In Marvel with the Force?

After dying upon uncovering the ultimate truth within his universe, Theon finds himself reincarnated into the Marvel universe with an unexpected gift. Tasked with an ambitious objective, his mission in this new reality is to ascend to the pinnacle, aiming for the ultimate peak of power and understanding. Follow the Path of the strongest Jedi/Sith! NO HAREM (We don't smoke that around here) The cover is not mine The credits for Marvel and Star Wars are not mine

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34 Chs

May the Force be with us


Guys, I have a question do you really hate 4th wall breaking that much?

As for the riddle, tomorrow is the last day(EU Timeline)

ill make it easier: Sa_ _a C_a_ _


"Is there a place where I can train my powers alone?" asked Theon to Logan.


"Can I use it, please?" asked Theon with puppy eyes.

"...stop giving me that look. You would normally need Xavier's approval, but I don't think he would mind if I was the one accompanying you."

"Thank you, teacher."

"Class is dismissed. As for you, Theon, follow me."

Following Logan in the school corridors, they both reached an elevator with a biometric scanner.

"There is an underground facility where most of us train. There is also the device Xavier used to find you."

"We are really going deep underground."

"Secrecy matters. Now, why do you need the room?"

"I think I've understood what my power is. I won't tell anybody about it, though."

"Good. You should always have hidden cards. You can never know what type of people are out there," Logan cautioned.

'Too many telepaths, brainwashers, and mind controllers.'

The elevator came to a halt, and Logan directed Theon into an empty light blue room.

"Do you need anything? Like enemies to attack or something?"

"No, but could you stay here in case something happens?"


Calming himself, Theon closed his eyes, seeking a connection he couldn't quite define but felt deep within. Breathing steadily, he allowed his mind to wander, reaching out to the subtle energy humming around him. A faint resonance, elusive yet compelling, whispered through his senses, weaving its way into his consciousness.

Raising his hands slowly, palms facing upward, Theon relinquished control, surrendering to an unknown force. A subtle current, unseen yet perceptible, responded to his unspoken plea, and a gentle breeze encircled him, as if acknowledging his unspoken call.

His body became weightless, defying gravity as he ascended from the ground. His crossed legs hung effortlessly in the air, and his eyes remained shut, yet his awareness expanded beyond the physical realm.

Wolverine, who was observing the scene, was speechless. He could feel that something incredible was happening, and his instincts were screaming at him to not interrupt it.

Gradually, Theon descended, his feet finding their place on solid ground once more. Opening his eyes, he felt a sense of enlightenment and purpose coursing through him, a newfound certainty in his destiny.

This glorious event did not go unnoticed. Other forces sensed the emergence of a powerhouse.

Meanwhile, Xavier conversed with a familiar red-haired woman. "Jean, did you feel it?"

"Yes, I think every telepath in the school felt it."

"This is the young Theon's mental signature."

"The new boy?"

"Yes, we found him in the wilds, and he was living pretty well. I suspect him being Omega-level mutant."

/Kamar Taj/

Inside the library, a figure of mystique and ancient wisdom stood tall. The Ancient One, a presence of serene authority, exuded an aura of both ageless wisdom and mystical power. Draped in flowing, elegant robes that seemed to shimmer with a hint of magical essence.

Their visage carried the marks of time, lines etched across a weathered face that held an air of serene calmness. Eyes, gleaming with an otherworldly knowledge, seemed to penetrate the depths of existence itself. A mane of silver-white hair cascaded down to their shoulders, adding to the enigmatic presence that seemed in perfect harmony with the mystic sanctuary surrounding them.

The figure locked in a certain direction and spoke, "So you are finally starting your path?"

/Back to the room/

Logan asked, "Did you get the confirmation you needed?"

"Yes, thank you for the training. It would have taken me a long time to understand it without it."

"Don't sweat it. Let's go back to the surface."

Logan glanced at Theon, noticing a serene determination in his eyes. "You alright, kid?"

Theon nodded, a faint smile gracing his lips. "Yeah, I feel... different, but in a good way."

They reached the ground level, stepping out into the open, bustling school grounds. Students were engaged in various activities, some training, others engaged in discussions or play.

"So, what's next?" Theon inquired, eager to channel his newfound understanding.

"You keep practicing. You've just scratched the surface of what you can do," Logan advised, his gruff tone tinged with a touch of mentorship.

As they parted ways, Theon's mind buzzed with possibilities. He sought a quiet spot under the shade of a tree, away from the bustling activities.

'I can't believe he gave me the connection to the Force, I wonder if I'm the only one with it though. Let's stop thinking about it. Of all the Force abilities I think I manifested Telekinesis, Mind Trick/Touch, Force Barrier and Force Vision?'

'My suspicion about the man was right, it's most likely me...what could force me to destroy a planet though? WAIT...I cannot get influenced by the vision, the stupid Jedi Council followed them too blindly. Of all the abilities right now I need to master Telekinesis, Mind Trick, Force sight and Mech-deru. These will help me set a starting point'

"Tony Stark, you better be ready since I will steal your spotlight as the greatest inventor"

As he pondered the revelations, Theon couldn't help but chuckle softly. "May the Force be with me," he whispered with a smile.


Power:[Magimite manipulation]

(Blue beetle)

Users can manipulate technomystical micromachines, an extraordinary fusion of micro-tech and magic that can allow unbridled capabilities and unending possibilities that can expand in both personal and external means as users are able to preform both mystical and scientific means and methods that can surpass both due to their fusion, making users unimaginably capable of anything as their potential is unlimited in both magic or technology.