In Danmachi with A Jujutsu Kaisen System

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"America, ya! :D"


That was an instinctive response; I don't even know who the hell said that. This white room, though, is pretty neat. I don't get how it can be so white and not bright. Or maybe whoever just spoke can control the lighting? Cooooooool.

"You know, you're the first soul to say this room is cool. Normally, I hear 'bland' or 'lacking inspiration.'"

"Oh, you're definitely lacking in inspiration, person? Thing? Whatever you are, you're lacking!"

"G-Guah?! I thought we were kindred souls! How could you betray me like this?"

"The truth hurts, friend, but we must save you from this bland lifestyle. Even a speck of color would be better than this plain room. Also... why the hell am I here?"

"I see, I guess I can do some decorating, not like it would hurt any! Oh. You know... the whole reincarnation thing blah blah, I may have accidentally...."

"I'm going to act like I didn't hear that last part."

"Phew~" The voice, which wasn't feminine nor masculine, sighed in relief.

"Don't worry, I'm going to reincarnate you in a random anime/light novel world with a system from a series I know you're familiar with. So, you won't be completely screwed!"

"Can I choose the series for the system? If I can't choose the world. Actually, can I choose the world?" I asked because everyone in all those other fanfics could! Why couldn't I?

"Nah. There are a bunch of restrictions, and unfortunately, I'm not a being on that side of the universal order. The universal order is basically the pantheon of true gods! I am on the creation side, which is far from the reincarnation side. Our abilities are quite the opposite if you can believe it."

"I assume it's broken down like one became two, two became three, and three birthed everything else? I believe there was something like that in my previous world's books."

"..." The voice didn't respond, but I took its silence as confirmation.

"Anyways. Um. As for the system, you can choose if you want. I was just going to read your memories, but this works!"

"Sweet! Let me get that Jujutsu Kaisen System. Also, can I make the abilities stronger than their original counterparts?" I know it may sound like a dumb question, but I had to ask. I'd hate to reincarnate or transmigrate then be limited!

"Of course! You can take these abilities to new heights! But before all that, let me give you a rundown on how this system is going to work."

I nodded. I actually didn't even have a body; I just instinctively did the motion.

"First! There is no gacha or any of that. However, there is a store where you can purchase knowledge of abilities from Jujutsu Kaisen. There are also items that will grow with you, so you won't ever have a useless weapon."


"Yosh! Go ahead!"

"When I purchase the knowledge of abilities, do I also get the ability or is that separate?"

"Wonderful question! The answer is... no! This leads us to the second part. Gaining abilities. You will have a skill tree, and you can choose any branch at any time, but to proceed down a branch, you'll need to unlock the previous skills."

"Gotcha." Reasonable system. I wish I could just use the knowledge to unlock abilities, but this is super fair already, and I can't be too greedy!

"Thirdly! Since I'm so generous, I will grant you the ability to use all the elements without chanting. It will be instinctive. However, certain worlds have restrictions where chanting affects power. If chanting increases power, the system will negate most of the debuff if you don't chant."

"So, I can freely manipulate the elements?"

"No, you have to wait to unlock an elemental skill from one of the skill paths. I'll have them scattered!"

"I see, not to bad and that might be better then getting the elements outright."

"Great to hear! Now moving to the last point. Fourthly, your skills will be on a leveling system with level caps. The caps aren't actually a cap but the graded proficincy that is equivalent to the original chracter's level at their peak! Each level or mastery of a skill, you will earn skill points to unlock more of the skill tree. One skill point for obtaining and 10 for mastering! 

For store currency, it's mastery coins. You gain 100 coins per mastered skill. Skills acquired outside the system, like cooking or martial arts, won't interfere with the system. It will be graded by the system but you won't earn anything from it on the system's side."

"Can I ask one last question?"


"There is an ability or rather a concept from JJK called 'heavenly restriction.' How will that be handled?"

"Ah. That ability works on the principle of equivalent exchange. The best I could do is make you sacrifice something now, and I could manipulate the value of whatever you give up. But insignificant things won't count for much."

"Can I bundle sacrifices?"


"Okay. I give up all my memories related to people from my last life: my mom, dad, brother, sisters, friends."

"A-Are you sure? Even I wouldn't wish that upon somebody!"

"My reasoning is clear. At some point, I'll regret and become saddened by their absence, which could hold me back or eventually get me killed, something I know they wouldn't want. Even if they believe I already died in my original world."

"I see... well, the value of those memories, while large, can be increased if you wish to sacrifice something else."

"Hmm? What is my current value at?"

"1,000 CP."

"1,000... Doesn't sound like a lot. I'll sacrifice my ability to taste."

"10,000 CP."

"What does 10,000 CP get me?"

"Let me check... Boom!"

"100,000 CP!"

"Okay... but what does this get me?"

"You'll see it on your system as passive abilities."

"Also, didn't you say you couldn't change the value that much?"

"No, I said I couldn't change the value of insignificant sacrifices. You sacrificed some of the most valuable things. You are weird, by the way! Who sacrifices their ability to taste good food?"

"I prefer good music, the ability to feel what I touch, the ability to see, and the ability to smell. Taste isn't necessary for me, but it could be for another; people are just different like that!"

"Fair. Well, time to go! Your appearance will be decided at random, but your starting age will probably be around 10-12 because of your soul age. Bye!"

"See ya and thanks! Minus the fact you killed me!"


Chapter 2 in like 3-4hours unless I get more time

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