In Marvel as Ultimate Skill Raphael

*Note*This novel was previously named Marvel: Age of Raphael. Mars died and by chance met Ahura Mazda, a powerful entity who claimed himself as the source of all Creation. On given the chance to reincarnate with a perk, he denied it and asked to be adopted by Ahura Mazda instead. Good Thing is that he was adopted by him, given Infinite Potential, Bad thing is that Avengers are after him since he transmigrated as Ultron. Let's see how he changes the meaning of power itself, explores the wonders of Marvel Multiverse to his journey of Anime Multiverse, and Creates his very own World. Note- English is not my main language, so the first chapters might not be up to the mark, though it will get better on. Note- The pic is the property of the original owner, not mine.

Akros_Zero · Anime & Comics
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79 Chs

Read this before you read this fanfic.

1) This Fanfic is strictly Non-Harem with a single Genderless Rimuru looking Mc.

2) Main Character gets a Cosmic God mindset due to various reasons, so he is like the Universe which does not care about our existence, he will do a lot of things for his benefit, but only if it benefits him.

3) Main Character will do what he wants, he does not cares about other opinions, if he wants to kill all the Humans, then he will do it, and if he wants to help a human he will go to great lengths for him/her.

4) First Novel, is based on MCU which is a different timeline, the reason will be mentioned in one of the chapters.

5) Main Character starts not so Op but will get very OP quickly.

6) If you have any doubts then comment it below.