In lookism verse As the toji fushiguro. read syponsis

I am the one who left it all behind. Like am toji. MOTHER F***ING TOJI ZENIN. But something is wrong. i am not in jjk but in lookism. Idk how it happened but, I am here and I have a daughter..... How it happened i don't know. But it did so now i just gotta find her topay child support. or need to take care of her. while it seems easy. But I don't know where to find here. i just know that my name is toji zenin. but their is also a little KIM in my name. hmmmm pretty intriguing. well i will find about it later time to find her. But where should i start.

HAMMAD · Anime & Comics
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10 Chs

Chapter 10 : Wake Up To Reality

Recap : Toji is now in Cheoliang. And the menace streak continues. Pancaking a gen 0. In the most brutal way. Saving a 6 finger man child. Who is Afraid of going out. Saving a kid with mommy and daddy issues. And saving his own daughter.

Now whats left... You may ask. Well let me tell you something. A bastard who's face we all liked to crush if he was real. Thats right Buddy Shaman is left. But before toji could finish the gods job. Someone interfered. So now toji is gonna talk with him.

Now you maybe thinking. Hmmmm will toji kill him. Will fraud lee will get to prove the proof of his faurdness keep reading to find out.

So lets dive in as toji do us the favor.

Story starts here :

James lee the man who defeated the generation 1 all by himself. In a 1v1 fight.

Except the goat Seoingi. Who clapped him. Proving that he is indeed a fraud. But was he really a fraud. Or Seongi had the potential to rival him.

But unfortunately we can't know about it in the furture. As currently our furture to be idol has walked in a place.

Where even the strongest in the verse can never make it out alive...

Shinmin looked at james and hearing chalres name gave him. Hope but unfortunately it didn't lasted long.

Seeing none else around. He believed others might be a bit behind james. To satisfy his curiosity.

He looked at james and spoke. With hopeful tone. "Where are the others, Please tell me Charles also sent more people".

James took a lollipop out of his pocket. Slowly opening its warp. He didn't cared about tye reaction or the question of shimin.

Seeing james action shinmin started to sweat and fear slowly started to grip him. The hope of survival he had, Was slowly diminishing.

While all this was happening. Toji wasn't happy a bit. The ugly face fucker was gonna kill his daughter. If he was even a second late.

Then a White haired bitch thought he was the thoughest. But was not. Just when he cleared all the objects out of his way.

A new one pops up, toji thought for all these was. ' Just fucking great '.

The red haired twig was opening a lollipop like he is here to walk. But to bad toji had made up his mind.

After taking care of shimin he will give the same treatment to james as the cover of the lollipop.

Walking toward shimin. Toji compeletly ignored james. Seeing the movement of toji. James looked at him.

And finally answering the shinmin question. In a clam and confident tone james spoke "Now your hurting me, Mister shimin. Chalres only sent me, Beacuse i alone am enough. To take care of all the problems. Don't worry about the guy. As I Am THE STRONGEST ".

But toji didn't care about james words. He knows james is strong for others to handle. But to him, James was asking him.

To put some dirt in his eye.

Shimin hearing james words. Felt the world lost all colors, He seem to saw how and what will happen , To him as toji walking toward him.

He saw toji was covered in a black rob holding a sytch. He saw toji as the death. And he was 100% sure. His death will not be peaceful.

James seeing toji walking toward shimin. He was tempted to let toji kill shaman. But he didn't know where the guy was hiding the red paper.

So he took action. After dealing with toji he will take care of his task. It was like killing 2 birds with one stone.

He will get the red paper and also get to test his limit. As From Gitae he heard the guy was strong.

James moved from roof to ground, In a speed not visible to naked eye, He stood in-between shaman and toji.

Shaman didn't saw when james moved. But the show of speed gave him. Relief even if james can't stop him.

He can buy him enough time to get away. With looking back. Shaman made a run for it. As he ran.

He prayed to whatever god. To help him today, James seeing the shaman speeding away. He didn't put him in the eye.

Just when james was about to say something. He is grabbed from the face. And thrown to the side like a dirty cloth.

Shaman who ran like hell, he didn't look back for even a second. He was scared, He felt if he looked back the monster will catch up to him.

Tossing james to the side toji was about to go after shaman. But with unexpected form of agility.

James twisted in the air. With his kick aiming at toji face. Which connected. Rhe strength behind the kick sent toji flying.

James got back up on his feet. In a showing manner. And spoke "You don't have any manners. Don't you know its wrong to interrupt someone speaking".

But before james could say anything else. He saw toji rushing him. Seeing him like this James thought, Gitae was overrating this guy.

Effortlessly kicking toji in the ground. James delivered a flurry of kicks. Putting toji on the ground.

Thats right James lee defeated toji. Seeing unconscious toji bleeding from head. James turned his head to in shaman direction.

Now his target to do the job for which he came here for.

Shaman who ran in the jungles. Without stopping for a second. He felt his lungs starting to brun. He felt like if he stopped, He will drop and not be able to get up.

Suddenly he tripped on a magical branch. Which is used in horror movies to get rid of unwanted people.

Shaman tried to get up, But wait for it.

His ankle was almost broken. Causing him alot of pain. But still gritting his teeth. He stood up. And started walking limply.

After walking for a bit. He hid behind a tree, putting his back against the tree. He slowly slid down. To sit phanting.

Shaman was lost in his own thoughts, As he heard a voice right beside him. The voice said "Water".

Replying unconsciously "Yeah need it more then anything". After saying this shaman brain starts working fast.

Turing his head to left really fast. He saw james crouching besides him. Like a load begin lift off his shoulders. He was about to ask James something.

But before he could utter any word. James spoke over him "Already took care of him, And if your gonna ask your sure. I assure you 200% sure. He is done for".

Shaman felt alot of relief. But it didn't lasted long. As james asked "Now where is the red paper. Try to say something smart. Thr Forest will be your resting place".

Hearing james words shaman replied hastily"Its in the reality". Hearing his words james is confused.

As he sees the phanting guy slowly change with him becoming really old with white spikey hair. Covering his eye.

As behind the many strange rods are placed their. As the voice of the man was deep and intimidating.

Looking at james be spoke "Wake up to reality". Confused by his statement. Voice once again spoke "Wake up to reality. Nothing ever goes as planned in this accursed world".

Like a switch begin flipped. James Wakes up. Phanting taking large breaths to fill his lungs.

He is confused how he got here. As he sees the Crater around him. His brain slowly process how je got in this situation.

When he was going to kick toji. The kick didn't connected. Toji casually grabbed his leg and smashed him. Face first in the ground.

Looking around. A bloodied body of belogu. Comes in his vision. Seeing such a secene. He is shocked.

And unconsciously crawls backwards. But he feels something warm under his hand. Looking back.

James eyes widen in shock. As fear, shock, disbelief. Many emotions are shown by James.

Behind him many bodies are surrounding him. From what he can see none of them seems to be alive.

Bodies of old, young, Women even many kids bodies were in the pile. He felt a urge to vomit. But that urge was soon replaced by one wish to never encounter the guy, Who did this.

Story ends here:

Heya your favorite author back. Mids complete am cooked and soon to be dead. But before leaving i thought of leaving this for you all to read and satisfy your curiosity.

Tell me how you liked the chapter. And the new writing way. Tell me if i need to switch back to old one.

Also thanks for all the stones and collections. On the book am grateful for the support.