In Cyberpunk With Fallout System

‘Big’ Juan D. Welles AKA: Juan Grande, Sexy Juan, Juan with the Thiccness, Handy Juan, Juan with the Big Hands, The Taco Terminator. He's a man with many many names and many skills due to reincarnating with the Fallout New Vegas System curtesy of Levid's Magical Wheel of Reincarnation. Reborn in Vista Del Rey, Big Juan is ready and willing to take on the terrors of Night City. Nothing is going to stop him on his rise in this true story of Rags to B#tche$.

JManM · Video Games
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60 Chs

Juan's Old Character Sheet

Name: 'Big' Juan D. Welles

Level: 35

AKA: Juan Grande, Sexy Juan, Juan with the Thiccness, Handy Juan, Juan with the Big Hands, The Taco Terminator


Strength: 7+6

Perception: 6+1

Endurance: 10+1

Charisma: 7+1

Intelligence: 7+1

Agility: 7+1

Luck: 6+1

SKILLS (1-24 beginner, 25-49 Trainee, 50-74 Journeyman, 75-99 Expert, 100 Master)

Barter: 100

Driving: 100

Explosives: 100

Guns: 100

Small Crimes: 100

Medicine: 100

Melee Weapons: 100

Repair: 100

Science: 100

Sneak: 100

Speech: 100

Survival: 96

Unarmed: 100


Lady Killer (+10% damage to females, enhanced communication skills with females)

Educated (+2 Skill points per level) Free for finishing High School

Comprehension (+1 skill point per skill book) Free for finishing High School

Toughness (2) (+ 6 Damage Threshold - Light Bullet Resistance)

Intense Training (10) (Increase SPECIAL stats through intense training limit 10)

Gunslinger (+25% accuracy)

Quick Draw (+50% draw and holster speed)

Robotics Expert (+25% damage to robots, much greater ease with hacking and programing robots)

Jury Rigging (Supernatural capacity to fix and build things, almost WAGH type power)

Wasteland Implants (Grants Fallout New Vegas and Old World Blues Cyberpunk Converted Implant Recipes)

Cowboy (+25% damage with cowboy themed weapons)

Old World Blues (Cyberpunk converted Big MT Tech schematics)

Tech Commander (Laser Commander for tech weapons, +15% Damage +10% Crit Chance)

Grim Reaper Sprint: On kill, restore a small amount of stamina and dissipate a small amount of heat buildup in cybernetics.

Nerves of Steel: +20% to neural feedback tolerance, +20% to natural nerve transmission speed, +20% dexterity to cyberware

Hit the Deck: Damage threshold vs Explosions +25

Solar Powered: +2 Strength and major healing factor when exposed to solar radiation. Slowly fixes cyberware.

Atomic!: +2 Strength, +25% Attack Speed, +25% Move Speed, + Stamina Recovery Major

Old Vaquero: +33% Attack Speed with Revolvers and Lever Action Weapons.

Slayer: +25% Attack Speed Melee & Unarmed


ICE AGE: Triple Self ICE implant that protects against hacking attempts

Epic Optics: Enhanced Vision Detail, Low Light Vision, Light Blinding Protection, Target Analysis, Threat Detector, Trajectory Analysis

Cyberears: Enhanced audio range and detail, Sonic Attack Protection

Bioconductors: +35% tech cooldown

Bioplastic Blood Vessels: Strong Healing Factor

PHOENIX Monocyte Breeder: Weak Healing Factor, High Immune System Support

Bionic Syn-Lungs: +60% stamina +25% stamina recovery

Karenzikov: enhanced aim while sliding, dodging, rolling, and diving. Bullet time while performing these maneuvers

Maneuvering System: Can dodge mid air and perform expert acrobatics.

Titanium-Gold Bones: +100% carrying capacity

Dense Marrow: +25% melee damage +50% blood production

Bionic Joints: -35% weapon recoil, -50% cripple chance

Micro Rotors: +25% attack speed, +25% move speed

Synaptic Signal Optimizer: +60% max health

EMP and Microwave Shielding: Refer to name

Nieman Enhanced Subdermal Armor: +10 Damage Threshold (Moderate Bullet Resistance)

Insulated Heavy Real Skin: Protects Cyberware from scans, +6 Damage Threshold (Light Bullet Resistance), Protects from extreme heat and cold.

Gorilla Arms XXL: Thickened Myomar Strands (2 times stronger than legendary gorrila arms) + Juan Style Hydraulic Ram Tech (3 time stronger than standard tech), Stores kinetic energy for charged attacks, Black Market Batteries (+100% Charge Capacity, +100 Charge Damage), Animals Knuckles (Attacks cause major internal damage on hit), Spike Hands (Pile Driven Spikes from palms Assassin's Creed reminiscent).

Big Hero Legs: Thickened Myomar Strands, Juan Style Hydraulic Ram Tech, Fortified Ankles (+ 300% Max Jump Height), Reinforced Tendons (Double Jump), Lynx Paws (Silent Running).

Reinforced Sandevi-zerk GRX Beast Mode: Slows time to 15%, +15% Damage, +15% Crit Chance +15% Crit Damage, -15% Recoil, -15% Weapon Sway, Melee Damage +115%, Armor +30% Resistances +30%, +40% Max Health, +40% Max Stamina, +5% heal on kill, +1 Strength, +1 Damage Threshold, +100% spine durability

Two 'Heartless' Tech Hearts: Poison Immunity, -90 to critical hit chance from robots and automated targeting systems, moderate increases to chem efficacy.

SPECIAL Harmonics Implants: +1 to all Special stats

Stealth Suit Mk III: +24 Damage Threshold, +1 Strength, +2 Perception, +1 Agility, +25 Stealth, +20 percent to crouched movement speed, and an automated medical system that dispenses appropriate chems when needed