28 28. Andy(||)

"Hey mom.. I'm back.. "

"Welcome home baby.. How was your day? " I just love when mom does this. She truly is a blessing. No matter what, no place will feel like home without her to me..

"It was wonderful mom. I got myself a capable and trusty healer and there's a high chance that I will even be able to employ a law wizard and a bodyguard."

"so it seems your meeting with Andromeda was a success. Sirius used to talk about her sometimes. We even visited them once with him. But I couldn't be sure if everything is really the same so I did not say anything out of this concern."

"It's okay mom, I know you did what was right... She might call me to their home in a few hours for the unbreakable vow and the contract."

"Good.. You should get it done as soon as possible. I'm happy that you are being prepared for every kind of situation. I wish James had been like you at these moments, then you would not have suffered for the last 10 years."

"Don't worry mom. I know Dad loved us. He died protecting what he loved and that was how he was. Proud, Strong, Brave but also brash.. I do not hold anything against him.. And I can't be thankful enough for you being with me even after all that."

"Thanks Harry.. It helps that you are so understanding and mature.. I'm very proud of you.. I hope Sirius will also be saved soon. I feel guilty to have involved him in all this mess. He has suffered greatly because of us.." She said sadly remembering her old friends.

"Don't mom.. You could not have done anything to help him as you yourself have been suffering all this time. You know how he is, as loyal as his animagus form. And I will save him as soon as possible.."

"Don't stress yourself too much Harry. I know you are very capable and I also want Sirius to be saved, but for me you are the most important and you are also just a human in the end.-"

'No mom.. I'm not just a human, I'm a human with a system.' I thought in my head as mom continued.

"-Anyway, I have already finalised the details of the ritual and I think you would want to reconsider things."

"Oh, Why are you saying this mom.. What will be its effects?" I asked curiously as I'm thinking about improving the ritual with my new and better understanding of rituals.

"This ritual will mainly improve your looks and voice but it will just be a very little increase in your charms. So are you still ready to perform this ritual? " She asked as this ritual will not give me as much advantage as we had expected.

"If it is just this, then I really don't want to perform this ritual. Mom, would you be willing to dictate the whole process in detail. I want to record it in a notebook with the help of a dictation quill. After today's ritual my understanding of ritual has increased many folds and I want to see if I can improvise it somehow." She agreed to my request easily, already aware of my monstrous talent(in her words.)

While mom was busy dictating the ritual, I made another trip to vault no. 9. Gathering the books and notes on space bags. It not only included the knowledge on undetectable extension charm but also had some intricate knowledge of space magic. It was very little but that still showed how much goblins have researched about this. After all not everyone has Alfred's talent.

I started reading all the books completely and not just the front page as with my reading speed it was not a tall task to finish reading them quickly. In terms of reading speed, I was not much behind the world record holder from my first life. I did not remember his name but remembered that he could read 25000 words per minute. This knowledge had sparked a reading competition among me and my friends.

While I was gaining knowledge, insights and enlightenment with the speed that was just unreal, Alfred, whom I had sent to keep an eye on Andromeda, reminded me that Tonks had just finished dinner and Andromeda was trying to breach the subject.

Stopping myself reluctantly, as it is very addicting to have continuous gains, I went to the front of Tonks' house and knocked the door loudly.

"Hello.. I am here to meet Mrs. Tonks." The one to open the door was Nymphadora Tonks. I do feel that Andy and Ted were taking some kind of advance revenge from her by naming her like this.

"Please wait a minute while I confirm with her. What did you say your name is? " I quite liked how cautiously she was behaving around some strange kid knocking on her doors.

"No problem. Please tell her that her employer is here." I said lightly.

"What?.. Okay.. Please wait." My words stunned her briefly but she quickly composed herself and started walking inside..

"Ouch"... I'm fine.. I'm fine.." only to trip midway before quickly running off embarrassedly.

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