Chapter 50: Nightmare_1

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I actually don't have a shadow!

Trembling, she raised her head to carefully scrutinize her surroundings.

Scattered vegetation nearby and further away was brimming with vitality, and as time passed, these reflected camera-angles seemed to solidify and stayed unchanged just like a picture. Especially the rainbow overhead and the waterfall, it felt like she was watching a rerun of 4D movies.

Could everything around her be fake, even she herself?

The moment this thought popped up, she got goosebumps!

As if discovering her irregularities, the surrounding beautiful scenery began to ripple layer by layer and the whole world began to tremble. Without any time for Su Pan'er to prepare, the heavens and the earth suddenly changed color, and the land also began to shake constantly.

Subconsciously, she took two steps back and leaned against a rock next to her.


With a roar, the rock suddenly opened a large mouth full of sharp teeth and viciously bit at her.