In Kumogakure after adopting Hinata Hyuga.

Hachiro transmigrated into the world of Shinobi, better known as Naruto. He's reborn in the Raiden clan located in Kumogakure as the cousin of the Fourth Raikage. As the 'darkness' of Konoha fights each itself, he cheers on as the Third Hokage and Danzo, slowly kill Konoha from the inside out. Making use of his Lightning God system, he makes a name for himself in the Third Ninja War, and is gradually acknowledged as the ninja with the strongest lightning style! After snatching Hinata Hyuga, he adopts her as his daughter and proudly shows her off to the rest of the world. _____________________ I ended up sticking to the MTL quite heavily for the first 20 chapters, it's harder to actually tell it's a translation after that. This is an edited version of machine translation, just making it clear. MTL- https://mtlnation.com/novel/im-in-cloud-shinobi-village-grab-hyuga-hinata-at-the-start/ ps: I don't think I will edit past the Naruto arc (Chapter 200 or so), but I'll try to post two chapters a day.

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Chapter 31: Jealous Samui

Tutai quickly explained the finer details of the event to everyone present.

Generally, the test to chunin was conducted in their own respective Ninja villages.

Hiruzen though wanted to make a good show of trust between villages by inviting their allies and other smaller villages to take the exam all at once.

It would be hard for everyone to settle on one location, so he wanted the exam to rotate around the major shinobi villages.

There would be two exams every year.

Originally, this was only held by Suna and Konoha but now that they had also entered an alliance they would be taking part as well.

This event was going to be organised by Sunagakure, Kumogakure and Konohagakure.

The candidates though would be from any village that wanted to partake.

Hence, the small villages like Takigakure, Kusagakure and Amegakure are likely to show up just like in the original.

These smaller villages didn't really have the funds and freedom to squander and become a sponsor of the event.

"This is interesting."

The Raikage's eyes lit up,

"We can judge the overall level of the future generation from the other villages."

"If we do agree to help organise the chunin exam, it will be held in Konoha this year, Kumogakure next year and Sunagakure after us.

Tutai said again,

"According to the rules, we will have to temporally adopt Konoha's group of 1-3 people with a jonin to guide them and lead the way."

"You want Haku and Kimimaro to go?"

Hachiro could see what they were thinking.

"Isn't it too early to reveal that we got our hands on bloodlines, that are presumed extinct, and are from Kirigaure?"

He squinted his eyes.

"But... the two of them are the only exceptional genin, we have."

Tutai said with slight embarrassment.

Kumogakure wasn't blessed with the ridiculous luck Konoha had.

They had to make sure they protected their geniuses as they were the future and unlike other villages they didn't have any to spare.

"... I have a personal recommendation."

After staring up at the ceiling in thought for a moment.

Hachiro put on a weird smile making everyone shudder.

They had a feeling something disastrous was going to happen.

Island turtle training field.

Nearly a big four years old, Hinata was concentrating chakra towards the soles of her feet.

Her face was flush with tension and fatigue.

The canyon walls were perpendicular from each other with a distance of 220 meters between them.

They stretched up a massive 100 meters high.

"Hinata! Be careful, control your breathing! Don't let go of your chakra!"

"Nice, slow and steady..."

"Don't be afraid, big sister will catch you!"

Samui, Mabui and Terumi Mei were below shouting encouragement.

This was their form of bonding.

Hearing their encouragement, Hinata took a deep breath and tried to take a few more steps towards the top of the canyon.

Her goal was to make it to the top of the canyon, where she would be allowed to practise Lightning Jutsu.

When she was about 70% of the way there.

Her short legs unsteadily held onto the wall, before she took a dive and fell from the sky.

The expression of the three women watching changed at the same time.

Samui had a panicked expression as she leapt forward.

However, someone was faster than her.

Terumi Mei used an earth jutsu to lighten her weight and ran up the canyon wall before using a wind jutsu to cushion the child's fall.

She jumped off the wall to grab her.

"Tha-Thank you, big sister Mei."(Is this how you do a stutter?)

Hinata blushed and stuttered.

"No problem, I guess that's the end of today's training. You're so hardworking, you've exhausted your chakra."

Mei smiled and wiped the sweat from Hinata's face with her sleeve.

"Hinata, let's go home!"

Samui said coldly.

She didn't want Hinata getting too close with this woman.

Otherwise she would lose all her advantages soon enough.

Hinata walked over to take Samui's hand as soon as Mei let go of her.

"It's over already?"

Hachiro shouted from the distance as he was walking over.

"Oh Daddy~"

Hinata skipped over to him in joy and plunged into his arms.

Hachiro raised his hand and tapped her little head lightly with a finger.

"Did you train too hard again?"

"Yes... Sorry, daddy..."

Hinata turned her head away and said quietly,

"It's rare to see the three of you together."

Samui had been pretty hostile to the other two.

He had originally went to the high-end hotel that Terumi Mei was staying at to find her.

But when he asked the manager, he said Mabui was taking her out to see the training ground nearby.

"It's boring staying in a hotel all the time, I also need to practice if I want to be Mizukage."

She smiled while she fiddled with her hair that had mini knots in it after the sudden use of wind jutsu earlier.

He couldn't help but stare at her for a moment.

"Let's go back."

When Samui walked past Hachiro, she discreetly kicked his ankle.

Hmph, men are unreliable as always.

If I hadn't been closely watching him over the last six months, he may have gone scattering seed everywhere.

She had been jealous since half a year ago, when Terumi Mei had first arrived.

She had trouble making sure they didn't have any chances for private meetings but she was keenly aware that they were both attracted to each other.

Could it be that this bastard hooked up with her when she was in the Land of Water?

He couldn't have made a move on her that fast, could he?