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In Douluo Dalu with the Naruto System


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When he woke up, Ye Zhiqiu’s find himself in Douluo Dalu world and he became Tang San’s neighbor and a young boy. Ye Zhiqiu, who had originally thought that he could only hug Tang’s legs tightly, awakened his main martial arts spirit at the age of six, followed by the Naruto System. Since then, he has gone farther and farther on the road of greatness. You can support me on pateron - https://www.patreon.com/EdwardElite ---------------------------------------------------- Original Author - Do Not Envy The King Raw Link - https://www.uukanshu.com/b/139213/ This book is originally a Chinese novel but I am translating it here. I will also remove many things from the original work and modify the story at some points so as to improve the quality of the story. As you know many Chinese novel have some very cringy parts as well as some young master stuff, I will remove it along with improving the character of our MC so he does not become a typical beta. ---------------------------------------------------- Also the fan fiction is complete so you don't have to worry about the story not being completed. Someone has tried to translate it before me but it was not much good. Just a copy paste from MTL and he also dropped in middle, but I will try to complete it. You can correct me if u find any mistakes in the novel. You can also suggest me some points u want to see in the novel. ---------------------------------------------------- I am trying to stockpile a lot of chapters so starting releases will be slow and chapters will be divided into two but after some time I will upload regularly and full size chapters. You can support me on pateron - https://www.patreon.com/EdwardElite


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