In Danmachi with A Jujutsu Kaisen System

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Where should I start?

"Damn." After leaving behind that creation god, whose identity is questionable because if he can reincarnate me, why can't he manipulate the other rules? Maybe he just created a body for me to take over instead of actually reincarnating me? I guess this is more of a transmigration than a reincarnation! Everything would make sense in that context, but it still doesn't explain other things, but screw it. I've already left, after all!



Name: Enkidu

Level: 0

Age: 12

Race: 1/2 Cursed Spirit and 1/2 Blessed Human

Innate Skills: [Heavenly Physique], [Cursed Spirit], [Prosperity]

Attributes: Power, Endurance, Agility, Dexterity, Cursed Energy (Magic) -> E-450

'I wonder if this is a good start? I'm not sure what E means, but maybe that's related to this world's ranking system or something. I think I remember a world like that; I think it had a weird title too. I think picking up girls in a dungeon was its name.'

I shook my head in disbelief. If I was really in that world, then I'd have to fear for my lower half rather than my life, especially from that Freya woman. I put these questionable thoughts to the side and continued my analysis of the system.

[Skill Tree]

[Choose a starter pack!]

[Gojo Clan], [Zen'in Clan], [Sukuna]

Gojo: Six Eyes and Limitless

Zen'in: Martial Arts Blessing and Pseudo-Sixth Sense

Sukuna: Cleave and Dismantle

Looking at the options, I was stunned! All of the choices were strong starters. I couldn't be wrong in any choice; it was just a matter of which path I wanted to start down.

'Really, which path should I choose? This is so tough! Maybe I should wait until I'm more familiar with my current self.'

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I moved on from the skill tree and went to the store function, which was super simple and actually pleasing to look at. That god probably made it as such because he thought it would make me spend without thought!

[Store; 300 Mastery Coins]



[Non-related Skills]

"Huh?" Seeing a strange option, I couldn't help but let out some of my confusion. I hadn't even taken the time to worry about my surroundings, which is foolish, but I still didn't care! If nothing had come yet, then it probably wasn't coming at all.

Anyway, are the non-related skills just skills not related to JJK? I figure that's what it means, but there really is only one way to find out.

[Non-related Skills; Non-purchasable]

Skills recognized by the system: cooking, crafting, tailoring, etc...

That answers that question even if the more proper location would just be the skill tree but whatever, and my currency being at 300 is strange. Is it because of my passive skills? Is a skill becoming passive a way to say it's mastered? Ugh... So many questions, but fuck it. I'm just going to save it for later.


Recommended: [Advanced Cursed Energy Course; 300]

'I'll go ahead and buy it!' I didn't hesitate to buy the advanced knowledge because it was the most helpful to me and my starting point. If I didn't have advanced knowledge, I could never practice the advanced skills of my starter pack. Mainly the Gojo and Sukuna packs, but having this knowledge could bring the Zen'in starter pack to a higher foundation and usage!


"UGH?!" A searing headache struck nearly instantly. Countless bits and pieces, connections and notes about cursed energy entered my brain! Blood started to leak from my nose and mouth, which just proved the strain this information brought on my body. Thankfully, the only reason I managed to withstand this process consciously had to be because of my two passive skills which dealt with physique and spirit. However, this is an assumption on my part as I hadn't read the details of those two skills!

Time passed; what felt like seconds began to feel like minutes and minutes into hours. So much time had passed that the sun, which had apparently been up the whole time, was now set, and a crescent moon replaced its position! My head finally cleared, and I started to clean the blood still left in my mouth and my nose. This experience wasn't pleasing!

'You'd think if it recommended something, it would also give a warning.'

The system didn't have a conscience, so my complaints met air. Disappointing, but for the better, honestly. I couldn't deal with an annoying system always yapping in my ear, and it probably wouldn't even help me anyway if I asked it questions. Typically, that's how things go with systems, which is why I hate those that can think and act like another living person!

There are exceptions, of course, but the majority tend to be annoying. But moving on...

'Negative emotions such as grief and anger are the foundation of cursed energy. These emotions exist to some degree within most humans, and as a result, the vast majority of human beings possess cursed energy.'

I wonder if sins could promote C.E. (Cursed Energy) foundations? Sins are technically negative traits of humans, so if I managed to convert those sins into their respective emotions, I could have stronger C.E.! It would also negate the need for actual negative emotions to plague me. I remember what happened to Yuji... that mf was really tormented, but he did become stronger because of it.

I also experienced death, and I am 1/2 a cursed spirit, so maybe the restrictions of C.E. are loose on me. I can really only find out through trial and error, though, but that will have to wait until I choose my path.

'Truth of the Black Flash, C.E. Perception, C.E. Unique Traits, etc., etc. So much information just poured into me and fused into my soul. I can't forget this stuff even if I tried!'


[15minutes later]

"I couldn't forget this stuff even if I tried!" The assimilation of knowledge, while painful, was absolutely worth it. Now it was time to choose my path! Which is very tough considering all three are fantastic options, but in the end, the one better for the long run, considering it would be life-saving, is the Sukuna Path!

Powerful attacks and they are unseen if you don't have the right perception. This path would save my life many times, especially if I keep this portion of my abilities secret.

[Path chosen. Sukuna Path Initiating. Be aware that while you will be granted more abilities than stated, the two shown were the most important to note. Also, be prepared to have your personality altered.]

"W-what?! Altered in wha....."

I blacked out.


[20 hours later]


"What the fuck is this hunger? Tch. I'll have to go hunt then. Can't believe I have to waste my time with something so mundane! Also, these accursed clothes!" I ripped off my current wear, which consisted of a long white shirt, but I kept the white pants which looked like Tai Chi pants.

Feeling more comfortable, I observed the changes, and it was clear as day what the system meant by an "altering of personality." The arrogance and the feeling to kill those I deemed maggots. It was oozing out of me, unlike my previous self that really just fought back in self-defense. The current me wanted to challenge anybody because I felt like it, not even worried about the consequences! 

Fortunately, not everything was changed, as Sukuna's cold heart and my logical mind linked up pretty well. It was like harmony was established within myself, a feeling I could never have felt keeping my desires hidden! I only kept myself because I was worried about the weaklings of society, but now...

"Now, I can roam free! Hahaha! This feeling. How does one describe it? Elation? Yes, the mere thought of roaming this world and putting down the maggots that roam brings me to the peak of elation!"


"Damn, I forgot about my body. Let's go teach the surrounding beings a lesson!"

[Third person]

"RAAAA!" A black bear attacked its prey and succeeded in killing it. Life was going good, and even if it was the night—a time it wouldn't normally hunt—it didn't care. It couldn't find any berries or other foods because of the little fox it was eating.

Crunch! Crunch!

"Grr? GRR!" The black bear, initially confused, became frightened. Somebody had locked onto it! Whatever it was made its instincts scream to run, but it couldn't due to the fear paralyzing its body.

That's when the being made its appearance, with shoulder-length light-green hair and even lighter green eyes, but those eyes didn't look like such a peaceful color. No. These being's eyes, to the bear, looked dark red or even near crimson, the same color as blood! Sure, this beast wasn't smart enough to differentiate colors like this, but if it could, then this would be how it would describe the being.

"Yo." The being spoke, and a deep masculine voice unfitting for its body was released.

"G-GRR???" The bear wanted to run away, but it wasn't going to get such a chance.

Pat! Pat! Instantly vanishing and reappearing, putting the bear into the ground. Then, he or whatever it was began to pet it. Yes, the being pet the head of the pathetic bear stuck in the ground! The bear thankfully wasn't foolish enough to react, or maybe it was more accurate to say it couldn't, but either way, it didn't retaliate against the strange being in front of it.

"Now now, me and you are going to have a little fun! If you entertain me, I might just let you go." The being's words were like a demon, the tone filled with arrogance and bloodlust. The bear knew it had no other options! Especially with the sadistic grin plastered on this being's face!

[Enkidu's POV]

"Listen up, you are going to attack and I'm going to defend. If you manage to land a hit, I'll let you go! Pfft! It would be astonishing if something so weak could even land a hit though."

"GRAAAA!" The bear in front of me didn't like my words. Which is perfect! I can practice with C.E and the new moves I got. Ohhhh, this feeling of not being restrained truly is the best!

The bear swung with its right paw and its claws as sharp as swords quickly approached my chest. Such a slow attack could never threaten me, though, but to make this last, I gracefully stepped back, out of range for the bear. The bear quickly arose to its full height and rushed forward without any care. Truly, the act of a simpleton, but what could I do! This is the best I got at the moment, unfortunately.

I raised my right fist and coated it in Cursed Energy (C.E). A bright lime-green color covered my fist, which was strange considering Sukuna's C.E was black and red in color. However, I wasn't Sukuna, and a being of my own, I guess my color is this lime-green color! It is a beautiful color anyway, so I have no qualms about it.


The bear's claw and my fist collided. The collision resulted in the bear's right arm to completely burst apart. As for my arm, no, my hand, I didn't even feel it! Truly astonishing, with these specs at the start, I could truly become the strongest! However, I have more to test and don't really want to go looking for another prey.

"Pathetic maggot. You call yourself a predator? Your pathetic existence shouldn't even be allowed on this planet." My voice came out cold, and I know the bear can't understand me, but its instincts could interpret my truth.

"GRRAAAAA" A bright red aura shot out from the bear!

"HAHAHA! That's more like it! Show me your strongest, maggot!"




The collision of basic C.E application and an enraged bear sounded out throughout the opening in the forest. The environment hadn't physically changed, but I could tell that the surrounding idiots watching to take advantage of our fight had left! I didn't care about any of this as I could track them down later. What really mattered was getting experience using the knowledge I gained.

"Amazing! You haven't disappointed, but now it's time to put in a little more effort." My C.E disappeared from view. The enraged bear didn't care to notice and didn't even notice...

'Dismantle' I pointed my finger horizontally and swung it to the right quickly. An invisible wave of C.E traveled and cut the bear in half from the waist. Truly, a move proving that something simple isn't weak by any means, it just depends on who uses it!

"Stand proud! For you are my first prey in this world. I'll unfortunately remember you, maggot."

'Haha, the last part was unnecessary but who cares. Time to eat! Wait, am I going in raw or...'