Chapter 47 Tender Moments on a Rainy Night_1

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Surrounding them was total darkness. The rain poured down, gusts of wind whistling sharply through the air.

Light could only be seen when bolts of lightning tore through the dark sky.

"Su Pan'er, you tough woman, wake up! I, the sickly seedling, am still alive. You can't leave me behind! I won't allow it. Do you hear me? I won't allow you to die!"

Feeling how weak Su Pan'er's breath was, Qin Yi's eyes grew unusually sore. He couldn't differentiate whether the liquid streaming down his face was tears or rain. He shook Su Pan'er's body violently. "Pan'er! Even if you have to go, wait for this sickly seedling to leave first... Pan'er!"

His voice trembled uncontrollably.

He struggled to get up again, disregarding anything else. Half-dragging, half-carrying, he stepped through the muddy earth, dragging Su Pan'er towards the village.