117 The weakness

With the apex dragon corpses Will could continue creating new powerful magical items. The dragons on the second and third layer are kept safe in chests, Will doesn't have a use for them anymore, but perhaps one day he'll need it.

Will remembers in many video games like in Terraria, minecraft, or Stardew Valley, how he had thrown out 'useless' items but ended up needing them and had to grind them all over again. Afraid of something like that happening again Will made it a habit to store items in chests even if they seem useless.

The dragon corpses are nearly intact. Many bullet and mini cannon sized holes could be seen around the wings and head area, and some other heavy damage could be seen everywhere else, most likely from explosions or when the Incredible golems ram the dragons as if they were bowling pins.

There were a total of 6 Apex dragon corpses that his Golems hunted down. A single Apex dragon was enough to give him 10 golden essences, more if Will didn't decide to use the scales for armor.

Some of the Golems returned with scratches, and huge dents caused by teeth marks or being stomped on. Will was currently the only one capable of fixing his damaged Golems.

Will got 63 golden drops from the 6 apex dragon corpses. Most of the apex dragon scales were kept in a chest since their armor is very useful to Will.

Still, Will could hardly believe it, 63 golden drops, that means 63 powerful magical items. Will felt that he was cheating, and it felt great.

His first thought was to use it on the exotic flower seed to produce more exotic flowers for more HP, but it didn't work. The golden drops do not affect living things, and the exotic flower seed counts as a living thing.

Even though the golden essence dropped to the ground, the golden essence didn't disappear the moment it touched the ground. Will was able to place it back in a flask.

Will imagined himself wearing over 60 types of powerful magical items, becoming insanely strong. As great as that sounded, Will held back on using all of it.

In order to create powerful magicals items he also needed High-tier mana-ores, and he also needed an abundance of mana-ores to create {Soverience} better known as Pack-a-punch.

But just to satisfy his greed, Will crafted 9 titanium rings, and 1 bracelet for him to wear. One ring he was already wearing gave him a lot of stamina, it is the same ring he used to harvest Josh's essence. The stamina ring was very useful to Will after wearing and testing it for a while.

On one hand he does feel horrible to use a human to craft a ring, but on the other hand it's very useful.

He is currently wearing two magical bracelets, one gives him strength and the other lets him store items. With his mask that lets him store an infinite amount of items the bracelet is useless to him and he wanted to replace it with a better one.

{Magical titanium ring (2)}

{Burns anyone who touches it}


Will suffered horribly upon touching the ring to examine its ability. He didn't die because the magical glove he is wearing underneath his dragon armor heals him instantly.

"Yeah, that one is useless." Will stored it in a chest along with the gun that freezes anyone it touches. Will decided to use his old bracelet to store magical items that are either useless or dangerous to the wearer.

{Magical titanium ring (3)}


{Long teleportation: Can teleport the user within a 150 meter radius at no cost}

Will raised an eyebrow. He has a magical cloth stored inside his inventory that lets him teleport anywhere within a 15 meter radius for no cost either. The ring is better without a doubt.

Will took his magical cloth from his inventory and placed it inside his mask with infinite storage capacity. For now he wants to keep it until he decides what to do with it.

{Magical titanium ring (4)}

{Negates hunger and thirst while the item touches someone}


"Okay, I like this ring." Will still remembers the time he suffered from hunger and had to resort to eating grass. Having this ring before would've saved him so much pain. Still he would prefer to wear a magical ring that does something else.

For now the ring is inside his inventory.

{Magical titanium ring (5)}

{While holding this item, anyone who lies in the presence of the wearer, the truth will be heard by the wearer}

Will kept this one as well.

{Magical titanium ring (6)}


"Useless." Will threw it with the 'useless' magical items. What's the point of having a magical titanium ring that doesn't break?

{Magical titanium ring (7)}

{While holding this item the wearer can see another's greatest fear}

Will also kept the ring.

{Magical titanium ring (8)}

{Within the presence of the item all languages can be understood}

"Hm, perhaps I can properly communicate with Adaline, and the little dragon girl."

{Magical titanium ring (9)}

{Summons a giant skeleton known as the "hunger" that can eat, grab, destroy, taunt, and kill anything as long as you call out its name}


"The hunger?"

Will then saw the upper half of a skeleton appear in front of him in a large puff of black smoke. Calling out his name is the only way to summon it and to make it disperse.

Its legs were gone but it towered Will with its size. The skeleton appeared to be about 7 feet tall, its arms were abnormally long, and its skeletal hands were abnormally thick, as if they could crush an entire human being.

The other abnormality it had was its teeth, they were long, shiny, pointy, and made of steel. The rest of its body seemed like a normal looking skeleton.

There was a similar magical item that also summoned the "Hunger" (chapter 12) but that only summoned its metal teeth. The true form of the Hunger has finally been summoned by Will.

"Woah, cool! Definitely keeping this one. The Hunger… go back"

The Hunger disappeared in a puff of black smoke. "Onto the next one."

{Magical titanium ring (10)}

{While holding this item, the one(s) the wearer has killed, the victims will come back to taunt the wearer}


{Can change the shape and size of the item according to the holder's mind}

As Will was still reading the abilities the ring contains, he heard several people calling to him, many of the voices were familiar to Will.

"I'm the main character and yet you used my body! You used my body to create a damn ring! You are courting death!"

"I just wanted water and a better life for my people, my sons, and you killed us all!"

"I was just doing my job kidnapping children for a noble! I had no choice you sick fuck!"

"We were your classmates! We didn't want to die! How much of a sick bastard are you to fucking kill your friends?"

"All heroes should die! All humans should die! You should die more than anybody!"

Will recognized a few of the voices. Their apparitions appeared before him and circled him.

Taker, Josh, a few other heroes whose names he's already forgotten, Jim, Radix, and other no-names he has killed. They wanted to tear Will to pieces with their hands to quench their anger, but their ghostly bodies went through his body.

Their bodies still have the injuries that caused their deaths. Radix's head was barely hanging by a piece of flesh around his neck. Josh had multiple bruises on its face and body, and has a bullet hole between its eyes. The three heroes' bodies were charred making them appear horrifying, their bodies missing several large pieces from the explosion.

Will was surprised to see the number of people he had killed was in the 2 digits. He dropped the ring and the spirits disappeared in an instant, as if they weren't ever there.

Will did wonder if the spirits were actually real, or if the ring created illusions.

"Okay… that's a great way to torment someone honestly speaking."

Will used his {builder's touch} to not touch the ring and placed it with the 'useless' magical items, simply because he didn't want it near him.

{Magical titanium bracelet (2)}

{Produces honey}


Will didn't even need to touch the bracelet to find out its ability, the bracelet was already covered in a dark sticky substance that continued to spread. Unlike the magical cup that produces water by tilting it, the bracelet continues to produce more and more honey no matter how you tilt it.

Will tasted the honey by dipping his finger in it. As far as he knew there is no such thing as honey in this world, or it's just really rare he had never seen it before.

"Oh, man, some toast with honey would go well. Um, can you bring me lots of glass?

"Yes, Master."

Minutes later, Will had 50 large jars made of glass with lids that can seal it. One Golem held the bracelet with a string so all the honey would fall in the jar, a second Golem would then replace the full jar with an empty one then seal it.

The magical bracelet that can produce honey was a surprise but a great one.

Out of all the magical items he has crafted today, he only wore 3 not including the ring that gives the wearer stamina. The 3 new rings include the long distance teleportation ring, the ring that summons the true Hunger, and the ring that can communicate with any living being.

The other rings are in his inventory or mask, others are stored in a magical bracelet hidden by his Golem so no one else finds it.

"Well… we can't win them all." Will looked at his hand, he had 4 rings now. He wanted to have a full set of magical rings that helped him in combat or in other situations.

He wanted to make more magical items and was very tempted, but it was risky gambling with his precious resources. Who knows, he might just waste his entire fortune before he can even find another decent magical ring or a bracelet.

"Okay, I won't make more magical items until I can craft {Sovereignty} how long until we can reach our goal of High-tier mana ores?"

"That depends on how many more High-tier mana ores you're gonna use before you reach your goal, Master."

"Yeah, that's fair. There's someone I gotta talk to."

"Master, before you leave, you must repair the damaged Golems. They're at the usual place."

"I will, I will." Will waved his hand. "Another question: how deep underground are we?"

"Around 2.5-2.6 kilometers deep, Master."

"Okay… how far is that in meters?" Will wanted to see if his new ring of teleportation with a distance of 150 meters could be used.

"...2,500 meters-2,600 meters, Master."

"Oh, nevermind. Hang on, I'm bad at math, Golem, so how are you able to know what a kilometer is? I don't think I've ever used that word in my life, except in school."

"I just… know, Master. I know the names and even sometimes uses of many things I've never seen before, like fruits, materials, diseases, this language we're talking in, writing, and even measurements."

Will always had an idea about why the Golem knows some things he should not know, it's because of all the previous Masters it had before him. Perhaps whenever his past Master's souls were destroyed, Golem's memories are deleted but not common and useful information to aid its next Master and make his or her lives easier.

Not even Golem knows why exactly, thus he can't give a proper explanation to Will.

Will returned to his kingdom. No matter how many times he sees it he will always be fascinated by it. But the people living in his kingdom made it look alive.

Will felt glad to bring the people to live in his kingdom. Not long ago he heard some people creating new types of bread using the abundance of wheat he gives them. Who knew what other things they would be able to make for him.

Will knocked on the door of the dragon loli's family.

"Yes?" A familiar woman's voice could be heard from the other side of the door

"It's me. I need to talk with the drag… daughter. Your daughter."

'Oh, shit, that's right, I almost forgot.' Will took out the ring of truth and wore it on his finger.

'Next time I'll add some door holes to every door when I have time. Wait, are they called hole doors or something else? Honestly, I can't remember.' Will thought.

The door opened revealing once again the woman carrying her child with both arms. She appeared tired, messy hair, dark rings under her eyes as if she hadn't been able to sleep properly for a while.

"Hey-a… Fiona, was it?"

"It's Flora. Is everything okay? Did Kat or Amelia do something?"

"No, nothing like that… where's your husband?" Will asked, worried for the woman.

"He's asleep in his room, after he took care of our daughters the whole night."

Will heard no lie from her. Then again he had no idea how the ring of truth functioned yet.

"I need to speak to Amelia."

"But… okay." She wanted to say something, since Amelia can barely communicate with them in human tongue. The woman took her newborn with her and entered a room leaving Will to sit in the living room.

If she were to lay down her newborn anywhere he would start to cry.

Will wanted to test out the ring's abilities on her, since she is a dragon, and to find out more information about 'that' dragon.

Inside the room was Kat and Amelia lying down on the ground. The entire room was scattered with dozens of paper that had random drawings that a typical child would draw. It was clear that the two children were playing and got tired at one point and slept on the ground.

"These two." Flora smiled to see her two daughters having fun. In the beginning Amelia was distant, quiet, shy, after a while she opened up to them especially since now they knew she is a dragon.

Will looked around the living room. Nearly every single house he built was identical. But inside every house was different due to how people decorate their houses both inside and outside.

After 10 minutes had passed, Flora led Amelia to Will who was still half asleep.

"Mom." Amelia said. She had gotten used to calling her parents 'mom' and 'dad' sometimes.

"I know you're tired, hun. But the king wants to see you."

Flora sat Amelia across from Will as she sat beside Amelia while holding her newborn.

"Can you understand me?" Will asked.


Amelia widened her eyes in shock. She heard Will speak dragon tongue. Flora, who was in the same room, heard Will speak human tongue.

"I said if you can understand me."

"I… I can. How can you speak dragon tongue?" Amelia was amazed that her drowsiness went away.

Amelia also spoke in dragon tongue since it is the one language she is mostly familiar with.

Her dragon tongue was horrible to any dragon who heard it but they could briefly communicate with her. Humans are not able to speak dragon tongue perfectly no matter how hard they try, Amelia could because she is a dragon. In her dragon form, however, she could speak dragon tongue quite well.

Once Will heard her talk and he could understand her, he turned to Flora.

"I know this is your house, but I need to talk to her alone, if you don't mind."

Will might be the king and the family is living in the kingdom for free like everyone else, but he didn't want to abuse his power. The house that they lived in belonged to them. If he were in their place, he would hate it if the landowner were to take advantage of his poor living condition.

"I'll be in the other room." Flora, with her spare hand she tapped on Amelia's hand twice before leaving them both.

"As for your question, Amelia, It doesn't matter how I know I learned dragon tongue. There's some things I need to ask you about the dragons. For example: how can I kill the mountain dragon?"

"He cannot be killed, perhaps the Great Sage could. Or at least not in his huge form."

"Huge form? Can he change his size?"

"Yes. He's what people call a 'mutant' who can change his size from an ordinary apex dragon, to that of a mountain."

"Why didn't you tell us this?"

"I tried but nobody understood me."

"Hmm… when does he usually change his size?"

"When he sleeps he's always the size of a mountain. But whenever he eats or drinks he quickly changes back to his true form, that is probably the greatest time to strike."

The reason the mountain dragon changes size to eat is because in his mountain size, there is nothing he could eat that would satiate his hunger aside from eating dirt. Whereas in his normal size he could eat a normal size dragon portion and be full.

"But, his scales are very, very tough. Tougher than any metal, tougher than any dragon scale even with enchantments." She pointed at Will's armor.

Many monsters, including dragons have tried to kill the mountain dragon. His scales are so tough that only one monster had been able to break his scales, that monster was a powerful cyclops who was killed by the mountain dragon.

After a while Will was able to collect some information from the mountain dragon.

What he knows is that the best time to strike is when he shrinks to his normal size to eat, but that's only temporary.

And another important piece of information is that on his abdomen there was a large wound that would be considered a huge weakness. Will was thankful for this information as that wound could be the very reason the mountain dragon dies.

And coincidentally, the dragons also call him the 'mountain dragon' due to his size.

'Still, even if I manage to get to the mountain dragon, there's still all those thousands of dragons, and a few mutants as well like that gold dragon.'

Will had no plan to kill the mountain dragon yet. He was still too weak and outnumbered. Crafting Sovereignty would be a game changer.

Will's eyes couldn't help to wander around Amelia's bruised neck with no signs of it fading. The bruise caused by Josh forcing her to wear the slave collar was still there. Whenever Amelia steps foot outside her house she wears a scarf to conceal the bruise.

Will took off his left gauntlet. He extends his left hand to Amelia.

"Amelia, grab my hand."

Amelia was confused by his words. Why would she ever want to grab his hand?

"I think I know how to heal that scar on your neck, but you need to hold my hand first."

Amelia took all but a few seconds to reach for Will's hand, retracting it a few times before holding onto his fingers.

That's when she realized that the horrible, uncomfortable, itching feeling around her neck was gone. She ran towards the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. The bruise around her neck was gone.

She couldn't help but tear up as she touched her neck.

She ran out to thank Will, but he was gone. He left without making a single sound.

Will teleported out of the house when he saw her neck was back to normal, and if she had any other wounds around her body the glove would have removed them as well. The magical healing glove is broken on so many levels.

Will headed towards the new bakery to try out their bread. What he loves about people living in his kingdom is the variety of food they could make, as long as he can provide them with food and materials needed to make the food.

Later when his kingdom is better developed and more stable, he plans on giving people more jobs and more purposes to live in his kingdom. As it is right now his kingdom is new, under developed, and Will lacked the ability and knowledge to rule a kingdom. What he is doing a great job at is giving the people safety, shelter, and food.


A mid tier Golem interrupted Will before he could reach the bakery.


"There's an elf headed towards the kingdom, and she's riding on top of Adaline."

"That's nice but I… Adaline? Are you sure it's her?" Will could not believe him. Not even an entire day had gone by since he left Adaline with the elves.

"Yes, I am sure it's Adaline. She's coming from over there."

The Golem pointed towards the west gates. He thought his master would find it easier if he were to point to where Adaline is, instead of telling him she was arriving from the west.

Will flew and used the ring of teleportation to get to Adaline quickly. But then he thought 'Wait, what elf is riding on top of Adaline?' Will thought.

Not too far away, Grace and Adaline were an hour away from the Sun kingdom.

Grace had heard from her father of the 'machine monsters' that Will controlled, but still she was beyond shocked to see them in person. Those machines were large in numbers and were all very powerful especially in groups.

Adaline did her best to avoid any dragons. With the forest aiding her, and with her keen sense of sound she could tell where there were dragons. Many dragons were flying around the forest, especially at day time.

The traumatic experience Grace went through was still fresh on her mind. According to her father Adaline had nearly died and was also going through something and needed to heal. The thought escaped from her thoughts until recently.

"I'm sorry, Adaline, I forgot you were also going through something and I made you come with me."

Grace attempted to pet Adaline's head, but Adaline violently shook her hand off. Adaline was not used to her, to her they were still strangers.

"Sorry. I won't do it again."

Twenty minutes later, Adaline abruptly stopped dead in her tracks nearly flinging Grace from her back.

"Woah, what's wrong." Grace said.


A figure came out of nowhere and hugged Adaline tightly. Adaline jumped with joy as she rubbed her head on him, she was equally as happy to see Will. Not even a day had gone by since they last saw each other.

Adaline did notice Will, but what surprised her is that he was teleporting towards her much further than before which made her doubt at first if it was Will. She knows he can teleport, but it seemed that he could teleport further than she last saw him.


Will turned to the familiar voice.

"Oh, so it was you who brought Adaline here." Will looked at Grace with no trace of the joyous emotion he had on his face seconds ago.

"Will, I need to tell you something."


A loud noise interrupted Grace from talking.

A bunch of Incredible Golems came rolling, and they all stood up to surround Will to protect Adaline, they were the ones who guided Will towards Adaline. They knew Will didn't care about his own life, but he cared very deeply for Adaline.

Grace couldn't help but stand between Will and Adaline. The machines made her afraid. She had even forgotten to carry her weapons with her before she left.

"MaSTerRr." An Incredible Golem spoke with a hoarse and raspy voice.

"Circle around us, make sure no monsters are near us."

The Incredible Golems turned into spheres once more and circled Will as per his orders.

"They call you Master?"

"Yeah, I don't like it either. I tried to tell them to change it but they won't listen."

"That's not… anyways, I need to tell you something, the elves are planning an attack on your kingdom."

"Elves? An attack? On my kingdom?" Will thought he didn't hear her correctly.


"With their bows and arrows?"


"With their weapons with low level enchantments?"

"Some of them, yes…"

"And I guess they're riding on their organic mounts that have nearly no defensive or offensive capabilities?"

"Um… yeah…?"

"And they're headed towards a terrain on which their Goddess absolutely holds no power?"

"..." Grace.

"PFFFTTTT!" Will could barely hold his laughter and almost lost his footing. He wasn't trying to make fun of her, he genuinely found it funny.

"I'm sorry. It's just… gimme a minute." Will was laughing from the stupidity of these elves.

"Will! This is serious!" Grace knew why he was laughing.

"I know, I know, just one moment please."

Adaline watched from the side. She very much understood Will's reason to laugh. The elves were really too weak to take on a kingdom. Without the protection of their Goddess, they're nothing.

Five minutes later, Will composed himself.

"Alright. Thanks for telling me, Grace, but there is really no need to worry about me. I'll be fine." Will attempted to head home but Grace stopped him.

"No, no, I know you'll be fine, what I'm worried about is my people."

"Why? Ohhhhh, I get it, you're trying to convince me to spare their lives." Will realized.

"Yes, exactly."

"Hmmm… no."


"That's what I said, no."

"Will, please-"

"No, Grace." Will interrupted her. "You were there when I spared Radix even after he killed me. And look what happened, I spared him, he tried to kidnap me but failed miserably, and look where he's at now."

"Yeah, I know, we just held his funeral today."

"Oh, you found his body. Well, the point is I am not going to spare some elves so that one day they'll come back to bite me in the ass."

"Over 300 elves are planning to attack you."

"Well, holy shit."

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