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Mark is a normal guy who was rejected thrice for the NY police departement ,three times rejected by the Military,three times rejected by his family.Facing rejection,he gave his life only to hear the words ,"Reject ,i didn't need your help" He finally reincarnates into the body of random guy in the marvel universe. In this world, he finally has the chance to make a change.will he become something or forgotten like flowing sand Author Note: MC is a Hero Type and has the moral compass to do the right things, if you are not into that and want harem and sex stuff, you won't find it here, so please don't read it and then leave a shitty review when you see that the mc is just a hero and not to your liking Tags: World traveler Alternate Marvel universe Weak to strong Mutants Eternals No love yet

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Chapter 22...Iron Man V

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In the terrorist hideout, the corner of the familiar room in which Tony Stark and Yinsen were imprisoned,

It was finally time for them to escape from this place, though the terrorists once again sensed that something was wrong and started coming in droves.

This caused Yensen to take up the gun from one of the downed terrorists, while Tony stayed behind and waited for the Armor to turn on.

"Oh, God! Please be safe Yensen"

"Looks like Tony should be fine, I will take care of Yensen" In the corner of the room, Jack finally stood up and went for a walk.

"System, turn me into Izuku"

Within a moment, Jack was now Deku.

"Let's see what I can do here"

Jack ran ahead at full strength, Appearing around corners and taking out squads of terrorists before they could even blink.

A terrorist decided to throw a bomb, Jack used his feet to kick it back at the group, a blast occurred and they were taken care of.

"Alright now, Where the Hell did Yensen go"

After taking out a dozen more of these Mobs, Jack finally found Yensen who was just about to be shot at and rushed at him.


"I won't make it like this, come on work for now"

Full cowl 15 per cent


Unfortunately, he still wasn't able to go at 15 per cent, losing control which caused him to go at 100 per cent, although he was in pain, but made sure to Rescue Yensen from death.


"Yeah, don't worry it's just a scratch," Said Jack to Yensen who was surprised to see someone covered in a weird green costume with a rabbit-like mask come and save him.

"Who the hell are you"

"Well, you can call me Blitz"

Yensen was about to ask something when Jack suddenly looked back to see The terrorist leader loading a rifle grenade,

"Sigh, I didn't wanna do this, I hope you don't die, I don't want you to weigh on me" Yensen heard Jack say something he didn't understand.

Jensen's thoughts were along the lines are you kidding me, that's a rifle grenade, if we are lucky we might be left with a whole body

But Jack was not scared and raised his hands and said"This is gonna hurt"

He flicked his fingers and a blasting sound occurred, Dust flew up high into the air and for a moment no other sound was heard

After a moment they don't clear up to reveal a very bloody and wounded Mob leader who was constantly coughing out blood.

"What..how...how did you do that"


"Yeah, that explains a lot!" Yensen looked at his saviour and gave a sarcastic comment.After the remark, Yensen seemed to remember something and hurriedly shouted,"Tony" and started running back inside but was stopped by Izuku.Yensen couldn't help but glare at the guy who saved him

"What are you doing, Tony is inside,I must go and see for myself if he is alright"

"I understand your worries, worry not for I am here!"



'That was so cringe I ain't doing that again though Jack as he tried to shrug off the cold air of cringiness off his shoulders.

"Tony should be coming out about right now" Just like Jack said, Tony came out followed by the sound of heavy metal hitting the sandy floor.The sound of machinery moving in sync with Tony's movement.

Tony saw Yensen and happily shouted "Yensen, you are alive"

"I am afraid I am still alive" said Yensen in mock anger, Both were very happy to be alive.

"Would you rather be dead?" Tony heard the voice of another person and looked to Yensen's right,

A man covered in very unique green costume with a bunny like mask was standing a little aside from Yensen,

"Who are you?!" Tony was a little tense by the sudden appearance of such a character

Yensen also perked up, the guy hadn't given a clear explanation as to do he was yet"

"Me! ,Well I am Called..


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