1 O N E

"Woo! Finally, we've arrested the second largest drug ring boss, after a high speed car chase!!! My life is complete. I can die peacefully now." Jace Grace, one of the best cops in the Precinct, said wistfully. The rest of his squad couldn't help but roll their eyes or chuckle. Jace was definitely the Heart of the group, but if he was the Heart; then Captain Auburn Quill And Elena Schumer were the Brains, and Sergeant Micheal Jeffords and Harper Diáz were the Brawn. And then there was Kyle Harrison. Let's leave it at that.

"Who's up for beers?" Harper asks, her usually-unsmiling face twitching, the only sign of amusement on her whole body. She had a Don't-Care attitude and is the type of person to start a brawl for the fun of it, even though she was a cop. The group was alight with a chorus of 'Hell Yeah's and cheers.

. . .

Halfway through his second cup of beer, Jace—being a little drunk—picks up his ringing phone, not checking the Caller ID.

"Wassup?" He says, words slightly slurred.

"Jace Grace, we are coming for you." A distorted voice says from the other end. It was as if they'd put their voice in those Voice-Changers that make your voice indiscernible, raspy and deep. "Figgis sends his salutations."

Jace's eyes widen fractionally, and he hears the resolute BEEP of the phone, signaling that the speaker had hung up.

"Erm, guys..?" He no longer slurred, sobered by the call. Everyone turned their head towards Jace, the urgency of his voice causing him to raise their brows. "We have a sitch..."