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The Siege 3

This chapter has around 6.5K words, this is not counting all of the side things I added, such as this text and the notes.

If we count them I think this chapter goes beyond 8K words...

And also, if you are up for some theory crafting, hop by the Notes to see some explanations and speculations.

It's purely speculative and its purpose is to give a little bit of insight into my thought process, but it doesn't mean I fully abide by that when I do my fights, it's more of a... Approximation really, since power in Danmachi is not really precise.

So in the end, that is mostly to give you an idea, its not in any means meant to limit your thought process... Not by much at least.

I mean, lets pick 3 people. All of them are Level 2.

The first has a stat total of 10000 the second one has a stat total of 11000 and the last one has 12000.

Normally you would believe the third one to be stronger, but that may not be the case.

Since the stat allocation is also very important.

You may have a lot of strength but it's useless against someone you can't really see.

Or you may be fast but it's useless if someone casts a wide range magic from which you can't escape from.

Technique and experience are also key to success, even your race may impact this.

A Pallum has a lot of disadvantages when fighting a Boars... One has an average height of 110Cm while the other has an average height of 200Cm...

It's quite lengthy, being almost 2K words long... Sheesh.

If you are up for it, see what you think!





Cough! Cough!

Excuse me, before we start, have any of you seen a small piece of armor?

I've seen to have dropped the mc's /plot armor/ somewhere in this chapter...

If any of you find it, be sure to tell me!





'The battle between Silver and the burly man was intense.'

'His combat style was pretty simple, he didn't seem to have any activation type Skills, much less magic in his arsenal. Magic is pretty rare after all.'

'Less than 0.1% of adventurers have some kind of magic... Much less 2 or the limit of 3 magics.'

'The burly man fighting style consisted of only swinging his sword... Again and again…'

'A muscle head/Tank you could say...'

'And this made it much easier for Silver, whose combat proficiency was much higher than his…'


'Silver parried the downward slash of the man as he pointed towards the ground.'

'The ground started to turn into mud as a pressured water stream suddenly shot out from a thin crack, shooting up.'

'But the man did not evade, swinging his sword as he stepped to the side.'

'His armor flashed, canceling the effect of the water.'

"Is that all adventurer Silver?!" He screamed as he swung his sword


Damn magic resistance… Every fucking piece of his is enchanted with something like that…


'Silver continued to fight him, but he noticed his free time created by the previous chaos was finally ending.'


I have to end this before those other Level 3's arrive.

'His hand started to vibrate at high speeds as dark energy danced around his fingers...'

'Behind Silver, the figure of a large armored goat head appeared.'

"What is it this time?!" Said the burly man as he took a step back

'But he was too slow…'

'Silver was propelled forward with an immense speed and within half a second, he arrived in front of the man and punched his face.'



'With the sound of his nose breaking, the man was sent flying into the sky!'


'Silver did not wait as he immediately drank another potion.'

'And immediately after that, he jumped into the sky!'



Where am I?

'The burly man recovered his wits after a few seconds of being unconscious.'

I... Was punched?

And then...

'He finally realized what had happened.'

"My body... Why do I feel so... Light?"

'He looked below him to see...'

'The Fort!'

'It was as small as his hand!'

"... Wh... What?"

Ho-How high up am I?!

"Did you finally wake up?" Asked Silver on the side


'He looked to the side to see Silver sitting on a translucent chair as he floated near him.'

'He was completely unfazed by the height.'


"I will be brief." Said Silver as he moved his hands

'He pointed towards the ground.'

"We are currently around a Km above the ground."

'The man started to sweat.'

"I don't like you, and you don't like me, what you said and did to me last time really pissed me off, so let's resolve this the old way..."

'He couldn't see it due to the helmet, but Silver was smiling.'

"LET'S BET!" Said Silver as he opened his arms wide

"If you survive this fall, I will forget about everything you said to me and did to me!"

"If you don't, well, you lose, forever."

"Wait..." Said the man


"I won't accept a no. Good luck!" Said Silver as he snapped his fingers and the guy started to fall


"AHHHHH!" He said as he fell

'Silver looked at the man falling. He got up from his chair and took a step forward, falling after the man.'


'The Gods at the top of Babel had mixed expressions as they observed this action.'

'It was certainly something they had never seen before, and that was already something to be praised...'

'Some smiled in expectation while others covered their faces as they waited for the gruesome end of the other adventurer.'

'On the other hand, some Gods started to think about ways to counter such abilities, after all, flight is a rather rare, and also, a very problematic ability.'

'And this isn't just any flight, but it's a type of flight that allows its caster to fly very, very high up...'

'Although height isn't really a problem for high-Level adventurers, it's still a rather thrilling experience for most adventurers... Since their bodies aren't strong enough to prevent them from turning into mush.'



'The man screamed as he fell, watching the ground quickly approaching...'

"Did you know that a Human takes 12 seconds to reach terminal Velocity during a free-fall?" Asked Silver as he appeared on the guy's side

"PLEASE!! HELP ME!!" He said as he cried

"... And that normally, it would take around 20 seconds for you to reach the ground?" Said the knight as he scratched his chin

"I AM SORRY! PLEASE!! JUST STOP THIS!! AHHHH!" Screamed the man as he saw the Fort taking over his vision

"Although I wonder how long it would take for you, someone heavily armored to hit the ground? How about we start thinking together? You have a sword, chest piece..." Said Silver as he started to count with his fingers

'The guy watched as the ground quickly approached and he couldn't help but look at the armored knight falling next to him as well.'

'But he couldn't muster any more strength to speak...'

'The moment the guy was about to hit the ground, he suddenly stopped a few centimeters above the ground.'

"What?..." He said in confusion

Did I...


'Silver deactivated his telekineses and fell right on top of the man... Steeping right on top of his head, making it dug deep into the ground.'

'The man did not move after that.'

"If you survive this, consider ourselves done." Said Silver as he left

Although... I doubt that you survived, I did kick his head with a lot of strength...

I felt as if I had broke something there...

'Silver looked at his feet but he couldn't differ the blood from the dirt so he just shrugged and continued on his way.'

'The reasons why Silver didn't kill the man immediately were extensive, but it could be shortened to the fact that there were many people watching.'

'You may say that people wouldn't mind, since Silver isn't in a position where he can just spare someone.'

'But that's not how society works.'

'Even if they don't have the right to blame him, as time passes, people will blame him.'

'Be it the families of those his killed or their friends, from one person it transforms to 10 and so on.'

'He might not care about the city's opinions of him, but he doesn't represent himself anymore, nor would it be pleasant to live in a place that wants you to leave.'

'So it was best to just act cool and leave.'


"That was..." Said Lefiya with her pale face

"SUPER COOL!" Screamed Tiona

"NO!" Said Lefiya as Riveria gave her tea to drink to calm her down

That was pure brutality!


'Finn grimaced, not because of the violence, but due to the face the amazon was doing right now...'

'It was oddly similar to something he was already used to...'

'He did a silent prayer to the knight.'


"... Acting cool huh." Said Loiju as he watched the scene, a thin smile on his face

"Heh... I taught him well..." He bragged to the other workers around him


'But he silently sighed in relief soon after.'

For a moment I thought he was going to just let the guy fall to his death... That would be too much for me damn...

And how does he know how long it takes for a Human to reach terminal velocity?

'Loiju wasn't versed in physics, but he knew a few of the terms.'


'The few of the Guild workers glanced at Loiju and couldn't help but sweat a little.'


"... Show off." Said Ryuu as she watched the knight clearly putting on an effort to look cool

"At this point, I wonder if this is even a War game, Nya." Said Chloe as she looked at Syr


'But Syr was still looking with a serious face.'


"HUAAA!" Screamed Hyakinthos as he lifted a rock above him

"Haaa… Huff… Huff…"

'After being buried for several minutes, Hyakinthos finally managed to free himself from the rubble.'

'It only took a lot of his stamina…'


'He soon heard the rocks near him tremble, and he went to help.'

"Arg… Thank you, Captain." Said the man

'But Hyakinthos did not reply to him, instead, he looked at the rubble and the chaos around him.'

"What a fucking disgrace." He said as he frowned angrily

"How did it get to this? How did the enemy invade our defenses and how did he collapse the tower?!" He screamed loudly

What sort of magic did he cast, and why did no one stop him?!

I knew he breached our defenses, but what are the others doing?!

'But he didn't know Silver had long eliminated everyone else...'

"Ma-Magic?" Said the adventurer on the ground


'Hyakinthos slapped the adventurer.'

"This is not the time for your pathetic jokes!"

"Where the fuck is everybody?!"

"Th-They must be in the ruble…" Said the slapped adventurer

'Hyakinthos clenched his fists in anger and said:'

"... SO BE IT!"


'He grasped his sword and made his way out of the ruble…'

'Once he stepped out of the remains of the tower, he found himself in an area filled with the unconscious bodies of his Familia companions.'


'As his face contorted in anger.'

"Bunch of trash. Can't even hold out against a single opponent!" He said as he looked around


'Sitting on a chair in the side under the shade, was Silver.'

"Took you long enough, you know how hot it is inside the armor?" He said as he relaxed on the chair under the shade

"You… You even dare to look down on me?!" He said as he clenched his hands

"I could say the same to you. Look around you, this is the result of your pathetic command... All because you underestimated me."

'Hyakinthos knew he was telling the truth, but he didn't want to believe it... Or perhaps, he was so confident of himself that he simply can't connect the dots.'

'Whatever it may be, it doesn't matter.'

'Nevertheless. this entire scene looked rather comical when you considered the fact they were several dozen meters apart from each other...'

"Face me!" He said as he ran towards Silver

"I was planning on doing just that…" Said Silver as he got up from the chair

'Silver slowly got out of the shade with his spear in hands while Hyakinthos charged...'

'Hyakinthos ran several dozen meters in an instant, if you blinked you would've missed him!'

"HAAA!" He said as he approached Silver

'But just when Hyakinthos lifted his hand to strike… A rope appeared on the ground!'



'Hyakinthos fell face-first eating dirt, sliding the rest of the way towards Silver.'

'He ignored the dirt that entered his mouth and looked up towards his enemy in a hurry.'

'Only to see a metallic white foot…'


'Hyakinthos was knocked out, with several of his teeth now on the ground.'


"...Hyakinthos..." Said Apollo as he watched the pitiful scene

"Is that you captain Apollo? Did he even do something in this entire game?" Said Loki


'Apolo's face was red, it was unknown what he was thinking about.'


"How cute. I didn't expect him to fall for such simple tricks…" Said Silver as he chuckled

'Silver started to laugh.'

Why would I show myself so easily to my enemy? Of course, it was to attract his attention.

A simple trap that could've been evaded had he thought for even a little moment.

To make use of an already enraged and arrogant opponent and make him do some very irrational decisions...

Like, come on, he just rushed at me in a straight line...

"Now there is only one left…"

/Step step…/

'As Silver said that, he heard footsteps coming from the smoke.'

"Talk of the Devil…"

"... You really did short work of the Apollo Familia." Said the warrior as he lifted his ax and rested it on his shoulders

"And yours is next." Said Silver as he turned around to face the man

'But the man only smiled and shrugged his shoulders.'

"No… There won't be a need for that." He said


'He placed his ax on the ground while he held its hilt.'

"All important members of the Apollo Familia have been defeated, some are even heavily injured... If they are alive or not is already a question, much less if they will be able to continue adventuring after today..." Said the man in a heavy tone

"I talked with the rest of them and they agree with me…"

"There is no more need for needless bloodshed."

"As the Captain of the Tityos Familia… I surrender." He said with a serious face


'Silver was extremely surprised, not only him but also, everyone that was watching the transmission!'


"NOOO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING VULTUS?!" Screamed Tityos as he got up from his feet

"Im-Impossible…" Said Apollo as he got up from his seat on a hurry

'The two Gods, one with an enraged expression and the other looking as if his soul had been sucked out of his body looked at the floating mirror in horror...'

'They couldn't believe what had just transpired... A series of unbelievable events that somehow ended up on their defeat...'

'Was that even possible? How could they lose?'

'That was what many thought at the moment.'

'But in the end, they saw with their own eyes as one single adventurer completely demolished their hopes and dreams.'

"... So it's over…" said Hestia as she got up from her seat

'Apollo didn't say anything as his face grew paler and paler as he realized what was about to happen.'

'With a pale face, he turned to Hestia and started to beg.'

"Haha… He-Hestia-Chan… It was a joke… Haha… Gotcha?... How about we… Forget about this for now?" Said Apollo as tried to suck up to Hestia

"COUGH! Yes! Hestia!... We were just playing around… How about we discuss this and..." Said Tityos

"SHUT UP! I HAD ENOUGH OF YOU TWO!!" Said the enraged Hestia

'Her hair was floating in the air, faint blue energy seemed to surround her...'

'She was so enraged that part of her Arcanum was being released!'

'The Gods seemed surprised to see the always carefree Goddess face grow red with anger.'

"Hestia..." Said a voice from the sky

'It was a heavy and old voice...'


'Silence took over when the voice echoed in the room, everyone shut up while some people opened their eyes in surprise.'

'Loki whistled in surprised, Hermes smiled as sweat dripped from his forehead, Artemis gazed at the loser due with anger...'

'Hestia soon recovered her wits and said:'

"You two said I could request anything right?" She said as her face turned black and an evil smile formed...


'Apollo and Tityos expressions couldn't be worse…'


'She pointed towards Apollo and said:'

"Everything you have! All of your property! Your Family is disbanded! You are banished for eternity! I don't want you to see your face in Orario ever again! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT! FOREVER!"

'Apollo fell on the stone ground and collapsed unconscious.'


"I hope you liked the mortal world because you are never going to see it again! LEAVE IT!"

"NOOO!" Screamed Tityos as he tried to run away

'But the adventurers around him stopped him... Although, their faces weren't really that pleasant as they didn't feel comfortable holding a God like that...'

"Hum..." Contemplated Hermes as he watched the transmission

'After thinking for a few moments, he decided to maintain the transmission as it seemed the situation was far from over.'

As long as Ouranos doesn't ask me to stop it's fine...

So... Will you show me something even more incredible?


/Back at the destroyed fort.../

"... Why do this? You still have a chance." Said Silver in confusion

"Heh… A chance you say."

"Yeah, we definitely have a chance… But I wonder how many will die for that." He said as he pointed at the hurt people on the side

"You can't afford to lose, and if we push you too much, you are sure to start using some… More deadlier means... There are still 4 days after all."

"Our supplies are destroyed and we only have some crumbs left..."

"By the time 4 days pass, 90% of our remaining forces would be barely able to even lift their weapons, I myself am not confident of being able to put up a fight. So instead of wasting time like that, let's just end it."

"Not to say their injuries..."

"After all... Would you hesitate to kill?" Asked Vultus in a solemn tone

"... No." Replied Silver

I would be lying if I said I didn't care about killing more people. I know it may seem hypocritical when some people may have already died due to my actions today... Because it is.

However, I want to believe the fact that my morality and personality aren't so corrupted to the point I put Human lives on the same level as monster lives.

I can't kill a person the same way I butcher a Goblin... If I was capable of such emotionless killing I would be more a monster than some of the monsters themselves...

This is different from the Xenos though...

But compared to the rest of my life, I can't allow myself to be defeated here...

The people I spared so far were mostly due to me wanting to look good.

And in a sense, these people are just like me, they have a life and a family. They don't deserve to die here like this, in a War game for the entertainment of their God... Most of them at least.

'The man looked at Silver as he contemplated in silence and let out a silent sigh.'

"That's right." He said


'Vultus looked at the people on the ground, some were unconscious, others were nursing their injuries.'

"When I first saw you, I couldn't help but hate you for attacking our house. The very thing I worked all of my life to build."

"After all, you came unannounced, destroyed a lot of our property, and even gave me a small 'beating'..."


When you put it like that it seems as if I am some sort of villain...

"But as time passed and I learned more about your conditions, I couldn't help but see myself as the villain. And that was when I started to respect you."

'He smiled and said:'

"However... There is one thing I would like to request..." He said as he looked towards the distant figure of Babel

"When Tityos first came down, he was nothing more than a sad and depressed man, someone who had been rejected and came to the lower world as a means to forget and go on with his life."

"He took me up, an orphan, and took care of me as a child... Even if that was only a means for him to avert his attention for the pain in his heart."


Such stories aren't uncommon, in fact, most Familias start like that, with a God taking care of a child until he grows up to lead their Familia.

"That's why… I can't live on seeing him commit such a mistake and be seen as an immoral God for thousands of years to come."

"Instead of seeing my fat... God, become such a bastard, I would prefer to send him back to heaven so he can cool off. Even if that means I can never see him again." He said as he ripped out the Tityos Familia emblem from his sleeve

"I won't say sorry for the past events, regretting them won't change a thing.." He said as he lifted his ax

"I am not a righteous man, but I have my honor."

"It might sound absurd but I would like to challenge you." He said

"No matter what, you still killed my companions, destroyed my house and my Familia. Even if I already accepted that I would like to have one last fight to settle our differences."

'He lifted his ax and pointed it towards Silver.'

"Let's have a fight and put our differences to the side!" He said loudly



"... When I first met you, I thought you were a muscle brain. And it seems I was right." Said Silver as smoke started to cover him

'Soon enough, the smoke dispersed, revealing Silver without his armor.'

'He moved his arms around and stretched.'

Sure enough, I fell much better without my armor.

I don't need to act cool anymore, I am sure everyone already realized who I am...

"Since you challenged me I hope you go all out, old man."

'Vultus smiled.'

"I am only 30 though." He mumbled to himself

"I accept this fight!" Said Silver

"Good!" Replied Vultus as he dashed, not caring if the enemy had armor or not


This guy!

It's different!

'Silver smiled as he felt the thrill and pressure of facing a truly strong opponent.'

'Someone who knows how to fight! And to put his life on the line to improve!'


'From the sky, a dark line suddenly crashed into the ground.'

'It was a dark metallic weapon... A Halberd.'

'The halberd was one head taller than Silver.'

'Its body was fully black all the way to the top.'

'The Halberd had a rather simplistic look… Until you looked at the blade at the top.'

'Multiple blue runes filled the blades, the shinned in a soothing blue, flickering as if alive.'


'Silver picked the Halberd and slashed it downward, intercepting the charging warrior!'

'The impact created a small crater below them!'


'Hephaestus looked at the scene and couldn't help but sigh.'

'When she heard of the War game against Tityos she resolved herself to help Hestia and Silver by reforging his armor.'

'She felt that was all she could do considering the situation and her position...'

'However, she changed it and decided to make a suitable weapon rather than armor since she found that to be more crucial at the moment.'

'In the end, they were challenged by Apollo and the time was set.'

'This only put more pressure on her as she worried about it ... And in the end, due to her small friend, she worked really hard.'

'Thankfully, she had enough time to finish the Halberd. But only the Halberd.'

'She, unfortunately, lost her chance to make a gift...'

But now that I think about it… I might've put too much effort into it…

'Hephaestus always does her best, but to an acceptable degree otherwise, she would succumb to the pressure of her many works... And that of the people.'

'But in this request, she really did put way more than she should…'

I don't even know how much I should ask for it…

'But nevertheless, she enjoyed seeing her work being wielded by its rightful owner…'



'It has been 1 minute, Silver and Vultus could be seen in the ruined fort, fighting against each other.'

'The fight seemed evenly matched, however, that was only an illusion... It was clear for many that Vultus was considerably stronger than Silver.'

'Not considerably, but much stronger...'

'Silver had managed to last due to his precise movements and good application of his strange magic... But how much Mind does he have?'

'This is not a true fight, but more of a spar, and hence, Silver has not taken any potions since the beginning...'

'Why? Perhaps because of his pride and honor?'


'The ground bellow Vultus suddenly shifted, making him fall.'


'Silver took this chance to punch the fallen Vultus! His arms glowing red as he did so!'


'Vultus blocked with his large ax, but this wasn't enough for Silver.'


'Silver punched again! Not giving him any room to breathe.'


'The ground beneath Vultus started to show signs of breaking as large cracks started to form with Vultus as the center.'


'With a flurry of 5 more blows, Silver continued to pummel Vultus ax!'

"ARG!" Said Vultus as he felt the force of the impact


'Vultus kicked Silver away, getting up from the ground as he moved his hand vertically...'



'Vultus cut down with his ax, forcing Silver to evade to the side!'


'His ax hit the ground, cleaving a 5 Meter pit in the rocky ground.'

'Silver took this chance to cut his waist by spinning his Halberd horizontally, but the man easily evaded it.'

"HA!" Said Silver as he created an airwave and pushed the man far from him

"Huff… You are good." Said Vultus as he cracked his neck

"You too." Said Silver as water started to form around his hand

'But it soon stopped, reverting back to normal.'

I need to preserve energy... I can't use flash moves.

This guy... This is what a Level 3 should look like.

Sigh... Should I be thankful he accepted defeat instead of fighting me for real?

I don't think I would have a chance against him in a normal circumstance...

"... Your magic is really unique…" Said Vultus as he looked at Silver

"And you are also pretty strong and skilled, allow me to compliment you on that." He said

"But you aren't the only one that has it!"

'He breathed in and said:'

"Bellum!!" He screamed

'A thick airwave, like those of an explosion, seemed to form around him, it clashed with his surroundings, sending dust and debris flying.'

'Hie entire skin started to get a purple coloration…'

'He looked at the young man in front of him, the boy stayed firm on the ground even when the airwaves hit him.'

'With a smile on his face, he faced Vultus.'

Quick cast magic? For a brute, he has quite some surprises...

'Seeing his pure excitement, Vultus smiled and decided:'

I will go all out... Show me how long you can last...

"Clamor!!" He screamed once again, making the earth around him tremble

'His body became fully purple as his muscles trembled.'


'He didn't say anything as his feet dug into the ground, his speed so fast that even Silver could barely perceive it!'


'The man swung his ax sideways, Silver barely blocked it, but the impact sent him flying.'


'Silver passed through the stone wall of the fort, falling on the other side.'


'It seemed Vultus won…'


'But Silver reappeared behind Vultus with his teleportation!'

'His arms were bleeding and they seemed rather hurt, but this didn't stop him from swinging his Halberd!'


'Vultus completely blocked the strike, and while Silver was awkwardly trying to recover his posture, he punched his guts!'



'Silver vomited blood and other things as he was sent flying once again.'

'But midway through his flight, he closed his mouth as he smiled maniacally.'


"Huff… Huff…"

Is it over?


'However, this time, a water tentacle appeared from the rubble where Silver crashed, lifting several large stone blocks.'

'And from within, a bloodied Silver appeared.'

'His left arm had several holes where the water tentacles seemed to be coming from.'

"Go!" He said as he pointed forward

'The water tentacles shot forward while some threw the stone blocks at Vultus.'

"Ha!" Said Vultus as he cut a stone block in half


'Vultus punched to the side, destroying a water tentacle.'

'Silver observed Vultus attack the tentacles with a smile.'

'Ice started to form in his hand…'


'Vultus finally destroyed the last water pillar. He looked around to look for his enemy.'

"That is… Shit." He said as the ground below him turned into ice

'For a split second, Vutus lost his balance...'



"HAAA!" Screamed Silver as he punched Vultur in the guts!

'It was too fast. The impact was so great that it caused a loud bang in the area, making some of the Level 1 adventurers around them dizzy.'

'But what happened?'

'Let's roll a few seconds before when Silver successfully managed to freeze the entire ground.'

'His left hand started to create a white aura as a chaotic wind formed around it while his right hand slowly started to disintegrate showing his bones.'

'His exposed hand-bones slowly turned dark, getting a metallic sheen.'

'His entire body seemed to be changing as even the veins on his neck started to pop out.'

'Suddenly, he stepped on the ground, cracking the thin ice on it as he continued to speed up.'

'Vultus didn't have time to evade nor break the ground, so he stayed put and prepared to receive the punch.'

'The metallic bones crashed against Vultus sending him flying.'


"Huff huff… Cough!"

'Silver spat out a bit of blood as he looked and waited for his enemy to resurface.'

This is… Fucking hard.

A Veteran Level 3 opponent… And not only that, he is skilled.

And he used a strengthening ability right off the bat…

I don't have a chance... Hehe… Looks like I will be beaten live for everyone to see…

'Silver looked at the sky, his bloodied and tired face could now be seen in 8K... I mean...'

Unless... I hold off until the side effects of his Skill start... Can I even last until then?

'He used the remaining rags of his shirt to wipe the blood off his face, throwing it to the ground after that.'

But I will put on a fight!

'Silver knew he couldn't defeat this opponent. He was faster and stronger than him.'

'But he was willing to fight till the end if that meant proving his point.'

'That he would never retreat.'

'And as expected, his enemy appeared from the hole in the wall.'

'He was smiling…'



'Vultus charged with unstoppable momentum. His feet breaking the rocky ground as he rushed forward.'


'Vultus punched Silver in the face, but Silver did not allow himself to receive a beating as he sent an ice spike at Vultus' leg.'



'Silver was once again sent flying, while Vultus removed the ice shard on his leg.'

'But when he thought it was over, Silver once again got out of the hole…'

'He looked worse than before…'

'His nose was clearly broken, blood seemed to fall like a small river from his face.'

'But he still looked forward.'

'He raised his hands as he made his way to Vultus!'




'It was unknown when, but Silver and Vultus had long since dropped their weapons, focusing more on a hand-to-hand fight.'

'Silver showed his martial prowess as he evaded multiple blows of Vultus while Vultus showed his raw strength by sending Silver flying every time he hit him.'

'But every time it seemed Silver had fallen, he would get up and walk again to fight Vultus while smiling.'

'He was having a lot of fun!... Or at least, that was at his bloody smile seemed to indicate.'

'This might be the first time in his life that Silver fought so desperately against a Human opponent, at this point, his grandfather would stop and tell him to rest...'

'Even though this is a spar, it is by no means not a real fight!'

'A fight down to the earth where the opponents just punched each other.'


'Silver was once again sent towards the ruble…'

"HUFFF HUFF…" Exhaled the Vultus

He is… He has a fucking lot of stamina... Or I am truly old?

His injuries heal considerably fast and he seems to be getting stronger?

Does he have a Skill similar to Berserker? Where someone gets stronger the more hit they are?

A masochist?... He was certainly smiling...

Although he is clearly getting tired... If he truly has such a Skill... If he was given a potion right now... How stronger would he be from when we started the fight?

'Vultus grimaced.'

… And my Skill is also…

'His skin was slowly coming back to its normal color.'

He won't get up again, will he?


'A small rock started to tremble as Silver once again got out from the rubble.'


'Silver exhaled a little, but he soon got up.'

'His legs were trembling, but with each step he took, he got steadier and steadier…'

"... Let's end this for today. Consider it a draw…" Said Vultus as he saw Silver's beaten state

There is no need to go any further than this, your point has been proven kid.

I am afraid that if I send you flying again you will truly die...

"No way." Said Silver with a steady voice

"There is no need to act tough in here boy." Said Vultus

"... Even if I am on the verge of Mind down and my body is falling apart, I will continue to fight." Said Silver

"You gave me this adventure, so make sure to take responsibility for what I am about to do!" He said as he pointed at Vultus as he smiled

This is going to cause me a headache later...


'The plaza started to shake as small rocks started to float…'

"FIGHT ME TO THE END!" Screamed Silver as green energy started to envelop his body



'The rocks continued to fly and crash in the sky as it seemed as if the world was collapsing.'

'The berserk energy started to rip out the environment, and even his already trashed shorts weren't immune to this.'

'At least it didn't fly off...'

'It even seemed to be tearing his body apart as the green energy could be seen leaving his wounds and opening some closed injuries.'

'In this state, Silver gazed at Vultus as smiled. His eyes glowing with the strange overflowing green energy.'


Crazy man… No, he is a fucking maniac.

An adventure huh...

I am sure he is running on fumes. Even though he tried to fight mostly with his body, he already used a lot of magic...

He isn't even afraid of Mind down or side effects…

But I…

'Seeing his opponent's motivation, Vultus couldn't help but clench his fists.'

'Vultus was also relatively tired, he was nowhere near the same level of physical strength as he had at the start.'

'When his opponent used magic, so did he.'

'When he saw his opponent dropping his weapon, he did the same.'

'When he punched he also punched…'

'In a sense, Vultus wasn't being serious, but on another note, he did not hold back when he punched.'

'But Vultus can't keep going like his enemy… Although said enemy seems to be on the verge of dropping dead.'

'Vultus got the fight he wanted, more than what he wanted in fact.'

'As he looked at the horrifying scene of the stone rocks floating into the sky and the green aura surrounding Silver, he took a step forward.'

It's time to end this... Before you kill yourself.

Let me stop you.

'Vultus slowly walked in Silver direction.'

'The two got closer and closer until…'

'Vultus punched!'

'And so did Silver!'



'Their fists collide, one filled with physical strength and the other filled with the green chaotic aura.'

'Vultus didn't move from his place while Silver was sent flying several meters away.'

'His right arm was clearly broken…'



'Silver got up again very slowly, beaten up and hurt, he looked at his opponent with unending motivation.'


'He stumbled on his way but Silver didn't fall down.'

'He clenched his broken right arm and with one more step, he punched Vultus in the face!'

'Vultus closed his eyes as he waited for the punch…'


'Silver punched Vultus in the face, but there was no more force behind it...'

'Vultus in surprise took a step back and watched…'

'After a few seconds, he seemed to sigh…'

'But his emotions and thoughts were his own…'

"He is just unconscious." Said Vultus as he cracked his neck and looked at the boy

"... It was a good fight." He said as he smiled

I will wait until our next fight.



'The floating rocks started to fall as the force that previously held them dissipated.'


What a strange sight.

He got some desperate in the end that he lost control of his own Magic?

That doesn't seem to be the case.

'Shacking his head, he turned around and went to sit on a rock nearby…'


'He felt his back snap! Loudly at that…'

"Fuck, my back hurts…"

No... Everything hurts.

... Am I getting too old for this?... I don't believe it.

'Vultus looked at the boy… The man standing in the plaza.'

'Unconscious, but still standing.'

'From his broken body, he saw resolution, one he had seen very few times throughout his life.'

... It's been so long since I became an adventurer...

I wonder when I lost that drive?

'On the rock, Vultus looked at the sky with a pensive and serious look.'

'But he soon smiled.'

'He still had a lot of energy to spare, even if his Skill had long stopped and its side effects were draining him… He could still raise his fists and continue the fight..'

'However, Vultus accepted the fact that it was his loss. That no matter what, a Level 2 pushed him to this state.'

"ha…haha…HAHAHAHA!" Laughed Vultus loudly

'The scene looked rather strange, an injured muscular man laughing on top of the ruins of a Fort...'

'At the very least, that was what most of the people watching thought…'

"Hey! How long are all of you going to watch! Chop chop! Get to work and start healing the people!" He exclaimed to his Familia companions

'He looked to the side, calling onto one of his Familia companions.'

'And soon, someone came with two small, red and blue, potions on his hands.'

'After giving a potion to Vultus, this same person made his way to Silver…'



'Suddenly, Vultus looked to the side to see Hyakinthos, he was still conscious!'

"SHIT!" He said as he got up from the rock and ran at him

"Stop this!" He said as he looked at the brilliant white ring floating above his hand

"It's our win!" Exclaimed Hyakinthos madly as he launched the ring at Silver

'Vultus looked at the ring of light as it made its way to Silver, threatening to cut him in half!'

'Not only him, but everyone in Orario did the same!'

"RUBERE!" Exclaimed Hyakinthos when the ring arrived in front of Silver


'The ring exploded right in front of Silver, engulfing him in flames…'




Hey guys! I found the plot armor!...

Wait... Shiiiiiiiit.

'Slowly walks away...'






In these fights, I used not only Plasmids but also Vigors. I hope I remembered to add the images.


As I said before, adding attributes to objects is different from enchanting.

One is done by blacksmithing and the other, I decided to tie it to Mystery.

So in this case, they would be considered magic items.


So, let's go to the important things:

What did I think when I wrote these guys as the enemies and why do I think things were rather appropriate?

Let's assume everyone has the same values for all stats to make things simpler. (Even though that's not the case by far.)

And we will only calculate based on a single stat, also for convenience. Or you can multiply everything by 5 and it would be the same.

First, let's see how strong is the mc, purely by stats ok?

Let's assume he got... 100 more stat points in his first week after becoming Level 2 ok?

That would make the Mc have 200 total stats since he has his Skill that gives his 100 stats.

/1500 stats(lv1) + 200(lv2)/ This is the Mc's basic status

Perseverance Development Ability Bonus -> How much he got from this is a big variable, but could potentially make the Mc's 1700 into 1800 or even more.

Remember this is very situational, as the Mc didn't get this when he was fighting his first two Level 3's since he wasn't beaten up at any moment.

So it can be normally disregarded.

Evolved body DA Bonus -> We also don't know how much this gives, but for the sake of convenience and to not make this super OP, in this calculation, let's say it gives something around 10 to 50 since it's at I.

So the Mc should have around /1800-1900/ during his fight against Vultus

This is his pure stats, not counting for the strength increase he can get from his Plasmids. Pretty strong for a recent Level 2.

Since the average is for someone to Level up at 500-700.

Let's go to his Level 3 enemies, from the weakest to the strongest.

The weakest was the burly man he fought at the start.

He is a recent Level 3, meaning, he should be around 0 to 100 stat points.

So we average it to 50

And he is also supposed to be an average guy, not an overachiever like some people, who train to get their status at B(700-799) and above.

So, let's say he got the same amount at every Level.

/650(lv1) + 650(lv2) + 50(lv3)/

Since he is your average guy, it's highly unlikely he got a DA when he leveled up to 2 but since he's not a complete piece of garbage, let's say he got one.

In that case, it's still highly unlikely he got some sort of DA that gives him stats. I would say he got something like Abnormal resistance or swordsmanship.

But now is when things start to get interesting...

Since he is Level 3, we need to account for the Level bonus...

(If anyone knows if it was confirmed in the original work and if so if there is a precise formula as to how much it grows each Level, I would be very very happy!)

As I said, in this Novel, I am considering that every time someone Levels up, they get stronger, even if just a little bit.

It's unknown how much, but let's say it's a 10% bonus to his previous phantom stats.

Please, don't take this at face value since it was never properly explained.

So he went from /1350 -> 1485/

Compared to the Mc almighty 1800-1900... This is quite the joke.

Removing the bonus I gave for the perseverance makes it /1750/

Still rather far...

That's why, when we start comparing everything else... He falls short to the Mc... By quite a margin.

"But wait!" Said one of the readers.

"What about the medicine?!"

Ah... Of course... The medicine...

I never thought I would have to make precise calculations for that, so let's just say it increases one's stats by 5% temporarily.

What? Too small?... Man... You need to know that in this world, any stat increasing item is already very very rare.

If there was a medicine that could increase your stats by 15-25% just like that... It would have already exploded long ago.

By adding the medicine we get... This:


Much closer but still far.

So this guy is weaker than the Mc in any circumstance...

Let's jump to the second strongest, Hyakinthos.

We don't have his Level 1 and 2 stats, but we can infer from his Level 3 stats.

People tend to follow a similar pattern as their previous Levels so, from what we have, this is my closest bet for his highest stat:

/700 + 700 + 250/

Why 250?

Remember that Hyakinthos is just a veteran Level 2, far from his peak 2 years later.

People can stay years on Level 3 alone, although Hyakinthos is rather young, so he shouldn't have spent so long in this Level.

So I would say he spent at most, 3-4 years on this Level.

Enough of that.

His total stats, counting for his DA's and Skills is...


Sheesh... That's some high stats.

Once again in comparison, the Mc, without his Persevearence would be around /1750/

His highest stat in the Wiki is ironically... Dexterity.

But all of that went to trash when he foolishly rushed into the Mc trap and received a strike to the face.

Even if he was Close to Level 5 he would still receive damage.

Although the matter of whether or not he would be able to evade it is irrelevant to this discussion...

While he would most likely, not lose his teeth, he would still be KO'd when receiving a heavy blow to the head.

We could argue that a Level 6 wouldn't get KO'd, but it would surely hurt for him.

This isn't a cultivation manga where being at a higher Level makes you immune to all damage from lower levels.

This might happen if we were considering a Level 7 with some sort of tank Skill. But the nature of one's stats greatly changes what would happen.

Ottar Leveled up with maxed stats every time, so we can easily infer his stats to a certain extent...

/999 + 999 + 999 + 999 + 999 + 999 + 900/

900 because it's two years prior to the main story, so he isn't 999 yet.

Ottar is a Boaz, so he has his race phantom stats.

And I don't even know how much of a bonus would he get from his Level ups alone...

Ottar can also beastify, increasing his stats by an "extremely large amount." according to the Wiki

Ottar also has 7 Development abilities two of which come from his Unique Skill.

So yeah... He is pretty overpowered.

And finally, for Vultus. How strong is he?

If you read this far, thank you, but be warned that from here, there are some small spoilers I wanted to develop further in the story...




I wanted to make Vultus some sort of elite for his Level, but not a super elite.

Like a veteran who had spent years honing himself on each Level instead of rushing in for a Level up.

So he would have had nice stats since Level 1.

And also, he is on the verge of becoming a Level 4.

/800 + 800 + 800/

So this would make him:

/2640/ If we add the 10%

Pretty strong.

He also has a Skill that further increases this value...

And we don't even know what sort of DA's he has...

But of course, this is mostly due to the large amount of time he spent on these Levels!

Remember, these stats might seem high, but they were built over decades of work.

Ais went from Level 1 to Level 6 in less than 10 years.

He is strong, but not even comparable to miss Ais.

Let's see how strong she was in comparison...

...Well! Would you look at that!

Ais wasn't that stronger than Vultus when she was Level 1!

Her highest stat was the same as Hyakinthos, Dexterity.

At around 800.

However, she started to truly get stronger and stronger around Level 2 when she gained her Skill.

(At least that is what I remembered)

And from there, she quickly made her way through the Levels, focusing more on Leveling up rather than the quality of her stats, but even so, she maintained a stable 900 on her main stat and 800 on her sub stats.

The Mc loss against Vultus makes sense now.

Or do you have some other form of complaint?

Make sure to state them!