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'Inside a very organized and clean office, Silver could be seen piling up some boxes in a corner, there seemed to be a few dozens of them…'

"Huff!... I hope this is all…"

Please… I've been doing this for half a day…

'His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a female voice.'

"No no, that's your punishment for breaking it, now, pick up a few more boxes, remember, no magic, if you use it, you will be forced to bring them back and repeat this again."

"Come on! It wasn't my fault! The situation required it…"

But the girl walked in front of him and put her fingers on his lips.

"I know, but that was still pretty expensive and it ended up giving me extra work to do, so I am pretty pissed about that."

'Silver rolled his eyes.'

"That's abuse of authority!"

I swear I…

'Seeing his expression, the woman's lips rose as she smiled slightly, so she said:'

"Alright, I think this is fine then, we can stop here for today."

'As she said that, she walked past her office table and started to check a few papers on a shelf behind it.'

"Before you go, make sure to bring everything…"

'But when she turned around, Silver had already long stored all of the boxes in his inventory and he was now relaxing on the couch.'

"... You are efficient when you want to…" She said with a smile

'Silver rolled his eyes and turned his back to her, laying on the couch comfortably.'

"Anyway, what was in these boxes anyway?"

"Materials, I was procrastinating on bringing them to my forge, but in the end, you helped me, thank you."

"More like forced to…"

'Hephaestus smiled slightly as she took out something from her drayer, she didn't think much of it and simply grabbed two cups and placed them on her office table.'

"How about a small reward then?"

'Silver turned around on the couch and gazed at the bottle she had in her hands.'

"I don't recognize that brand, is it from outside of Orario?"


'Hephaestus looked at the bottle and she suddenly realized she had grabbed the wrong bottle, it was her special bottle to drink in special circumstances, a very expensive alcohol made in a faraway kingdom...'

'Her expression suddenly changed but she couldn't stop now…'

"It's… Just a light drink, nothing too heavy. And yes, it's from outside of Orario."

'Silver was interested, one of the pleasures of life is food after all and this was his philosophy, during his months inside of Orario, he had tasted many sorts of food and wines, all in the hopes of experiencing everything this city had to offer.'

"Fine, I'll drink a little."



'The mood was quite great, Silver sitting in her office chair while she sat on the table, the two drinking a good shot of alcohol after a heavy day of work, they joked with each other, and talked about some light things…'

"Haa… It's been a year right? You are even Level 4 now, way to go."

'Hephaestus did a small clap as she looked at Silver, such a relaxed action was unlike hers, so Silver immediately realized that… She was already half drunk.'

'It was to be expected, he immediately realized that she had grabbed quite an 'interesting' bottle, so he asked her about it, but she denied it saying it was a light drink, so he just went on with it.'

"Aren't I impressive?"

'Hephaestus rolled her eyes.'

"Can't you be humble for once?"

"You are the one that is inflating my ego here… But well, it was thanks to you as well, I wouldn't have gone this far without your support, so… Way to go?"

"Well, of course, if my work didn't deliver then I would've retired already…"


'Heephaestus turned her face to the side as she started to fondle her hair.'

'Silver noticed that, and a small devious plan formed in his mind…'

"Since I am already here, do you need help to unload those boxes?" He asked as he removed them from his inventory and dropped them on the ground

"Huh? I will just…"

Wait… Is he implying he can stay longer… Wait… I…

'Hephaestus, already under the effect of her alcohol, started to lose her rationale under Silver's ambiguous words.'

"... I might need a little bit of help… But are you okay with it? Don't you have things to do and places to be? Hestia will become quite worried…"

'Silver smiled a bit as he got up and went to the boxes.'

"I already told her I would probably stay the entire day here 'helping' you, and she gave me her permission anyway… She told me to not come back until Hephaestus was 'satisfied'… And are you satisfied right now?"

'Hepheastus couldn't see his expression as he started to remove the items from inside the boxes with his telekinesis, making a small pile on the ground.'

"... Can't say that I am…" She mumbled

"I didn't hear that. Can you say it out loud?"

'Her face got a tiny bit redder, so in one fell swoop, she drank her entire glass and walked to one of the bookshelves.'


'She pulled a book and the shelf started to move, revealing a barely lit forge room. She pointed inside and said:'

"Instead of making a mess on the floor please load it inside…"

'She also froze when she said that, somehow, she was starting to follow on his steps of ambiguous words…'

"I can't refuse that…" Silver said with a smile

'Silver easily moved all of the materials and dropped them according to her orders, all the while, Hephaestus drank a bit more… When they were done, she pulled the book again and the forge room closed.'

"Th-Thank you, with this, you helped me gain an entire day off." She said as she sat at the table, her legs were a bit more open this time…

"It's okay, I'm being punished after all, just don't call me again like this, next time I will demand payment."

'Hephaestus laughed a little.'

"If I were to do that I would only reduce a part of your debt… Let me see… You still owe me around… 215 Million Valis?..."

'Silver smiled as he looked at the ceiling. He accepted his defeat.'

"Looks like I can't complain."

"No, you can't…"

'Silver was about to say something, but he smiled and shook his head, so he turned around to leave when Hephaestus said:'

"Wait, are you really leaving just like that? I will have to rate your work efficiency as Poor."

'Silver stopped, he scratched his head and turned around, walking closer to her. He stopped just a few Cm away from the table, right between her legs, and he asked her:'

"Alright Ma'am, what else do you require of this servant of yours?"

'Hephaestus thought for a moment with a red face before she said:'

"My body is sore…"

AHHHH! What did I say?!.... It just came off like this…. This isn't what I meant… I…

'Under the power of alcohol, Hephaestus said something she would never say under normal circumstances…. So what will Silver say?'

'He smiled, nodding in understanding.'

"It makes sense, you work every day, doing your best 24/7, barely even resting, even if you have such a Godly body, it's not like you are impervious to Heavy exercise are you?"

'Hephaestus looked to the side, a bit embarrassed.'

"You… You speak too much."

Glib tongue…

"Do I? Well, at least I am honest… In any case tell me… Where does it hurt?"

'Hephaestus didn't know how to reply, she didn't expect this situation to get here in the first place… When she was ready to open her mouth to make an excuse Silver said:'

"You don't know? Let me guess… You stay your entire day either here in this room reading and signing documents, or you spend your entire day in the forge, finishing and processing commissions… I'm I right?"

'Hephaestus nodded…'

"In that case, it's clear where it would hurt…"

'Silver touched her shoulder before he slowly moved his hands across her body…To her arms, hands, and fingers, massaging the areas along the way.'

'Hephaestus' face was now very red, this feeling was… Rather good, had someone ever given her so much care before? Even her first was just…'

'Sad memories passed through her eyes as she gazed at the boy in front of her, and for a moment, she lost all of her 'mood'.'

"Hey, I think…"

'But Silver interrupted her once again. He gently touched her cheek and removed her eye patch. However, he still kept his left hand on her face.'

'He looked straight at her eyes and smiled, before saying:'

"I think I found the problem. I think this eye patch was sealing more than just an eye, I think such a pretty face should be shown off more often... Of course, if you are embarrassed... You can show it only to me."

'Hephaestus dropped her head, unable to look at his face, all of his words were true, she knew that his expression was honest, and it was exactly because of that…'

'She could not gather the courage to raise her head and look at him.'


Normally, it's the serious girls who try their best to keep their persona that have some form of secret to hide… No, that's normal to everyone, isn't it?

'Without waiting, Silver started to massage her shoulders and arms using his hands and Plasmids at the same time for maximum efficiency.'


'Feeling his gentle hands made Hephaestus feel a bit better, and without her knowing, she rested her head on his chest.'

"Dammit… If this continues…"

'Hephaestus said something, but she stopped, Silver became curious as he asked:'

"What did you say?"

"You… Are such a bad boy… I'll have to discipline you in her place…"


'Hephaestus suddenly raised her head and kissed Silver, but she soon stopped and looked at him with a conflicted expression.'

"I'm… Sorry I…"

'She almost jumped out of the table when Silver hugged her and whispered in her ears:'

"I think… The real bad person here is you… And as a rightful person, it's my job to lucture bad girls…"


'He used telekinesis to make both him and Hephaestus fly towards the couch, he also made sure that the doors to the office were properly locked and that the windows were blocked with the curtains…'


Wh-What is this situation?!

'When Hephaestus came back from her sudden shock, she realized she was now in a very unique situation…'

'Silver was in front of her… No rather, she was sitting on her lap… In a very lewd position…'

It's way too close!

'His face was just a few cm away from hers, she could even feel his breath and he could feel hers… Her chest was constantly touching his and that wasn't the only thing touching her body!'

'This explosion of stimuli made Hephaestus close her eyes in fear… And this action made Silver pity her.'

How much discrimation was she given in Heaven that she has such an aversion to such situations?...

Her emotions are perfectly clear… She is clearly traumatized by this… There is no need to take this quickly… The night is long.

'Silver just hugged her, he caressed her head and hugged her tightly while she was confused.'

'Hephaestus' body trembled, but as time passed, she started to become used to it, she started to like it, this warmth, these feelings… So she eventually hugged him back, and it was at that moment that she decided to trust him, give this thing called love another shot.'


'Silver didn't do much to her, he just let her get used to it and settle the chaotic emotions in her heart, and before long, she said:'

"Th-Thank you…"

'She raised her face and looked at Silver, it was red, very red, her eyes darted around the place in embarrassment, her serious persona was gone, replaced by a shy and romantic girl, this was her true persona, Hephaestus, the God of forging that longed for a true love.'

'For millennia…'

"Are you feeling well?" Asked Silver

"Y-Yes I am… It's just that… I've never done this before and I…"

'Silver smiled.'

"This makes things simpler."


'In one movement, Silver pulled her face closer and kissed Hephaestus in the lips. It was rather perfect since she wasn't taller than him, it made the process that much simpler.'

'During this entire movement, he did not close his eyes and instead looked at her. Eventually, she didn't have the will to keep looking as she closed her eyes in embarrassment.'

"Mmm… Mmm…"

'Their lips parted but Hephaestus took a single breath and kissed him passionately again, she pressed her body against him as she hugged him.'

/Knock knock knock…/


Someone's here.


Who dares blue ball me?!

'Hephaestus was confused but Silver kissed her and nodded.'

'Feeling a bit calmer Hephaestus cleared her throat and asked:'

"Who is it?"

"It's me Hephaestus, I heard you were having that kid carry a lot of boxes around the place, do you need any help in organizing them?"

"Ah… No no, he already helped me with that."

"Sure… This mean I can have the rest of the day off?"

'Silver eyes narrowed as his lips raised and formed a devious smile.'


'He started to kiss her neck and draw Hephaestus attention as his hands caressed her back.'

"Stop…" She whispered to him in a low tone

'It was important to note that Hephaestus didn't know that the door was locked…'

"Hephaestus?" Asked Tusbaki at the other side

"EH?... I am good! I am fine… Do what you wish! Mmm…"

'Tsubaki was a little confused and she even put her ears on the door to hear what was happening, but she didn't hear anything as Silver was a step faster and blocked their sounds.'

"If you need me just call me, I'll have a drink in my shed…"

'But at this time Hephaestus was already full-on kissing and she completely ignore Tsubaki...'

"You! Why did you do that?" Asked Hephaestus with her red face, a bit annoyed

"I thought you liked it?"

"!... I… I didn't… Don't do that again, if they find out…"

"Find out what?"


'Her face got super red.'

"If they… Find… That I… Making out… With you…"

'Silver opened his eyes in surprise.'

"You actually said it. I am glad."


'Silver once again kissed her and slowly, the atmosphere started to get hot…'

'It started with her white shirt, followed by his own Silver and Hephaestus started to remove one piece after the other.'

'They talked and joked while they kissed each other fervently. In the middle of it, Silver started to use his tongue in order to bring Hephaestus to the moon.'

'His massage techniques were also abnormal, and that's what he gets for knowing a lot about the Human body.'

'And eventually, Silver and Hepahestus were pretty much semi naked…'

"Mmm… Mmmmm"

'Silver had long started to caress other parts of her body such as her bums and her breasts, making Hephaestus moan in a low tone, he thought it was pretty cute so he continued to tease her…'

'Hephaestus was pretty passive, despite her authoritative demeanor, she was completely at his mercy, and she liked it.'

'She was very unfamiliar with all of this, since her first time was rather… Direct… Since her partner did not care about her emotions and true feelings…'

'And she would grow to regret that forever…'

'Silver's words would ring in her ears, and she couldn't help but have a silly smile on her face. She even started to tease him back as she got used to it…'

"You have quite the glip tongue… Do you use it often?"

"... Ha! I don't know about that, how do you want to find out?"


'Before she replied, Silver gently laid her on the couch.'


'As he did so, Hephaestus took the opportunity to kiss his neck just like he had previously, teasing him for being a bad boy.'

"I'll start with this…"

'Silver removed her bra and gazed at Hephaestus's breasts, they were big just as he expected. So he smiled and asked:'

"Ma'am considering their weight, I imagine this area is quite sore as well, allow me to relieve your pain…"

"Hey! What are you Mmm…"

'Silver started to fondle her breasts and play with the two red tips… Hephaestus moaned loudly, she seemed to be one of those girls that liked to make noise…'

'Thankfully, Silver blocked the noise else, everyone in the manor would hear her…'

'Silver kissed her breasts, and then her tummy, and finally… He set his gaze on her panties.'

'Hephaestus looked at him and said:'

"Just… Be gentle okay…"

"My middle name is Smooth. I will guarantee you the time of your life… Steal!"

"That wasn't what I… MMMNN!"

'Silver removed her panties by snapping his fingers, making it disappear, following that, he put his fingers inside her perfect vagina and started to show his 6000 Dexterity value…'

'And it was clear, Hephaestus had no chance, she immediately succumbed and climaxed… But what could she do? Her resistance was as low as it could get, having been a long long time since she ever touched herself…'

"Mnnn! S-towp… Plw… AHHH…"

'Silvers fingers started to vibrate at high speeds making her climax a few more times…'

'And when he was done, he took out his own underwear…'

'Hepheastus observed him as he did so, she had long seen that piece of fabric and the hard monster that it caged within…'

"... Stop teasing me!"

'Silver played around by removing his underwear very very slowly, making Hephaestus annoyed…'


'Laughing, Silver showed her his Magnum Opus, the Red dragon.'

'Such a terrific creature horrified Hephaestus, who thought of retreating…'

"It's… Not going to…"

'But Silver scoffed.'

"It's not like I need to have it all go in… It's not that insane either…"

I can make it bigger and smaller if necessary anyway...

"Wait!.... MMNN!"

'Silver teased her with the dragon's head before he pushed it inside…'

It's tight!

'As expected of a girl who didn't have any sexual interactions for a long time, Hepheastus was as tight as she could get, and dispite her protest, she evntually took it all.'

"Hephaestus, I love you." Said Silver as he looked at her

"... M-me too… But… Funny thing to say when you are balls dee... AHH!"

'Silver smiled.'


'Silver pulled and pushed making Hepheastus mind go blank, this feeling was too much for her!'

'It all condensed down on her tummy and she… Climaxed again.'

'Under the flurry of trusts and kisses, Hephaestus felt like she never felt before…'

'The night passed and Silver and Hephastus did not stop, from the couch to the table, to the shelves and the forge room, Silver pounded her non stop.'

'She begged for mercy but even when he stopped, she would continue on her own, how ironic.'


"AHH! Again… AH…"

'Silver once again busted inside of her, what could he do? Bust outside? There was nothing to fear, Gods can't get pregnant… And she herself said she didn't want to cause a mess in the room.'

"You are still… How long do you plan to…"

'Silver kissed here again.'

"Until you are satisfied."

Even if I want to, I don't think I can stop… My vitality is simply…

'Silver turned her around, putting her front against the wall…'

/Clap! Clap! clap…/

'With an incessant flurry of claps and moans, the night passed…'





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