9 Dreamfyre

"I am planning to arrange a feast for my son's birth. I hope that you will claim Dragonstone after that. In the meantime, why don't you bond with Dreamfyre who resides in the Dragonpit. Rhaenyra why don't you take Lord Arthur to Dragonpit with Syrax."- King Viserys told Arthur in a loving manner. He already considered Arthur as his son in law. Though he knows that Arthur can't be controlled. He already knew that even though Arthur will marry Rhaenyra he will kill anyone who looks at him in the wrong way.

"I was planning on doing that. By the way, I am going to destroy the Crabfeeder. There shall be a war but they need to die. You can't stop me, King Viserys.The triarchy is nothing to our power. We are dragons. We shouldn't be afraid of mere dogs and cats. The moment you start fearing your own power, you will gradually lose the ability of taming Dragons. I plan to speak with Lord Corlys Velaryon for an army which will help us to conquer Stepstones again."- Arthur said to King Viserys who didn't want any war now.

"My son is just born. Won't it be wise to go to war after some month?"- Viserys said with a fearful expression. He didn't want to go to war now.

"The longer you wait, the longer you lose the trust and will of House Velaryon. Although they are your vassals but you must remember that they can't be contained forever. When your grandfather Jaehaerys made you the heir to Iron Throne, the relation between you and your cousin Rhaenys already broke. You shouldn't think that women can only bear children. They can become more powerful. I told you that a woman killed the night king which even the Promised child couldn't do. Even the last Targaryen who bore dragons after a long period of extinction of Dragons was a woman. She was killed by the promised child which ultimately resulted in end of Targaryen bloodline and Dragons. The promised child as I said didn't want to continue his Bloodline. This is why you must keep your cousin Rhaenys and your brother Daemon as allies. I will try to fix your relations but do remember that I ain't your servant King Viserys. All I think about is to prevent the civil war and that's it. Even if you fight among yourselves, I will not let the Dragons enter into the battlefield."- Arthur told King Viserys while narrowing his which made Viserys frown.

Now, Viserys was more than confirmed that Arthur wasn't someone he could control. But he was relieved that Arthur would keep Targaryen bloodline and dragons in power.

" Sure. I wish that you keep everything in check with your powers. I will try to fix my relation with Rhaenys. As Lord Otto said, I will cut Lord Boremund's tongue for what he said to Rhaenys. Maybe that will slightly fix our relation."- Viserys talked with hope in his voice but on the other hand Arthur only shook his head.

"It's not that easy. You will have to show much efforts. Perhaps listening to Lord Corlys might help. In the feast, when you make Daemon your hand, I want you to praise Lord Corlys. You can praise him by stating about the problems of Stepstones that he brought. I personally prefer what Daemon and Lord Corlys is doing. Though their work might get bloody but it creates fear and respect. As long as Dragon's stay in Westeros, fear will remain. The moment they are gone, all house will start to consume you. It will happen because people don't want to live in fear."- Arthur calmly said to Viserys which only made all of their eyes widen. They were all questioning if Arthur was really 15 years old. The insight and wisdom of Arthur surprised everyone especially Rhaenyra. She kept wondering that someone who is just 1 year older than her is so much powerful in both fighting and wisdom than her who doesn't have anything.

Rhaenyra started thinking in a depressed face,' Am I worthy for someone like him? I must prove that I'm worth something otherwise he might look for another one.'

Not knowing what everyone was thinking of Arthur went up to Viserys and placed his hand on his shoulder," I saw from my visions that you are injured. You are having some skin problems. This should cure you."

Seeing Arthur using his healing magic on him, Viserys was again filled with gratitude. He swore that he would listen to Arthur's advice as this only benefits his kingdom.

Meanwhile Queen Aemma and Rhaenyra didn't know that Viserys had such problems so they again knew that they can never repay their debt to Arthur.

Three days passed by. In these three days, Arthur and Rhaenyra had went to Dragonpit by riding Syrax. There were already rumors about Rhaenyra's betrothal to Arthur which Arthur doesn't even give a damn about. In these three days, Arthur had already seen the effort Rhaenyra is giving for his love. Arthur knew that Rhaenyra is the ideal woman for him. She even started learning and reading books of war strategy so that she can help Arthur in war. While the king and Queen tried to disagree with her going for war, Arthur had already told Rhaenyra that she would go with him in the war of stepstones. Arthur wanted the world to know that women are as capable as men. Besides, Arthur wanted an easy victory with dragons on his side.

There were also rumors that Arthur could ride any dragon. This mainly started when some smallfolks saw him riding Syrax without Rhaenyra. As Dragons let only their partners to ride with, people knew that Syrax was a partner of Rhaenyra. Seeing Arthur easily riding Syrax, smallfolks started talking that he can control any dragons. Lord Otto tried to persuade the king to tell Arthur to bend his knee and accept the reign of Targaryens. But King Viserys didn't even listen to him and started paying attention to Lord Corlys and Daemon Targaryen. This behavior slightly improved their relations. Though the King's relation with Lord Otto became slightly bad. Now Lord Otto doesn't give pointers to the king because he knows that the King wouldn't give a shit.


Three person came forward to greet the young princess Rhaenyra along with her friend. They all knew the rumor of Arthur capable of controlling dragons. Seeing his traits, they were all convinced that Arthur was truly a pure Valyrian. As they used Valyrian accent to communicate, Arthur's High Valyrian accent was much fluent compared to them. This made them respect Arthur more. As they tried to chain Syrax, Arthur stopped them.

"Dragons are not meant to be caged. They are prideful by nature. If you cage them, they will not grow up. Instead they would become Vengeful."

Hearing this, even Rhaenyra was shocked. Ever since she was born, she knew that Dragons without Riders must be caged so that they do not harm anyone. But hearing her fiancé talking about caging them, she wondered if that really was the case for their dragon's small size compared to those of Old Valyria.

Syrax waited behind Rhaenyra and Arthur went to the Dome of Dragonpit with those people. Rhaenyra started worrying for Arthur because Dreamfyre was one of the oldest dragons. Although she was a she-dragon, she was born in Aegon's reign. The dragons that are recently hatched are easy to bond with. But those that are old enough like Dreamfyre, they are considered as threats.

Arthur went inside the dome. Inside the huge dome, he could see tunnels styled as caves. There were total of forty caves. The people took Arthur to Dreamfyre's caves where she was chained with. Seeing this, Arthur glared at those people while they didn't dare to look in his eyes.

"Leave. Don't get in my way when I tame her."- Arthur angrily ordered the three people who just ran away. They felt if they stayed longer, Arthur would just burn them using Dreamfyre's breath.

Arthur casually approached Dreamfyre. He knew that when people show fear the dragons deemed those people as worthless. Seeing him, Dreamfyre gave a roar with all her might. But even that couldn't stop Arthur from going to see her. If Rhaenyra was here, she would have already told Arthur to stop going there. Luckily, she wasn't here and Arthur could easily tame Dreamfyre.

Dreamfyre also came towards Arthur as she deemed Arthur as worthy of her. Arthur seeing this gave a smile and touched neck. He lightly kissed her neck before talking in his Valyrian Accent," Your last rider died due to age. But I am still living. Let's go on a journey where we can do whatever we want. Let the world turn to ashes. Will you come along?"

Hearing this, Dreamfyre just gave a hiss before lowering her back for Arthur to ride. Arthur jumped on Dreamfyre's blue back. Her silver crests were magnificent to look at. Arthur held on to the blue scales in her back and came out of the Dome where Rhaenyra was waiting for him. Seeing him coming out with Dreamfyre, she felt proud. After all that man is her future husband. Together, they soared in the sky and flew to King's Landing where the King was happy to see Arthur safe along with Dreamfyre.

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