Chapter 49: Strange! _1

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"So just because you say I can't go in, I should listen?"

Su Pan'er's mouth curved upwards as she looked at the increasingly dense forest around her.

Ignoring the vehement protests of that brat Qin Yi, she waltzed right into the mountain anyway.

Thinking of his pale face, hopping around frantically yet somehow still wholly incapable of hindering her, only made her mood cheerier!

She fondly touched the mixed grain flat pancake at her waist, made in a hasty hurry by Qin Yi. A kind of indescribable feeling welled up in her heart.

She took it out, took a quiet bite. The unique sweetness of the food quickly spread across her tastebuds.

Now, she had crossed over the swamp lands, entering the outer edges of Deicide Mountain.

She had collected a good many mushrooms and tree ear fungi in her basket backpack, along with a number of medicinal ingredients that filled half of her basket.