In Marvel as a Skeleton

*SYSTEM ISN'T SENTIENT* What happens when a person from our world wakes up in a sewer as a Skeleton? What happens when he finds out he is in the ever expanding and dangerous world of Marvel? This is what happened to Ethan Blackett. A normal science teacher in his previous life, he is now thrust into the world of danger and intrigue as a monster. Now, armed with the ability to travel to dungeon World's, and a gacha system, Ethan starts his journey of evolving to the peak and becoming the strongest in the universe. ---------- JOIN MY DISCORD: https://discord.com/invite/a7QuSV8f To discuss ideas, see pictures and generally talk more about the fic. A/N: FL will be Lady Death. The system is a gacha. Also the progression will be a little slower. He won't become instantly overpowered. Ethan uses his wits and not just power, you can see that in the way he deals with goblins in the first few chapters, using his abilities with cunning instead of fighting enemies head on. The Marvel universe will be an AU, a mix of Fantastic Four, MCU and X-Men. In future, Ethan will only be dependent on system for Gacha, anything else, he will be able to do it on his own, not right now tho.

Berserk_Asura · Anime & Comics
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26 Chs

Ch-3: Goblin's Gambit

Ethan chose a direction and moved forward, the underbrush crunching softly beneath his feet. As he ventured deeper, he began to notice scratch marks on the trees, claw-like grooves etched into the bark.

The air grew thicker with tension, and soon, delicate silken webs appeared, draped between branches like ghostly decorations.

He stopped in his tracks, his mind racing. "Spiders," he muttered, feeling a shiver run down his spine. He could almost sense the skittering legs and beady eyes lurking just out of sight.

'Nope, nope, nope, nope…not dealing with an army of spiders.' The decision was immediate and clear. With a determined turn, he headed back to the clearing.

Soon, he was back at the starting point, Ethan paused to catch his breath. "Alright, let's try a different direction," he said to himself, his voice steadying as he gathered his resolve. This time, he chose a path that veered directly opposite to the spider-infested area.

As he moved forward, the forest seemed to close in around him, the trees taller and the shadows deeper. Suddenly, he spotted movement up ahead. Peering from behind a tree, he saw them—goblins.

They were small, green, and about four feet tall, with drooping ears and wearing rags made from the pelts of small animals.

Ethan's non existent heart pounded as he ducked behind a tree to observe them. One goblin was gnawing on a raw white rabbit, its lips smeared with red blood, revealing spiky teeth. The other goblin stood guard, its eyes darting around as it clutched a crude wooden spear.

"This is not good," Ethan whispered to himself, his mind racing. He recalled the mission panel: survive the dungeon, find and defeat the boss.

But there were different monsters in different directions. Did this mean there were multiple bosses?

Or was he supposed to eliminate all the monsters to find the boss? The thought made his non-existent stomach churn. "That's impossible," he muttered, frustration creeping into his voice.

He leaned against the tree, trying to think. In the meantime he decided to read the missions again.

Ethan called out [STATUS] in his mind. The familiar blue screen materialized before him, glowing softly. With a quick mental command, he clicked the [Mission] tab to recheck his objectives.

The screen displayed the missions again:

{Primary Mission}: Survive your first dungeon delve.

{Secondary Mission}: Find and defeat a dungeon boss.

{Optional Mission}: Discover the hidden treasure room.

{Rewards}: 50 coins, Newbie Package, 1 Level UP, [Initiate Dungeon Delve] — [End Dungeon Delve] skills.

Ethan read it carefully, his eyes narrowing in concentration. "So, I need to kill a boss, not the boss?" he muttered under his breath. 'Meaning there could be even more groups of monsters in other directions. But at least I would have to only kill a single boss.'

The realization was daunting but clear. He would have to choose a group of monsters, fight his way through them, and defeat the boss monster that would eventually appear.

Understanding this, he closed the tab, the screen vanishing like mist. He stood still for a moment, weighing his options. His mind raced through what he knew about the creatures he had encountered so far.

The scratch marks and webs suggested dangerous, stealthy spiders, while the goblins, though small and scrappy, had a certain familiarity to them.

"Goblins," he whispered to himself, nodding slowly. 'In stories, they're always the ones stealing and hoarding treasure and trinkets. If I can find their nest, I might complete the optional mission too.'

His decision made, Ethan felt a surge of determination. He glanced back in the direction of the goblins, steeling himself. "Alright," he said, his voice firm, "it's going to be the goblins. They might have what I need to complete the treasure mission."

Ethan peered back at the two goblins, who had settled into a grisly feast. The second goblin had successfully hunted a rabbit with his wooden spear and was now gnawing on the raw meat.

Instead of rushing in for an attack, Ethan decided to follow the goblins back to their nest. 'If I can find their lair, I can come up with a better plan,' he thought. He crouched lower behind the tree, careful to remain unseen.

The goblins devoured their meal in a matter of minutes, but then they lounged lazily in the grass, seemingly napping.

Time dragged on, each minute feeling like an eternity. Ethan's patience wore thin; his bones tensed with the urge to take action.

"Come on, move already," he whispered to himself, frustration gnawing at him. The desire to attack them and find their nest on his own almost overwhelmed him.

Finally, after what felt like half an hour, the goblins began to stir. They yawned and stretched, their grotesque faces twisting in sleepy satisfaction.

They screeched at each other, their voices harsh and grating. Then, with their wooden spears slung over their shoulders, they started walking.

Ethan followed at a cautious distance, his bony feet thankfully muffled by the lush grass.

After about half an hour, they reached their destination. The goblins led Ethan to a cave at the base of a small rocky cliff. The entrance was shadowed, a dark maw against the rock.

Two goblins stood guard at the entrance, their eyes scanning the surroundings. Another pair was positioned atop the cliff, keeping watch from above.

Ethan's non-existent breath hitched as he took in the sight. "This is it," he whispered, his non existent heart pounding. "Their nest."

He crouched lower, ensuring he remained hidden as he observed the goblin guards. His mind raced with potential strategies.

'I'll need to take out the guards first, silently if possible,' he thought, the blue flames in his eyes socket narrowing in concentration. 'Then, I can sneak inside and find the boss.'

Ethan's emotions were a whirlwind—nervousness mingled with excitement and determination.

He knew the risks were high, but so were the rewards. 'I can do this,' he told himself, gripping his rusty sword tighter. 'One step at a time. Stay focused.'

Ethan crouched behind a tree, his blue flames for eyes scanning the surroundings for any signs of more goblins. The forest was eerily quiet, save for the occasional rustle of leaves and distant animal calls.

From his vantage point, he saw only the four goblins guarding the entrance and the top of the cliff. "Alright, seems manageable," he whispered to himself, his voice was like a whisper in the wind, barely audible.

He decided to circle around the cave to find a way up the cliff. Moving cautiously, he navigated through the dense foliage, every step carefully placed to avoid making noise.

The path up the cliff was steep and rocky, but his skeletal form made it easier to slip through tight spaces without much difficulty.

Reaching the top, he hid behind another tree, peering at the two goblins standing guard. Their eyes were small and beady, constantly scanning the area.

He considered his options, thinking about the best way to approach them without drawing attention. 'I have Minor Night Vision,' he thought, his jaws parting in an expression of supposed smile, which looked nothing like one. 'Waiting for nightfall might give me the advantage I need.'

With a plan in mind, Ethan retreated to a safe distance away from the path to the cliff. He found a spot behind a large tree, laid down, and clutched his rusty sword.

The hours stretched on as he waited, the anticipation building with each passing moment.

His thoughts drifted to his future in the Marvel world. 'How will I interact with people as a skeleton?' he pondered, the idea both intriguing and daunting. 'Will they see me as a monster or something else?'

He imagined meeting some of the Marvel heroes, wondering if they would accept him or fight him. The thought made him chuckle softly, despite the seriousness of his situation.

'Maybe I'll join the Avengers,' he mused, his skeletal jaws separating to form a grin. 'Or maybe I'll end up as a villain. Who knows?'

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the sky bled into deep purples and blues. Long shadows stretched across the landscape before darkness fully descended.

The forest transformed with the setting sun; birds fell silent, and animals retreated to their nests, leaving the stage to the night's symphony of crickets. The air grew cool and still, a blanket of anticipation settling over everything.

Ethan rose from his hiding spot, his skeletal form blending into the monochrome world his Minor Night Vision provided.

He moved silently towards the cliff, each step deliberate and cautious. The rustling of leaves and the occasional snap of a twig underfoot were the only sounds, quickly swallowed by the night.

As he reached the top of the cliff, he spotted the two goblins. They were slightly different from the ones he had seen earlier; these goblins wielded swords instead of spears.

Ethan allowed himself a brief, wry smile. 'Would it be racist to say that all goblins look the same to me?' he thought, his dry humor a small comfort in the tense situation.

Determined, Ethan tightened his grip on his rusty sword, feeling the rough metal against his bones. He crouched low, his skeletal form making it easier to move stealthily.

The goblins were alert, but not enough to notice him approaching from behind. He could hear their guttural muttering, the harsh sounds of their language grating against his non existent ears.

Steeling himself, Ethan took a deep breath—or the closest thing to it—and made his move.

He crept closer, each step a test of his patience and nerves. As he neared the first goblin, his heart pounded in his chest, the thrill of the hunt coursing through him.

But suddenly his bony joints betrayed him, emitting a loud creak that caused the goblins' drooping ears to perk up. 'Fuck it!'

Ethan thought, panic surging through him as he dashed forward. His agility score of 8 didn't lend him much speed, but desperation spurred him on.

He managed to close the small distance before the goblins could react, his rusty sword swinging downward with all his might.

The blade struck the nearest goblin squarely on the head, splitting it in half with a sickening crunch that echoed through the night. Blood sprayed, and the goblin's lifeless body crumpled to the ground.

The sight and sensation of the sword slicing through the goblin's skull made Ethan pause, a mix of horror and grim satisfaction washing over him.

But that moment of hesitation proved costly. The second goblin let out a piercing screech. It lunged at Ethan, swinging its crude sword with surprising speed.

The goblin's screech jolted Ethan from his stupor just in time to see the creature attacking. Instinctively, he brought his forearm up to block the blow.

The goblin's sword clanged against his bones, the impact sending vibrations through his skeletal frame. He saw his forearm chip from the force of the strike, a small red marker floating up beside the wound.

[-6 health]

Ethan didn't feel pain, but the sight of his own bone chipping unsettled him. "Damn it!" he growled, his anger fueling his next move.

He pushed the goblin back with his chipped arm, then swung his sword with renewed fury. The goblin tried to dodge, but Ethan's strike was too quick. The blade sliced through its torso, spilling more blood and guts onto the forest floor.

With both guards at the top of the cliff dispatched, Ethan took a moment to catch his breath. He glanced at his chipped forearm, the damage a stark reminder of his vulnerability.

But there was no time to dwell on it. The screeching goblin had undoubtedly alerted the others.