In Marvel with the Force?

After dying upon uncovering the ultimate truth within his universe, Theon finds himself reincarnated into the Marvel universe with an unexpected gift. Tasked with an ambitious objective, his mission in this new reality is to ascend to the pinnacle, aiming for the ultimate peak of power and understanding. Follow the Path of the strongest Jedi/Sith! NO HAREM (We don't smoke that around here) The cover is not mine The credits for Marvel and Star Wars are not mine

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" " Conversation 

' ' Thought


"Ahh, that was such a good series," murmured a young man, stretching out on his sofa.

"They finally did Loki justice. Well, I hoped for a better ending, but hey, at least Disney didn't mess it up."

A.N.- Yeah, Disney is tweaking lately.

"See, even the Author agrees with me. But going back to the topic... I wonder what it's like to be a GOD, may-"

The moment the boy uttered those words, he found himself in a stark white room with only a solitary chair before him.

'??? What the fuck?! Did I just talk myself into oblivion?'

A voice echoed behind him:

"Well, not exactly. You somehow stumbled upon the truth."

Turning around, the young man witnessed something he never anticipated:


Morgan Freeman.

"Thanks for the praise."

Recovering from the shock, the boy knelt and said:

"I pay my respects to the Creator."

"Whoa, whoa. No need for formalities. What happened is partially my doing."

"What do you mean?" asked the boy.

"Well, as I said, you somehow stumbled upon the truth of your world."

Seeing the confusion, the man explained further:

"You've reached enlightenment."

"Isn't that supposed to be a good thing? Pretty sure Siddhartha reached it," asked the boy, bewildered.

"He reached a false enlightenment, but you... you reached the real deal and died. Human souls aren't meant to reach enlightenment, especially at your age, being only 16."

"So, you're saying I died due to an overload of understanding?"

"Good comparison."

"Why don't I remember it?"

"I erased the memory and blocked your thoughts about it. Don't want to risk it."

"And now?"

"You won't ask about your parents?"

"They're terrible. I can't apply the rule of ^Honour your parents^."

"Fair enough. My idea is to reincarnate you."

"Really?" asked the boy, excitement bubbling within.

"Yes, do you accept?"

"Yes, there's no way I'm refusing. I'd like to-"

"Nope, you're not choosing anything. I won't give you power like Ultipotency."

'Picky,' thought the boy.

"I can hear you, but don't worry. The power I'll grant you will have immense potential, and I'll offer some perks too."

"Where will I be reincarnated?"

"I'll only tell you it's not the DC universe. I won't put you there. And yes, you'll have a remarkable physique."

"Okay, thank you, God."

"Now, what's your name and what will be your new name?"

"People called me Gary. My new name will be... Theon."

Smiling, God said, "Theon, a good name. We'll see how your adventure unfolds. We'll meet again, but for now, farewell."

"Thank you for-" Theon couldn't finish as he was already whisked away from the white room.


Theon found himself in a basket unable to move, cries being the only thing that came out of his voice.

"WAH WAH WAHH (At least don't reincarnate me in a baby bodyyyyy)"

"Uh? Someone is crying?" said a voice.

Theon heard a voice coming from in front of him, and a door opens.

"Again?! People these days cannot take care of their kids."

'Yeah, exactly. I didn't expect to be born only to immediately be abandoned,' thought Theon.

"Let's see your name, handsome… Theon, such a beautiful name! Welcome to the Helix orphanage, little Theon. We'll take care of you here."


Ciao ragazzi!!

So i decided to write a fanfic

I wont spoil anything about the mc and his powers (They are pretty obvious I have SW tag)

Ill put a question here(Female lead?* Remember that we are in a Marvel AU)