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"haaa, nothing new coming" ??? "damm, writer strikes" ??? Max cursed at the news of writer strikes news, cause its delaying his favourite movies from releasing, Suddenly he heard a shout but pay it no heed until... ************************* "hey, Kid watch out!" I helplessly watched a teenage kid moment away from just truck crashing into him, but i still tried reaching out to him but..( Random passerby) #screeeech# #Bam# "Huh, what- cough i-is t-this" Max looks at the clear blue sky, feeling pain all over his body. But soon realisation dawned him "I guess, I won't be able to watch my favs any more....." Max closed his eyes thinking it's over but is it.... ############################## Cover and other images aren't owned my me If the owner wants it to be removed plz tell me

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Arriving at New York Sanctum

"Blecker Street, Greenwich village Neighbourhood it's where the New York Sanctum is located" Drake said as he walked on the street trying to find the hidden sanctum with his Tier 1 magic : Spirit eyes that can see all abnormalities.

"not this, not this.." He is walking on the street while checking out all houses but he still couldn't find the Sanctum. 

After searching whole Neighbourhood twice he contacts Max and asked for specific address as maybe Tier 1 magic isn't enough.

Max then ask the system for specific address which only costed him 2 UP as he only don't know the House no.

"177 A, I checked this house twice but still couldn't found anything extraordinary about it, Tch definitely should have gone for quality instead of quantity" Drakes curses his stupidity for selecting Quantity as new parameter instead of Quality then knocks on the door of the Sanctum. 

*clicks* *opens*

"Yes, what can I do for you" A seemingly ordinary middle age man opens the door and asked for Drake's purpose.

"Excuse me, My name is Drake Ryder and I would like to meet Ancient one" Drake said straight away his purpose.

"Sorry kid wrong address" The middle aged man said with his usual stoic face, after that he then closed the door.

*knock* *knock*

"what's now kid" Middle age man opens the door once more hearing the knock. 

"I am Actually Max Potts, you might have heard of me and I know Ancient one" Drake said trying to get Man's attention. 

'Can't Ancient one see the future, then why can't she know I am coming' Drake inwardly thought seeing man's uninterested look. 

"Listen kid I already said Here is no Ancient One, so don't bother me again or I will call the cops" Middle age man said as he then went to close the door but before he can close the door he heard Drake saying something and stopped in tracks. 

"wait, the egg I was the one who gave her the egg" Drake shouted as he saw the middle age man closing the door. 

"which egg" Middle age man asked back. 

"The one she brought back 4 years back, it might have hatched and a elemental creature might have came out of it" Drake replied and sighed in relief seeing Man interested look. 

"Hmm come inside" The middle aged man said as he started walking inside while leaving the door open as the egg is famous topic among the Kamar-taj, after who won't want a mystical creature. 

"Who are you, you are definitely not the Max Potts I have seen on TV, by the way my name is Daniel Drumm master of this Sanctum" The middle age man said as he leads Drake inside. 

'so he is the current master,'" I am a clone of Max Potts but I have my own individuality Sir Drumm" Drake replied honestly as he knew this guy was killed while protecting this Sanctum, one of the good guys who fought to bitter end instead of joining dark side.

"Fascinating spell it is, We have cloning spell but they are far cry compared to yours" Daniel said in amazement after hearing the Drake's explanation.

"It's not a spell sir but a ability of mine" Drake replied fearing the Daniel might want to learn it. 

"No wonder I don't feel any Magical fluctuations from you, pity it's not a spell" Daniel said with a regret look. 

"By the way, do you still have the Egg, if you have I would buy it from you" Daniel said after a pause as he leads him to inner area of sanctum. 

"Not currently Sir but if I obtain one in future I will contact you" Drake replied. 

Daniel then nods and kept leading him inside until they reach a a place that have three huge Mirror like structure. 

'Its probably the mirror that can open portal to other places' Drake thought seeing the mirror. 

Daniel then stands in front of the mirrors and started operating a dial like thing and one of the mirror changes it's scenery. 

"You can go through here, you will arrive right in front of Kamar-taj where Ancient one resides" Daniel explained and then started retreating back without saying anything. 

Drake nods to Daniel retreting figure then went inside the mirror arriving at busy street, but strangely no one noticed it.

He tries to see what's the reason for people to not notice him. 

"It's a spell that creates illusion, to whom we don't to see it they will see it as a ordinary wall"???

A voice sounded from behind him, turning back Drake saw Wong who looks exactly like he saw him in Movies. 

"hello sir" Drake greets him

"Come inside Ancient one is expecting you" Wong greets back and then started leading him inside the kamar-taj. 

Drake then appears inside a open hall where the Ancient one is brewing Tea. 

"Would you like some Tea" Ancient one asked. 

Drake nods and then Ancient one passes him a Tea cup filled with hot herbal tea but oddly with sweet taste not sour taste of usual herbal teas

"It's Sweet I know, most people like it sweet so I added some honey to it" Ancient one chuckles seeing Drake surprised reaction. 

"So you came to learn here as a Clone" Ancient one said. 

"I am still a kid so I have to find other ways to get here" Ancient one nods. 

"Fortunately for you mystic arts have no requirements for age" Ancient one said. 

"yes" Drake nods back. 

"By the way I see a circle of magical powers near your heart, can you explain me what it is" Ancient one asked although through Eyes of Agamotto she already knows what it is but she still want to ask the present one to answer her questions not the future one which only she saw, She is a guardian who respects other choices not a tyrant who stole others knowledge without their consent. 

Drake didn't say anything but gave her a copy of Basic knowledge of magic for all attributes to her as he already knows she can see future but she still ask him, and this made him respect her. 

Ancient one raises her brow as this is different from the future she saw. 

"Your artifact, the one you are wearing can see future right so you probably know what the circles near my heart means but you still asked me respecting my choices, so it's natural for me to also respect you. 

" You have a admirable character despite being so young" Ancient one says as she took the book. 

Wong who is standing behind Ancient one also nods in approval. 

'well I am actually 39 if my previous live are also conted' Drake inwardly chuckles. 

[Achievement uocked : Gain Ancient one Praise] 

Max who hears the system sound suddenly raise his brows and then he then checks the clone memories and smiles. 

"But it's only upto Tier 3, it's pretty basic, if I were to obtain higher knowledge, I will give it to you then" Drake said as Achievement reward is another random lucky draw of Legendary and Mythical grade. 

"There is no need for you to do that" Ancient one replies to Drake honesty. 

"Wong, lead him to library and let him read what ever he wants" Ancient one said to Wong who is standing behind her. 

"As you wish, come on lad" Wong said as he started leaving the hall.

"wait, can I see what came out of the egg" Drake stops Wong and ask Ancient one as he was curious all this tome what came out of random pokémon egg. 

Ancient one nods and " Ray come out" says aloud. 

After her voice sounded a floating black figure with red collar appeared.

'No I am gonna regret it all my life' Seeing Darkrai appearing he cursed his past self non stop in his heart. 

"your expression tells me you know about him and you are regretting it alot" Ancient one chuckles as she know Ray is special among elemental creatures but how much she don't know. 

"well, he is a Mythical Dark Elemental Creature called Darkrai, legend is they protect world from darkness from shadows" Drake replies in regret filled voice as Darkrai is one of his 3 favourite pokémon.

"Hmm, seems like we were made for each other than, but you can take it back if you are regretting it that much" Ancient one said. 

"don't worry about me, it's just he is someone I like very much and would definitely like to have as my partner but I don't have to take it from you I might acquire one in the future" Drake replies after getting out of his thoughts, he can actually buy a Darkrai from system shop but it costs whopping 13000 UP. 

"very well then" Ancient one chuckles as she has bonded with Ray in last 4 years, she don't want to return Ray if she can. 

"Hmm, Max will send you the ability list of Darkrai, if you contact him" Drake said as he went out with Wong. 

"I will do that, I was thinking what are Ray abilities also" Ancient one replied as Drake go's out. 

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