In Danmachi with A Jujutsu Kaisen System

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A Vow to One's self

[Enkidu's POV]

"Hah~" I looked at the corpses in front of me and couldn't but shake my head. These idiots were at the wrong place at the wrong time or is it the wrong place but right time? Ahh, whatever lets just loot these idiots then burn burn the corpses to ash. Actually! 

"Number 97, 96, 69, and 42 eat these bodies!

I'll let the ants handle this, if I'm see with anything related to this party people might get suspicious and if anyone does some how find their remains all they will be able to tell is that they fought some monsters and lost. 

Letting the ants handle that, I went to their kin that was killed and scouted for the ones that looked in the best condition, which sadly only numbered 3. I picked them up and balanced them on top of each other, then myself, and proceeded back upwards to leave the dungeon! The ants are lighter than one would think, so in a mere 5 minutes of jogging, I was back at the entrance.

Whispers~ Whispers~

"Isn't he aware of the children?" One lady walking whispered to her friend, but I could still hear her fine. I was more occupied with more important things than to worry about children.

Curses are born from negative emotions and cursed energy combining. Merging with Sukuna brought an influx of these negative emotions, which was fine as I'm 1/2 cursed spirit and even have a skill that helps me from losing myself! Then, I obtained the Six Eyes bringing in an influx of Positive energy not because they are positive in energy but because they are a neutral trait which required my body to obtain more Positive energy to fully establish them...okay that's a theory but still logical.

This influx of energy stabilized the negative energy running rampant from Sukuna and my failure to recognize such a problem which I thought just needed more control over myself. However, from earlier, it's clear that a part of my soul has been influenced to develop, a split personality? No. Actually, yeah, It's not a disorder because I can control him or it whatever from taking over at random. I was just stupid and found out the implications!

Now, a question is how it was able to split? Was it due to obtaining the Six Eyes and requiring a "Rebirth" or did me getting stronger subconsciously allow it to develop? I fear it's more on the Six Eyes since beforehand while I was still a little wild compared to my previous self, I was still one being. Technically still a-Oh! I'm already here.

I was too distracted to realize that in no time I was already in front of the guild. I walked inside, and again I was met with strange looks but screw them, I don't care what they think!

I walked to the nearest desk and greeted a familiar woman who is quite the figure in Danmachi, at least for Bell. Speaking of, I wonder if he is alive? I hope so, he would keep a troublesome goddess away from me for a bit anyways, "Yo."

"H-Hi? Do you need to drop those off first?" A brown short-haired elf looking girl with emerald eyes stood in front of me. Again, I knew who she was, at least I remember her name being Eina something but as long as I had that to go off of.

"Eina right? First thanks for having a brain and second yes." I was concise and to the point. I really want to go study the strangeness of earlier! Sure, I let him?...me? Okay, I switched from stable to murderous and I need to make sure of the limits I hold and it holds.

"Uh, I-please don't call me by my first name please!" She damned near

"Look. I don't know your last name so..."

"Ah?! oh...nevermind then. I overreacted I'm sorry." She bowed 90 degrees and led me to the people who could dismantle these ants and give me my money. I doubt it be much. OH WAIT! Didn't Toji have that cursed spirit inventory thing?! I should have just bought that! Okay maybe that would have caused a few problems but after I handle this personality thing, I'm definitely going to buy that.

In 10 minutes, the men did their thing and got me my money which wasn't that much only a drop in the ocean compared to the million I got just killing some thugs but money is money. I'll worry about buying my weapon later. I wonder how much a weapon in the shop costs and if it will scale or get new effects to fit this world? Again, I'll have to worry about that after me and whatever I'll call this bastard set some rules!


[Midnight, Artemis Familia Manor, room closest to Artemis's]

I still can't believe she gave me a room right next to hers. Probably to keep an eye on me so I don't do anything to her girls but soon there will be more men after the next recruitment! She'll have to get used to a lot of new things and experiences however, she'll probably just buy more land, expand then move the couples away from herself.

'Haha~, not that crazy of a thought.'

Getting that I calmed my mind and began meditating. This is to enter my deep mind and lure my other self out. This didn't take long and in mere seconds I was met by another me, sitting on the top of a shrine actually if I'm being correct it's a singular Torii gate!

"Hehe, didn't get a shrine yet huh?"

"Pfft! If someone trained their domain more then we could have an actual shrine." It's, mine, his, whatever you prefer had the same exact voice but a tone just a tad more arrogant.

"Keep it real with me. What exactly do we do here? I don't like having another personality and I'm sure you don't like being locked in "My" soul."

"You're right. So, I say we start with a binding vow."

"Straight to it huh."


"Conditions?" I—the main—asked.

"1st. Find me a vessel. Can be living, could be a weapon, but preferably living. 2nd. Don't try to destroy me. 3rd. Don't die."

"Weird...I thought you'd ask like to let you take over the vessel or something."

"Nah, I know you aren't gonna agree with that and I don't wanna waste time!"

"Agreed. Let me state mine then we can continue. 1st. You'll be permanently bound to me as in your origin. 2nd. I can use you when I need. 3rd. I'm the top in our relationship."

"Okay listen don't ever word it like that again or I'll kill us both. Also, you just heard me say I don't wanna be bound to you so why the hell would I fucking accept you asking me to be bound to you?!"

"Listen bro. Normally, someone lets their split half go and it fucks them so, we can stay together and become stronger together."


"Why you already know what I have in my thoughts."

"Tch. But are you sure that would even work? You gaining that ability is unlikely and we could both end up fucked!"

"Listen you have the memories as well. We can achieve that power if we agree to a binding vow to re-fuse or fuse whatever but you get it."

"So what is the vow then? The binding vow will...you slick bastard! Hahaha, I'll agree."

"Cool, on three then?"

"1..2..3..I vow to fuse to become Stronger if not I'll lose myself to the other."

"1..2..3..I vow to fuse to be more controlled if not I'll lose myself to the other."

[Vow recognized...Unique skill unlocked...name updated!]


AN: Sorry kind of rough also Imma go see what weapon won so the next chapter I'll reveal it also to anybody confused as to why something hinted at to be unhinged can easily be conversed with. 

This isn't a Yuji-Sukuna relationship (a vessel and a invader; Basically two separate entities). This is basically one person with split personality and if one goes then the other suffers and soon follows in death. As I made clear, the other half didn't want death and wanted to live separate however, as they are both linked together he-the split- could recognize the thoughts of the other. 

Why they have this conversation then? Well...I mean...plot XD