyone back in my world is doing? How long have I been away? Do my friends still remember me?"

Tanzo sighed once more. The feeling of his house felt even more bleaker due to its previous liveliness stemming from his friends constantly barging in as if they owned the place to hang out with him.

Tanzo: "It doesn't matter. I'll find a way back home no matter how long it may take me. And when I return, I'll drag those idiots with me to party like there's no tomorrow! YOSH! No more sad and miserable thoughts. For now, I need to first understand what my role in this world is. Am I a hero? A civilian? A student? Or a sidekick to some hero? I definitely am not a villain... I hope."

Tanzo walked towards his bedroom, where he was surprised to see Shizue's mask from the Tensura verse. That, and his closet suddenly filled to the brim with a bunch of clothing. Ranging from Rimuru's original blue fur coat outfit to his demon lord one. And then the strange ones. A nurse outfit, a female high school girl's outfit, a sailor's outfit, is that a wedding gown?! And many more strange outfits. 

Other than the mask, there was also a card and a student uniform next to it. Taking a closer look, Tanzo bore witness that the card was actually a hero license. And that the uniform belonged to UA Academy.

Tanzo: "Oh? So depending on what I choose, I'll either end up as a pro hero or a student at UA. Regardless of what I choose, the plot will still affect all of Japan. So it's not like I'll be safe whether I choose to be a pro hero or not. I wonder what option the mask represents?"

Tanzo contemplated deeply the pros and cons of either option. Ultimately he sighed and picked up Shizue's mask... Nothing happened.

Tanzo: "So there was no option three huh?"

Tanzo placed the mask on his face and changed his outfit to Rimuru's blue fur coat. As he muttered.

Tanzo: "For now, I'll do a little exploring. Get to surveying the area first to find a good vantage point and maybe steal cash from some thugs as I'm broke."

Tanzo's body vanished into motes of magical energy as he entered his spirit form to begin his hunt for information. 

-(Scene Break!)-

Standing atop one of the taller apartments within Musutafu was Tanzo in his spirit form. He was surveying the area in hopes of finding some criminal activity so he could beat up the criminals, and stea- Cough. Cough. Politely borrow their money permanently.

Tanzo: "Damn. The news reporter wasn't lying when he said that the crime rate has gone down significantly due to All Might. Every small-time thug and villain within twenty-five Kilometers is already being dealt with by the pro heroes. Guess I'll be moving on to the next location. Hrrm?"

Tanzo's eyes bore witness to the scene of a rather buff man asking strangers for help moving his boxes. He hummed to himself before jumping off the roof of the building still in his spirit form as he jumped from one rooftop to the next. He walked through the walls, and was met by the sight of multiple people tied up being held hostage by a group of five men. There were mostly men, with two or three women with bruises on their face's, and torn clothing. 

Tanzo froze. What was he supposed to do in this situation? Should he call the police? Or find a hero? Maybe he shouldn't even do anything. Afterall, it's not like he's obligated to save these stranger's. However, he ultimately sighed as he muttered in a voice barely above a whisper. 

Tanzo: "Trace On."

And with the mental trigger of his friend's smiling with him, he invoked his magecraft. He projected multiple steel chains that suddenly burst out of the ground binding the group of villain's tightly and preventing them from moving shocking everyone in the room as the villains began screaming in surprise and confusion. 

Thug 1: "What the hell?! Where'd these chains come from?!"

Thug 2: "Guh! Let go of us right now you bunch of bastards! If you don't we'll torture all of you once we inevitably break free!"

Thug 3: "That's right! Your all still our hostages anyways! You can't escape from us!"

However, their word's became stuck in their throat at the sight of a steel blade appearing above the hostages, before falling and cutting the rope taht held them all before fading away into wisps of air.

The thugs froze and so did the hostages. However, when they realised that not only were they free, but that the villain's were seemingly incapacitated, some of the men gained cruel smile's of their own as they rushed the captured villains and proceeded to pummel them whilst the other's either escaped, or called the police.

Tanzo watched this all unfold not really sure how to feel. Even with ten years of training, it's not like he's supposed to be able to make such a big decision like many protagonists from the fanfictions he's read. At the end of the day, he was but a seventeen year old gifted an increadible power.

And following the wise words of Uncle Ben. (With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility) Tanzo was already well aware of the responsibility that comes with wielding such a formidable power. However, the path that he's chosen to follow is still one that he's unsure of.

Tanzo was broken out of his trance by the sounds of police siren's. Seeing as how he was still in spirit form, and no one could see him he decided to quietly take his leave. I(t's to risky taking money from them). Was his excuse for not stealing. It wasn't that he was a good person, it's just that he felt disgusted at the thought of using the money of a rapist.

Tanzo witnessed how the police barged into the house confused and perplexed at the sight of the captured criminals, and the freed hostages. However, that didn't mean they had an excuse to not do their jobs. They escorted all the hostages out of the house, and investigated the building where they found lots and lots of drug's. 

They even found several stains of seminal fluid causing them to feel disgusted as they confiscated everything in the house bringing it outside the building not worried in the slightest about the villain somehow escaping. Tanzo hummed as he watched the police officers all outside the building discussing amongst each other about the situation.

Tanzo manifested himself before the villains shocking them as he spoke.

Tanzo: "I really didn't want to do this, but rapist's like you. Nevermind, this will be my first step in seeing if I feel guilty taking your lives. Ah don't worry though. I'll burn you with flame's. Enjoy the trip to hell."

And just as they were about to scream, Tanzo casted a minor hypnosis spell causing them to remain silent as he drew a runic symbol on the ground and poured magical into it.

Tanzo drew the symbol (ᚲ) Kaunaz that symbolises the element of fire. The rune glowed and suddenly flames began spreading themselves all around the building causing fire to engulf and devour everything breaking the hypnosis Tanzo placed upon them causing them to scream in agony at being burnt alive. Their screams as well as the shocking sight of the burning building shocked the police officers and the civilians who suddenly panicked at the sudden manifestation of the flames as one of the officers cursed.

Officer 1: "Dammit! Those bastards chose to kill themselves?! How did they manage to start such a large fire?!"

Officer 2: "Grab the fire extinguishers at the back of the car! Stop the flames from spreading!"

The officers grabbed several large cans of fire extinguishers out of the trunk of their car, and began trying to put out the flames all whilst Tanzo watched high above from one of the nearby building's. His blueish-silver hair fluttering in his spirit form as he pondered. 

Tanzo: 'I didn't feel too bad killing them. Maybe it's because I'm justifying my action's by the fact that they were rapist's? So many questions, so little answers. I'll learn more with time. Let's explore this city a bit more.'

And so Tanzo left the scene of chaos he created to continue his exploration of this new world that which was once but a fictional series he watched for fun.

-(Scene End)-

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