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In the early morning when the sky was slightly bright.

Douluo Continent,

Southwestern Heaven Dou Empire,

Fasinuo province

Outside the Douluo Continent's Holy Spirit Village, Ye Zhiqiu was lying on a boulder, seemingly relaxed and content.

But in his smart eyes, there was a seriousness that he shouldn't have at his age. All of this was only because this small body of only six years old actually contained the soul of an adult of the 21st century.

Yes, Ye Zhiqiu was from another world. In fact, he would prefer to be in his previous world. In his last life, although Ye Zhiqiu's parents divorced, his small life was very comfortable. Except for a few days at the end of the month when he was out of money, Ye Zhiqiu was still very satisfied with his life the rest of the time.

However, God seemed to have made a big joke with him. He just finished watching Naruto and Douluo Dalu anime after three days and three nights at home and died suddenly.

It was only three days and three nights, this kind of trivial matter was just commonplace for Ye Zhiqiu. But, death was such a sudden thing, which often caught people off guard.

In this familiar and unfamiliar Douluo Continent, Ye Zhiqiu had spent six years. He was accustomed to a life of fine clothes and good food, and at first, he was very uncomfortable.

After six years have passed, he had gradually gotten used to this simple and plain life. After all, people would adapt.

After six years of precipitation, Ye Zhiqiu had already seen a lot of things. But one thing was Ye Zhiqiu's eternal pain.

In Douluo Continent, only the strong have the right to speak.

And his parents in this life, his mother's spirit was a scythe for cutting grass, and his father's spirit was a hoe for farming. You need to know that spirit/martial soul was likely to be inherited.

Ye Zhiqiu didn't think he would be an exception, he was very likely to inherit his father's hoe spirit.

Therefore, Ye Zhiqiu feels confused and worried about his future every day.

Was he going to inherit the land from his parents honestly?

No, he would not give up!

Now that he had come to such a wonderful world of Douluo Continent, Ye Zhiqiu naturally wants to live a good life. He was unwilling to live a farming life every day. Work at sunrise, and rest at sunset. It sounds wonderful, but that was not what Ye Zhiqiu is yearning for.

He wanted to leave his mark in this world.

And the premise of all of this was that he could awaken the martial soul and possess soul power.

In the Douluo Continent, only people with awakened spirits and with spirit power could cultivate and become spirit masters. Otherwise, even if you had awakened a powerful martial spirit, but were born with zero spirit power, you also have no qualifications for cultivation.

In the past six years, Ye Zhiqiu had also tried Tang San's idea in the village, and wanted him to teach him Mysterious Heaven Skill. But this kid Tang San was really clever. He was tight-lipped, saying that he was just an ordinary person, and that he could jump a few meters high because of his daily exercise.

Such a reply from Tang San made Ye Zhiqiu unable to start, and his plan to learn Mysterious Heaven skill was directly aborted.

" I heard the village chief Jack saying that the martial spirit awakening would begin the day after tomorrow, what should I do..."

Ye Zhiqiu scratched his scalp tangledly, his neat long black hair turned into tangled mess in the blink of an eye.

While Ye Zhiqiu was burying his head in trouble, a small figure suddenly sprang out under the hill in the distance.

He had short black hair that was simple and natural, and his face was childish and calm. His dress was ordinary, and a few patches could be occasionally seen on the clothes, but they were still very clean.

After he looked around for a while, his toes tapped the ground, and the young body shot up several meters high.

When he was about to fall on the ground, his feet gently applied force on the other protruding boulders, and once again leaped out. Between the rocks, the figure moved flexibly, and he could jump several meters with very little effort.

This small figure came to Ye Zhiqiu's side in a short while, and fell silent.

"Zhiqiu,are you here again today?"

Tang San, who came back from practicing the purple demon eye, saw Ye Zhiqiu's familiar figure at the entrance of the village as usual so he came to say hello.

It's just that this neighbor of his was always calm and composed, so what seems to be on his mind today?

Ye Zhiqiu was frightened by Tang San's sudden voice and raised his head slowly.

Seeing that it was Tang San, Ye Zhiqiu sighed helplessly: "Little San,you have grown up again with this magical ability..."

Tang San smiled embarrassingly but does not answer.

"What do you have to worry about today? Aren't you comfortable at ordinary times?" Tang San asked

Ye Zhiqiu rolled his eyes, it was normal. Now it was the turning point in his life, he was panicked.

"Little San, the day after tomorrow is Martial Spirit awakening. If I have no spirit power to be able to cultivate than you must take me under you and help me."

Ye Zhiqiu looked at Tang San, his eyes full of sincerity. He was not kidding, he really thought so.

'If you can't practice, then hug Tang San legs' this was his motto.

After hearing what Ye Zhiqiu said, Tang San was stunned. Ye Zhiqiu often said something he didn't understand, and he didn't know where he learned it. But looking at Ye Zhiqiu's sincere expression, Tang San was not able to refuse him.

"Although I don't know what you are talking about, I agree to such a trivial matter."

Tang San responded readily.

The two were neighbors. They live next door. They grew up together, knowing each other. In the village, Ye Zhiqiu was Tang San's only friend. The other kids were too naive and stupid. Not only Tang San didn't want to care about them, Ye Zhiqiu also didn't want to care about them.

Both of them were equally mature, and with Ye Zhiqiu's deliberate approach, they naturally played together, and the relationship between them was good. If weren't for Tang Sect's top secret, Tang San would have passed Mysterious Heaven Skill to Ye Zhiqiu a few years ago.

After all, Ye Zhiqiu always find him to teach his skills.

Ye Zhiqiu put a cute smile on his slightly childish little face again after seeing Tang San respond.

"Then it's a deal!"


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