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After dying due to cancer at the age of 14 which was harvested by the government in an effort to study it and see if they could weaponize it. He is given another chance in Marvel to make his dream a reality to be the best Superman he can be. To do that he needs to break any shackle that tries to bind him Slow story development and newbie author I do not own anything from DC, Marvel or anything from Invincible or any animes whatsoever

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Seduction Coc#block And Thoughts Chp 45

I am currently looking at Natasha

(Holy Sh#t she is hot) I thought to myself

She began walking towards me and I saw that she was thinking back to her time in the red room.

"Mr. Kent if that is really your name," she whispered seductively while she is looking me up and down and her tongue licks her lips.

"Ms. Rushman are you ok?" I asked which seemed to snap her out of it as she looked at me in the eyes.

"Everything is fine," She whispered as she approached me

("She is being too forward I am going to check what she has planned") I thought realizing that she probably thought I was still a horny teen. I mean I am but still.

When she was a bit away she stopped and her eyes glazed over as she went past me and went to sit on her chair as she fell asleep.

(You didn't think I was going to let this happen did you) Said Jean telepathically

(Did you just cockblock me) I answered back as I was a bit disappointed.


I am in my hotel that I renamed the Lux in honor of Lucifer Morningstar from DC the show at least.

I was disappointed to learn that the One Below All is not the rival of TOAA. He is just a cosmic abstract of Gamma radiation and he basically is just a cloud made from Hulk's radiation that was made from his body. I was able to also figure out that he is actually just an aspect of Mephisto that went rogue and became powerful enough through absorbing the energy from different Hulks across the Marvel multiverse to permanently separate himself from him.

Through their collective energies, he forced Mephisto out albeit barely out of the section of hell he took over. While he is incredibly powerful he doesn't rival TOAA at all. My theory is the when a Hulk was possessed by it. Three big clues that it is not the rival of TOAA is that he is...

...mindless which means it is not omniscient and he is can't escape his own realm on his own and has to rely on making Hulks his avatars which means he is not omnipresent and the fact that he can create things out of nothing or destroy everything himself or create something that can destroy the multiverse means it is NOT omnipotent.

Another thing that made me aware that it is not the TOAA's dark side is that when I had a thought of The Great Evil Beast a note appeared out of nowhere that just said

"We merged together and you are right. Although, The One Below All just became an incarnation of what you call the Dark Multiverse just in Marvel" signed by TOAA/Presence/GEB(Great Evil Beast)

I was more or less happy that I wouldn't have to worry about The Great Evil Beast coming after me. When I read the part about the dark multiverse I got a chill on my back thinking about it. O more or less figure out that it is dying and just using the energy from the Hulk to keep itself in existence.

(N/A I thought about this carefully in all honesty I made The One Below All about a third of the power of The Living Tribunal since that storyline pissed me off since Hulk's strength doesn't need an entity powering him up just think of Hulks as powerful as before the Immortal storyline)

Jean was busy doing homework while I went over the powers of the rings on the couch watching Dragon Booster. One that made me annoyed was the orange Makluan ring since it is supposed to alter matter to whatever I want.

Except I was screwed over since it can't make Adamantine. True Adamantium and Vribranium are fair game though which sped up the manufacturing of my ship by a lot. The sad thing is that I have to get the metals tempered since they don't come tempered with the alteration process.

The other rings though help me out immensely since I have full access to pyrokinesis from the red ring, Hydrokinesis from the blue ring, and cryokinesis from the yellow ring which are further enhanced by Zenith(N/A The Adamantine weapon). My mental powers are greatly enhanced to the point where I ripped the molecules from a rock however I couldn't put it back together again and it was more difficult trying it out on ants much less on humans. I can now create an energy shield enhanced with my telekinesis which can resist the strongest offensive spell The Ancient One knows and allowed me to test and she managed to crack every inch of and with just a light tap from one of her fingers broke it.

The clairvoyance would be useful if it actually was that. What it has is an archive of Makluan knowledge and history before the rings were taken to earth. It also works as a tracker of someone the user has met in his life which explains how Gene found the armory in the show.

The white ring gave me control over the air which just means I have weather powers in total, aerokinesis. The speed is a bit trickier since it just raises the user's speed to Mach 2 while giving them the ability to breathe in a vacuum with all ten rings. I am not complaining though as anything is welcomed.

The one that confirmed a theory of mine is that the purple ring just gives me the ability to teleport and with all ten rings I can teleport from Earth to Neptune although it takes about three seconds to do so since that is their max. The slight energy manipulation and enhanced strength come from having just one ring come from the armor. It also boosts human natural regeneration by around 12% which to me it may as well be nothing at least until I saw that it helped slow down aging to such a point that you may live for around an extra 15 to 19 years.

Jean offered to test it and I was happy about it although I had to do the tests on some old people and I figured out that you just have to wear one ring for this benefit. I was curious about why this wasn't boosted by having more rings. Turns out it was more or less for safety reasons since if it was increased further it could cause severe damage to a human and although I am a Kryptonian I am not going to risk getting deformed also until I manage to figure out how to replicate the rings in order to make a single ring with all of their powers then I would focus on improving everything else.

The black Makluan ring gave me umbrakinesis and the ability to traverse through some dimensions that were neutral or my own. The hostile ones would forcefully close it and I got a warning from The Ancient One that it made a hole through the sanctums. So I was not playing around with it anymore.

The pink ring though I was nervous about using it. Since I created a deer and it had a soul. I am not going to get myself into even more trouble with the abstract than I can afford to. I found out that the soul of that animal belongs to me. I was going to essentially have to make a section of the afterlife in my own dimension for it. It wasn't easy I had to study an actual deer and think of how the cells would react to their environment. I did trillions of calculations in my brain helped with the speed force to make it. I am not going to be playing god.

The original Mandarin actually just modified the guardians of the temples from already living beings. I was still figuring out the powers that they gave me though so I could discover other things about them.

If I can figure out how to replicate the armor's ability to boost someone's natural healing and increase it further I could somehow help Jean and any other person I come across to live longer.

"Aiden, can you help with some science problems?" Jean asked me from where she was sitting

"Sure," I responded thinking how much I am liking my new life so far although I am a bit annoyed at her cockblocking me.

I can't wait for our date though.

(N/A: I know about the One below all I am taking creative liberties with it. The rings may seem nerfed but the thing is that he is still practicing with them in time he will master them also I decided to wait on a semi-lemon scene with Natasha since it would seem a bit rushed and I am still thinking about how that is going to go down. The next chapters is the date between them)