22 Words of Wisdom

As they were in the room, All Might looked at them and said, "Young Kirito, Young Yaoyorozu, You Two did a good Job. With Yaoyorozu fully understanding her role and Your Support, You two won Beautifully. As for Todoroki and Shoji, You two didn't communicate, Nor did you make a Plan. Todoroki was concerned about Kirito, so he neglected Yaoyorozu which in turn harmed you two, With the Paralyzing Gas and other Gas Bombs She used. You must know that the enemy had a nuclear weapon with them, still, you two didn't understand. As for the last act, I am disappointed In Todoroki, Why did you think the Villain wouldn't harm your Teammate?"

Todoroki and Shoji who heard All Might couldn't reply to him. They both understood that they were at fault and they didn't understand the reason for the Trial.

As All Might was done talking, Bakugou came to Kirito and asked, "Why didn't you fight, You Bastard?"

Hearing him, All of them, looked at Kirito. They too wanted to understand why Kirito only joined at last. Hearing him, Kirito shrugged and said, "If I joined the Fight, There would be no point in holding it. The Match would be over in seconds."

Momo who heard his blunt answer chuckled while Bakugou and Todoroki had a frown. All Might was also awkward and said, "Bakugou, Even though it looks like Kirito is bragging, he is correct. If Kirito had joined up, the march would have been over."

"Now Let's Start the Second Match." All Might said as he changed the Topic.

The Second Match was Bakugou and Iida V/S Midoriya and Uraraka. As the Match was happening, Kirito came to Momo and asked, "How do you feel?"

"About What? The Match or My Powers?"


"About the Match, I don't know what to say, but I know that, If I was using my quirk like before, I would have lost. As for My Powers, It was good, While Fighting, I had tens of Ideas running through my mind and I couldn't choose them at all. All I could do was use Webs to distract and Paralyse them slowly, It was kinda disappointing. And I know both Todoroki and Shoji weren't that focused on me, and were afraid of getting ambushed by You, So I won taking advantage of the Fact."

"Is it wrong to advantage of the fact that Your opponent isn't ready?" Kirito asked Momo as he heard about her disappointment.

"Umm! I don't it's good or bad. It's Just, I feel Disappointed? That I couldn't win without it."

Hearing him Kirito chuckled and was about to say, when All Might who had heard their talks, took everyone's attention.

"Students! I want to remind you that, While this a Trial and you winning or losing here doesn't matter. But when you will become Heroes, Lose your means, and Someone will Die. So, I am telling you, Take advantage of everything You have, If you can, Then you should and win."

Saying this, All Might turned to Momo and nodded at her.

Kirito chuckled hearing him and said to Momo, "Yeah! This is what I wanted to say, All Might take my words from My Mind. Anyways, Don't Feel Bad. Instead, feel Proud of Yourself, You defeated two people at the same time when you had only thought of these abilities a day ago. And, the next thing you have to id try to use the Ideas you had, Meaning Reduce the number of ideas according to the Situation and then Use them in the Match. Here at U.A., you will get all chances, so take risks here, SO that You won't have to Risk your Life in the Future."

Saying this, Kirito stood up, as he saw on the Screen that, The Match Between Teams was over and Midoriya and Uraraka had won the Match.

Soon, the four of them left the building, with Midoriya Izuku being carried out on a stretcher.

Kirito went to him and healed everyone to ease the Pain they were Feeling. Midoriya was sent to the Recovery Girl while All Might talked to Bakugou, Uraraka, and Iida about their Performance. As he was done, He looked up and asked, "Who do you was the MVP of the Match?"

Most of them said Bakugou, While a few chose Midoriya. In the end, Momo stood up and said, "It was Iida who was MVP of the Match. From start to end, he took his role seriously and Performed it. Here the one Who did the most damage or the one who destroyed the most isn't being Judged. It's the ability to take the Role, Think of the Situation, and Performance in The situation Being Judged. Considering all this, It can be seen that Iida was MVP of the Match."

All Might nodded at her explanation and said, "Yaoyorozu is right, this is what you all have to do."

Iida who heard all of this, bowed to Momo and said, "Thank You for The Explanation, I will strive to become better in the Future."

Then he looked at Kirito and said, "And Kirito, I remembered the things you said yesterday and I had even talked to my brother about it. He said that The one who told you all of this is quite experienced and you should learn from them. The Things he told are from Real Life Examples, Which you wouldn't learn easily in school. As for adhering to laws and rules, remember this facet, 'Rules are dead, while People are Alive.' If you have to choose between saving people and following the rules, Always follow the first choice, even if that might make you regret it, The smile on the faces you have saved, will always give you motivation. So, I want to thank you for the lesson."

As for Kirito, he was dumbfounded as he heard Iida, coming back to his senses, Kirito said, "No need to thank me, It's Your choice to listen and think about What I say. Instead, I am glad you tried to understand it."

After that, All Might gave another lecture to everyone on the topic of Rules and Saving People. Then, the other teams continued their fights in order.

Finally, after more than an hour, all of the battle trials were over.


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