5 Leviathans down

Ethan was very shocked to see the Siblings here because they should be in Sokovia. Then the destruction of Sokovia will happen and they will be captured by HYDRA to get their powers from. Them being here simply doesn't made sense.

Ethan concluded that this is not exactly the marvel universe he knew of. There are some minor changes in this universe. The siblings living in New York was one of them.

"But wouldn't that will affect the further plot" thought Ethan as this was surely something that will affect future of Marvel.

If the siblings doesn't get captured by HYDRA and doesn't get their powers then there is some major issues. They also won't have one of the strongest characters of the whole MCU, Scarlett Witch.

[Host should not worry about this as even if there are minor differences, everything will happen so it will lead to the events of movies. Unless Hist himself stops it]

Ethan was now a bit clamer. He then looked at the Leviathan's that were flying in the sky and then suddenly, A giant green monster punched one of the Big worms and the armour the big worm had cracked and it died.

"Looks like Hulk is finally here, I missed you so much" Tony jokingly said as he was being chased by a big worm himself. "Ethan , I am bringing you a present , would you prefer it wrapped up?" then he quickly get out of the way and Ethan looks at the Leviathan.He launches larged size ice spikes that pierced the Leviathan. "Man if you didn't liked the gift I brought for you , you could have just said it" then Tony goes to clear some more alie- no he goes to welcome some more guests.

Ethan then goes to a group of humans that were trying to run from the aliens and escorts them to the bunker everyone was hiding in. He then burned alot if aliens that he saw as he was skating around the new York.

He saw Steve ( Captain America ) being pushed by some of the aliens so he went towards him. He then fired some Ice spheres on those aliens. " Thanks Ethan " Steve said as he stood up. "This area is clear , we should move to different area" Ethan said while looking at his minimap.

"How do you know?" Steve questioned

"I have my ways" Ethan replied with a smile.

Then Steve got onto Ethan's skateboard. At first he was not able to even stand properly but soon he got used to it. "We have to close that machine somehow" Ethan said touching his ear piece. "I will go and check it out" Natasha ( Black widow ) said and went towards the building.

"We are at the stop Captain " Ethan said while stopping his beloved skateboard. Steve got off and met Clint ( Hawkeye ) there. Thor also landed there. Ethan looked at his quest

[Quest - Kill 7 Leviathans (6/7)]

[Quest reward - Body of a normal kyrptonian]

Ethan then looked up to see the last Leviathan flying in the sky. He asked Thor "Thor , can you throw me towards that big worm?" on which Thor nodded and gripped Ethan's wrists "Hope you don't go inside it's mouth" Thor joked and started spinning in a circular motion. Then he threw Ethan towards the Leviathan and for sure , he indeed was worthy of the title of God.

The speed in which Ethan was going was very fast but he somehow managed to think straight and used his Pyrokinesis to burn down the Leviathan. Soon the Leviathan died but the problem was ... now he was falling from the sky and it was at least 300 meters above the ground.

"System !!! Give me my fricking reward!!!!!



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