In Kumogakure after adopting Hinata Hyuga.

Hachiro transmigrated into the world of Shinobi, better known as Naruto. He's reborn in the Raiden clan located in Kumogakure as the cousin of the Fourth Raikage. As the 'darkness' of Konoha fights each itself, he cheers on as the Third Hokage and Danzo, slowly kill Konoha from the inside out. Making use of his Lightning God system, he makes a name for himself in the Third Ninja War, and is gradually acknowledged as the ninja with the strongest lightning style! After snatching Hinata Hyuga, he adopts her as his daughter and proudly shows her off to the rest of the world. _____________________ I ended up sticking to the MTL quite heavily for the first 20 chapters, it's harder to actually tell it's a translation after that. This is an edited version of machine translation, just making it clear. MTL- https://mtlnation.com/novel/im-in-cloud-shinobi-village-grab-hyuga-hinata-at-the-start/ ps: I don't think I will edit past the Naruto arc (Chapter 200 or so), but I'll try to post two chapters a day.

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Chapter 10: Plan's for Konoha's collapse

Hachiro didn't conceal the fact that he had tried establishing contact with Orochimaru back during the kidnapping incident.

A few days ago, Orochimaru was into the Land of Steam by Konoha shinobi.

According to the recent alliance treaty, Yu No Kuni was under the jurisdiction of Kumogakure.

Before they obtained consent from the Raikage or a representative of the Land of Lightning, they were not allowed to enter the territory of Kumogakure.

Because of this, the Konoha Shinobi had to stop chasing the rebel and stand by on the border until further orders.

Orochimaru and Hachiro had already reached an agreement in advance.

Orochimaru would give Kumogakure access to his summoning snake network and important information on the Leaf's Anbu.

For example, Shinnosuke Sarutobi the current head Anbu captain possessing the highest authority, his code name was 'Scarlet' or Shisui Uchiha who was the captain of a squad and carried the code name 'Crow'.

Hachiro didn't think A would suspect him of trying to betray the cloud. They were cousins that had known each other since young and had a good level of trust between each other.

The main profiteer of the deal was the Cloud anyway.

After hearing about his relationship with Orochimaru, he pondered for a moment and said,

"Orochimaru is dangerous, so be careful when dealing with him, he's the last kind of person you should trust."

He left the training ground with Tutai and his other deputies.

If it was the third Hokage, he would have had at least a few Anbu spying on him from time to time to make sure he wasn't colluding with the enemy.

Life in Kumogakure was just that much better~

Actually, maybe it's because I'm his cousin?

Oh, well~ Doesn't really matter that much either way.

"Ah~ There's nothing better than a shower after training~"

At home, Hachiro walked out of the bathroom with a towel around him.

He saw Samui holding a rubber pacifier inside Hinata's mouth and singing a lullaby in a gentle voice,

"Go to sleep, little baby~"

"Go to sleep, a-little baby~"

"Your Mama's going to sway,"

"And Your Daddy's going to pray."

Listening to the coaxing voice of her surrogate mother, she soon fell into a slumber.

As someone who had watched the anime Hachiro could hardly associate the mature, calm and generally silent lady with this woman in front of him.

Why are you smiling like a mother already?

Aren't you meant to be an ice queen?

Hachiro couldn't help but complain to himself.

"Are you asleep?"

Haxhiro silently sneaked up behind Samui and asked,

"Be quiet, Hinata finally fell asleep, If you wake her up your going to be the one to sing her lullabies."

Samui turned around and instantly recovered her ninja personality.

He was speechless, is this the fruit of your ninja training? Switching your expression so seamlessly has to be pretty difficult.

"Alright but let's talk about some business."

Hachiro gave a smirk and jumped launching an attack on the Kuniochi,

"Come on, wear this~"

He pulled Samui up with one hand and took out a Japanese school uniform from the closet.

This time he made sure to get the measurements right.

The last time it was a bunny outfit and... It didn't really fit very well. So in the end he had to settle for bunny ears.

Samui's expression revealed how badly she wanted to kill him.




Oh come on you little minx I haven't had a good night in what feels like years.

After Hinata had moved in Half a year ago, Samui had been so preoccupied so they hadn't been able to go on any missions or dates. It was heartbreaking.

"You're a good girl! Don't cry! Don't cry!"

After the baby started crying Samui threw the uniform aside and ran over to placate the child.

Hachiro, "..."

Ah~, I will admit that you, Hinata, are strong.

But. My new rival, don't think for a moment I'm going to give up so easily!

I'll finish my business next time.

I think, I'll go and see how my new partner is doing.

He should have arrived at the rendezvous location by now.

After changing into his shinobi gear, he headed towards the entrance of Kumogakure.

He couldn't help but feel a familiar feeling of discomfort he hadn't felt in years.

"This jacket feels so uncomfortable."

He frowned as he felt a sudden urge for Modern clothes.

The land of Steam is where Hidan was born, it was located between the Land of Fire and Land of Lightning.

It was once under the influence of the Land of Fire.

However during the Third Shinobi War, Hachiro's presence helped the Cloud win some battles they originally hadn't.

Any Kage level shinobi could easily annihilate a small battalion of shinobi, that makes a big difference in a war.

The war was also the catalyst for their decision to support Kumogakure instead of Konoha.

A few hours later, by the river of a small village in the land of Steam, a thunderbolt crashed into the riverside.

"There's no need to hide. I know you're there."

After transforming back into his human form, Hachiro seemed to have spoken to himself.

From behind the trees on the far side a humanoid snake revealed himself,——

Konoha's S-rank Rebel · Orochimaru!

"I thought I asked for you to get Konoha off my tail."

Orochimaru, who was still wearing a Konoha Shinobi uniform, sneered hoarsely.

"We're preventing them from approaching you, and more importantly, I would like to discuss the idea of destroying Konoha in the future."

Hachiro turned his head and walked straight over to the dirt path on the side of the river and sat down.

Battalion - Made up of two or more companies, they number around 400 - 1,200 troops.

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