Chapter 41 - In a Big Forest, There are All Kinds of Birds_1

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Old Qin broke into a cold sweat and gave Su Pan'er a forced smile, a look of guilt on his face.

"Since we are splitting the stove, what needs to be given, will be given. It is currently the spring plowing season and there's not much grain left in the house. Go to your mother later and collect a month's worth of rations, as well as some things to use at home..."

Upon the splitting of the stove, lacking even a single kitchen utility would make dining challenging.

"What? You're giving out rations too? In your dreams!"

Mrs. Qin-Li wanted to shout, but her injured mouth, inflicted by Su Pan'er, ached whenever she tried to speak.

Old Man Qin raised his eyelids, glared at Mrs. Qin-Li, and continued.