17 Black Flash

" Today you're going to die. " Madara spoke as his long katana materialized in his hand and got into a stance.

" Mmm sounds terrifying." Toji smiled, before a disgusting and huge worm like cursed spirit that was red in color appeared on his shoulder and spat out a two bladed sword with one short and the other long.

" Wossh! Bang!!!" Without any words spoken, the two enemies clashed in a fierce life and death battle, as the ground beneath them ruptured.

" Clang!! Clang!!!" Their weapons clashed as they exchanged move after move. Madara held his katana in reverse grip as he parried attacks, slashed and dodged the ones he could.

" What sort of weapon is that. It seems to be made of cursed energy, but it looks real at the same time." Toji thought as he flipped backwards and dodged a slash from Madara's blade which sent a sword ray slashing through several buildings.

" Bang!!!" They clashed once more, moving at high speeds unsusceptible to the naked eye. With every move Madara was being pushed back, as Toji pressed on with unparalleled fierceness.

" Who the hell is this guy?! I can't sense any cursed energy from him but his physical strength is even higher than mine!" Madara thought as he parried an attack that sent him flying several steps back.

Toji didn't give him enough time to breathe and appeared beside him in a flash.

He pierced his sword forward, before tackling Madara's katana out of his hands. Creating an open ring for himself, Toji smashed his fist forward into Madara's face with a punch that sent him flying straight into a building with a broken nose.

His body crashed into several buildings, before coming to a stop a few meters away.

" Bang!!" Madara wiped the blood from his nose and immediately rolled away, dodging a massive stomp from the veteran fighter which crushed the earth below him, sending a shockwave.

" You're not bad at all kid. Unfortunately you remind me of some bastard in my clan. And I hate reminders!" Toji scowled and appeared beside Madara in a flash.

Immediately activating his foresight, Madara increased the time flow around his body and disappeared.

" Boom!!!" Immediately the area he stood was completely destroyed by a punch from the well trained mercenary.

" Ughh!!" Madara landed a few meters away and puked out blood.

Just as he wiped his mouth, he detected a slight movement and was about to speed away, when another fist smashed into his gut, this time with twice the force from before.

Madara was sent flying as he steadied himself a few meters away on the floor.

Toji appeared in front of him once more, which Madara dodged with a sidestep.

Just like an experienced acrobat, he dodged most of the attacks from the experienced mercenary.

Just he was about to speed away, Toji fainted a fist, which Madara dodged. Seeing the slip up, Toji took action and directly stabbed his sword towards Madara's throat.

Madara wasn't able to dodge the sword in time, however he shifted his body so that it pierced into his left shoulder instead of his throat.

" Hehehe, you're brave kid. But you messed with the wrong person!" Toji chuckled and immediately removed his sword from Madara's shoulder and immediately stabbed it into his abdomen, causing him to puke our blood.

At that instant, it was as if the world had slowed down in his eyes, as the shadow of death loomed over him.

His body instinctively activated his cursed technique halt , as time slowed down almost to a stand still.

" Your cursed energy is extremely overbearing, however you need to learn to focus and incorporate it into your attacks for a greater effect. " Madara's mind moved at fast speeds, trying to find a way out of the predicament when he remembered a quote from Nanami.

Taking a deep breath, he concentrated all of his cursed energy and pulled it back into his body, not leaking even a single bit.

" Whoosh! Bang!!" Immediately he grabbed unto the are embedded in his abdomen and threw a fierce punch at the mercenary's chest.

At the point of impact, sparks of reddish black lightning manifested, before the mercenary was sent flying as his body crashed into several buildings accompanied by a massive quake.

He then pulled out the sword from his abdomen and vomited blood while his body staggered.

A few moments later, Toji appeared with a look of surprise on his face as he wiped the blood dripping from the corner of his lips.

" Hehehe! You're going to die kid! I killed people for money, but now, I really want to kill you!!!" He rushed forward and smashed his fist forward.

Madara garnered the last bits of strength within this body and let out a punch as well, this time accompanied by reddish black lightning currents all over his body.

"Boom!!' A massive shockwave erupted as the two of them were sent flying. Few moments later, the dust cleared, revealing Madara who as almost unconscious lying in a pool of his own blood. He had lost so much blood, he couldn't control his body anymore.

" Hahaha! Don't die now kid!! We're just getting started!" Toji rushed forward, grabbed his sword from the ground and shot into the sky. The next moment, his body fell as he pierced his sword towards Madara with incomparable fierceness.

" Sigh." That was the only thing Madara could do as the sword magnified in his pupils rapidly.

However when the sword was inches from his body, a huge dragon like cursed spirit materialized from an intense baleful aura ahead, which appeared in front of Madara in a flash and slashed its claws towards the sword, sending the mercenary flying.

Another figure with short blonde hair tied a bow tie on his left fist as he held unto a covered blade. With a flash, he appeared right in front of the mercenary and punched forward, sending sparks of reddish black lightning all around as his fist smashed into the body of the mercenary sending him flying.

" Nanami!! Let him go! Madara needs help!" Suguru who had just arrived on the scene with Nanami, roared out and carried Madara's body unto the dragon like cursed spirits body.

Signing, Nanami did not pursue the mercenary and rushed unto the body of the dragon as they flew away at top speed.

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