116 The raid

Will returned home safely. It was still dark and everyone was asleep. Will rinsed the blood from his glove, he could still see parts of elf flesh falling off his glove. It was really disgusting to Will.

That was when he realized something, when had he become so desensitized to the point where he would feel more disgusted than shocked to take a life? Will did not place any more thought into it.

"Master." A mid-tier Golem called out to Will. "The dragon corpses, and the mana ores are ready. More dragon corpses are on their way."


Right now Will wants to grow stronger. The mountain dragon is still a threat.

Earlier that day…

Shaun and the rest of the hero group made it safely by hiding inside a cave, only now could they rest after Shaun deemed it safe enough from dragons or the 'metal monsters' that are roaming everywhere. They hadn't decided on what to officially call the metal things, so that was more of a placeholder name.

Of course the first thing Shaun did was contact the king and give him a detailed report. As he was awaiting his orders, Bruce spoke up.

"What are we going to do now, Shaun?" Bruce asked, barely out of breath. The other two newbie heroes had a hard time breathing from all the running. Shaun and Bruce were the only ones in shape.

"First, I'm getting you three back to the kingdom safely."

"But, what about Peter?" Henry, tired and gasping for air, said still wanted to bring back his friend.

Shaun looked at the young hero in front of him. He didn't like him, but he could respect him and Britney for caring for their friend and willing to go this far to find him, something he once had back when he fought in the great war. Most heroes of their generation wouldn't even want to step foot outside the kingdom or lift a finger.

"I will find another way, but you three will only slow me down. I thought we could make it through without incident as well as train you three and give you some experience, but it's gotten a bit more difficult than I had imagined with those metal things."

Shaun couldn't even take down a single golem when there were more of them out there. With them patrolling around the Sun Kingdom made it difficult to sneak through.

The machines he saw were made of some kind of metal he had never seen before, and they were all enchanted.

Perhaps if the other heroes were more experienced, stronger, carried stronger weapons, fought a single machine at a time, they might stand a chance. But as they are now Shaun knew they would only slow him down.

Even Bruce, who he considers the best hero of this generation, cannot be of any help to Shaun. He is still too green and undergeared to be of help.

"Hey, Shaun, question?" Britney sat down as she raised her hand slightly. "You really don't think those machines could be from the Sun kingdom?"

"No, not really."

"I mean, I think she has a point. The machine you fought comes from a movie from our world. And we also saw a few helicopters. But, still, I don't know if they really are from the Sun kingdom. I was there not too long ago, and I did not see anything remotely similar to those machines." Bruce said.

Bruce even met Will and helped him cut down trees for wood, and got paid handsomely. Could Will, or any other hero really make that many powerful robots in such a short amount of time?

Bruce doesn't like to think badly of others, but Will did not seem like the kind of guy to be able to build such powerful machines even if it were to take him his entire life. Not to mention they've been only here for a few months and the majority of heroes are only settling and getting used to the new world. With the exception of Josh and maybe Victoria.

"What was the guy's name again? The hero in charge of the Sun kingdom? Dillan?" Henry asked.

"Will." Bruce corrected him.

"Right, right. Didn't he build an entire kingdom from nothing? Doesn't it seem likely he could also build robots and helicopters?"

"It isn't likely. I'm about to tell you guys something and you better not say a word of this. Is that clear?" Shaun looked at the heroes with a stern look, they nodded.

"When Victoria destroyed the Sun kingdom some time ago, we had spies sent to live among the people. They had not once reported a single thing about these machines. Sadly, when Victoria destroyed the Sun kingdom she also killed all our spies. That's why I don't think Will is able to create those machines in such a limited amount of time. And I also don't think he could have hidden those machines from our spies… probably."

The three heroes looked at each other.

The real reason Shaun didn't believe Will was capable of creating such advanced, powerful machines, is because he is comparing him to the other heroes of this generation. If he's anything like the other heroes there was no way he could have created them but instead found them, that did not mean he didn't believe that Will had found a way to control them.

The king had tried to send more spies, including nobles and sorcerers, but with the appearance of all these dragons it made it nearly impossible to make it to the Sun kingdom. The only one who could make it through easily is the Great Sage, but he didn't feel like teleporting to the Sun kingdom anymore.

Bruce wished he had a way to contact Sandra. He had a communication stone that he used to send messages to Sandra, but when he found Will he gave him his communication stone, and Will hasn't returned his communication stone. After that he wouldn't be able to see Sandra any more.

The stone in Shaun's hand glowed, the king had replied to him at last.

"Okay, we're going back. Some sorcerers and nobles will meet you halfway to protect you. After that we will part ways."

At first Henry wanted to protest, but there wasn't anything he could say or do. As they are now they cannot do anything.

The king read the report Shaun gave him. He did not completely understand what these "machines" were but if they gave him trouble he had no choice but to ask the other heroes to come back, their safety was top priority.

And he agreed with Shaun's idea to send him alone and infiltrate the Sun kingdom. And also he had a new mission for Shaun, to find out the origins of the machines.

Present time. In Lea's forest.

What would usually be a festive and lively atmosphere among the elves, was instead that of a dark, gloomy, and mournful atmosphere. It even began to rain heavily.

Many elves were gathered in one spot. They all had a terrible look on their face.

Even Arbor, Grace, and Silvas were there. Silvas was giving a speech but he wasn't the main attention.

In front of them was a 6 foot hole big enough to fit a grown man. At the bottom of the hole was none other than Radix.

There was a thick tree root covering Radix's neck since his head had been separated from his body as if someone had simply pulled it out.

Elves bury their dead, so that they would become a part of nature even in death.

Radix hated, and killed humans, and even some heroes, and because of that he was loved by many elves. He was also their second best bowman, the first being Silvas. And elves were a small group and therefore most of them knew each other.

"Can't believe he's dead. And that Will was the one who killed him." Grace said.

Arbor hugged Grace with his one hand as he brought her close to him.

Grace had been recently kidnapped, so she could understand why Will had to kill Radix. Still Radix was someone she knew her whole life, to see someone you know gone was still difficult to process.

Everyone knew why the hero killed Radix, but the majority of the elves didn't care. All that mattered is that Will killed Radix.

Parum, Radix's adopted brother, was also there. Viridis, Radix's nephew, would also be there beside his father. Both elves were feeling horrible. They were there when Radix tried to capture the hero. They blamed themselves because if they had succeeded in capturing the hero Radix would still be alive.

Even if their Goddess, Lea, had managed to capture Will after he grabbed Radix it would not have made a difference. Radix died the second Will grabbed him by his throat.

Parum had lost the protection of the forest, but because of Radix being his adopted brother Lea allowed him to be there to bury Radix.

After giving a speech, Silvas was the first one to walk to the hole. He grabbed a handful of wet dirt and tossed it to Radix.

"So long, Radix." There was no emotion in his face. He walked away to give way to the elf behind him.

The next elf then proceeded to grab a handful of wet dirt, and so on. Every elf had a chance to bury Radix.

After a while it was done. Rias began to break down in tears. Dying was a part of nature, everyone knew that, and yet it is always painful and sad to see someone you know go.

The funeral ended. Parum and Viridis were the first ones to leave. The emotion on their face did not change, but what they were feeling inside was beginning to change from that into rage. Soon the area would be empty.

Silvas headed inside the giant tree to drink some tea and change to some warmer clothes, because of the pouring rain he was cold.

Silvas was contemplating heavily about what to do. With Radix's death, Grace's recent kidnapping, the elves were getting impatient, angry, and wanted revenge.

Many elves were already starting to organize small hunting parties to raid the Sun kingdom.

But as many elves did not want to do that, not until the giant mountain dragon is asleep again. Not only that but having to go to the Sun kingdom was a risk of its own since they did not have their Goddess to protect them.

Silvas tried to talk to Lea, to ask her for guidance.

All she said was, "Do not fight the system user."

"But, that wasn't what I wanted to ask. And is the 'system ''use'r'' that hero?" Silvas asked, but he got no response and was left confused for the most part.

Lea has always done an amazing job in protecting elves as long as they were within distance. But she has always kept quiet unless it meant that the elves were going to make a horrible choice that would have them all killed.

It happened only twice, the last time the mountain dragon was awake, and the time when the first three heroes were summoned and had an epic fight.

Silvas knows just how powerful the Great Sage, the Witch, and the mountain dragon are. But did that mean that Lea was placing Will within the same ranks as those beings?

'Hm. Either the hero, Will, is hiding his true strength and is as powerful as the Great Sage, which I highly doubt. Or he's only going to continue growing strong enough to rival them.' Silvas thought. The latter made more sense to him.

If that was the case, just how much stronger can he get and how fast?

Silvas knows some of Will's abilities through Arbor: How he can revive himself, building weapons, building kingdoms in such a small amount of time, growing trees and crops faster than they can grow, and now he has built an army of machines which can take down dragons with ease.

'I mean, it's not like I was planning to fight the hero anyways.' Silvas thought.

He might not like Will as he did kill Radix, but Radix had it coming to him when he fought that hero when he had the choice not to.

Will also befriended Grace, and Arbor, his precious family, and also had a part in finding Grace and gave them an exotic flower for relatively no cost at all. He feels conflicted as he dislikes Will as well as owes him a debt of gratitude.

After 20 minutes had passed, Arbor hastily ran to talk to Silvas.


"Hm?" Silvas was lost in his thought that he didn't hear them.

"Many elves are heading out to the forest to avenge Radix. They're going to die if they attack the Sun kingdom. Please stop them, we tried but they're too angry to listen. They want to attack before the mountain dragon fully wakes up, which you know could be any day now."

The elves who were planning an attack are numbered between 300-350. Most of these elves are half-breeds. The few pure elves were friends of Radix, or simply hated humans. There have been a few times in history where elves have gathered in such large numbers to fight.

The total population of the elves was nearly 7000 including half-breeds. 300 elves is a huge number considering their small population.

After the funeral ended Parum and Viridis used the elves' emotions to add them to their numbers for a raid. At first they planned to lure Will out of the Sun kingdom to kidnap him instead of killing him by finding and learning more about him by infiltrating the place he lived, but they failed as he always saw through their disguises every single time.

And the one time he sets foot in Lea's forest, alone, they act upon this perfect opportunity and fail. Ultimately it led to Radix's downfall.

Now the only thing they can think of is to hurt him by killing the people who live inside his kingdom. But with the mountain dragon waking from its long slumber the elves wanted to make a move, who knows when it'll go back to sleep.

They've had thoughts that the mountain dragon would make its way to the Sun kingdom, but the chances are too small.

Many elves have started to rally their flying organic creatures, that way they can shoot arrows from above and even enter his kingdom by flying into it as the Sun kingdom's walls are too high.

"I know, son." Silvas naturally knew, some elves had already communicated with him through nature minutes ago. "But I don't think I can convince them to change their mind."

"But Lea can if she talks to them. Please ask her to talk to them."

"Actually, she already did, that's why I don't even think I can convince them."

After Lea failed to protect Radix from Will, for the first time elves started to doubt her and ignore her words.

Lea will do anything within her power to protect the elves that are inside her forest, even half-breeds if she feels like it. But whether they stay or go is entirely up to them.

"Oh, oh no." Arbor could already foresee the outcome.

He still remembers how one time they flew over the Sun kingdom and were almost shot down by turrets. At the time the Sun kingdom was small in size and power compared to what it is right now.

The last time he saw the Sun kingdom it had more turrets, all enchanted, higher walls, and even cannons. He felt that not even 3000 elves are able to touch the Sun kingdom. They'll be shot down.

The elves however thought that with 300 elves they could easily infiltrate and break through the Sun kingdom's defense.

"Dad, they will die. Will is going to kill them! After what Radix attempted…"

"That's why I believe instead of convincing 300 angry elves to change their minds, I can convince your friend to spare them."


Silvas might be the king of the elves, but everyone knew he was more of a figurehead chosen by Lea to guide them and lead them, Lea is the one truly in charge. But now those elves have lost respect for Lea and therefore did not have a reason to listen to Silvas or Arbor.

Arbor felt that his dad had a good point. As it is right now the elves are too angry and too bloodthirsty to reason. But if Will were to show how powerful he is without having to kill them they'll back down.

"Arbor, I'll go visit your friend and convince him to spare the elves."

"Dad, you can't go that far. If something were to happen Lea won't be able to protect you."

"I have to. If I don't, 300 elves will die."

"But, I really think Will will listen better to someone he knows, like Grace or me."

"Son, you can't speak human tongue. I can. Grace can as well, but she is still too afraid to leave the forest, that's why Rias went with you to retrieve the Adalis."

"But dad, the mountain dragon will make a move any day now, if something were to happen to you thousands of elves will want to avenge your death and they'll most likely blame it on humans, especially on WIll. They'll use your death as an excuse to-"

"I know, I know. Still, you're correct, but I don't know what to do. If I do nothing, 300 elves will die. If I do something, more elves might die."

As the two elves are talking, they fail to notice another presence eavesdropping. Grace was pondering deeply.

She wanted to say how she'll go to the Sun kingdom and convince Will to spare the elves. However she knew that her father would never let her go by any means. Right now it was too dangerous for elves to travel outside of the forest.

She wanted to take her mount but it was too slow. She could take her father's flying mount but he'll most likely notice before they leave the village. There was only one mount that could help her: Adaline.

Grace sneaked away from her parents without alerting them of her presence. She found Adaline sleeping on a patch of grass. Being surrounded by nature was soothing, healing, and peaceful.

Adaline noticed Grace but chose to ignore her.

"Hey, Adaline. I never got the chance to say thank you for finding me." Grace stroked her head gently. Adaline pretended to be deep asleep.

"I need a favor: can you take me to Will?"

Adaline raised her head and faced her. Adaline has no eyes, she did it to tell Grace she was listening to her.

"We are running out of time. Many elves are planning to attack Will's kingdom and they're going to fly there any second now. I need you to take me there so I can tell him to spare their lives."

Adaline stood still for a moment, before gently resting her head on the patch of grass.

She has seen how dragons and heroes couldn't even touch his kingdom, so how could some elves possibly be a threat?

Grace was taken aback by Adaline's action.

"Adaline, are you serious?"

Adaline continued to pretend to be asleep.

Grace placed her hand where her mouth was, trying to think of something quick.

"Look, from what I know Will can't die, he'll just revive himself somehow and he'll be fine, which is why you're not worried about him. And I also know that Will's kingdom is very powerful and different from the last time I've been there, so the elves have no chance in defeating Will."

Adaline internally agreed with everything Grace said.

"But there are over 300 elves going to attack his kingdom. They don't just want to kill Will, they also want to kill anybody else they see in that kingdom because they know it would hurt Will. What if they manage to kill someone that's dear to him and you? Don't you think we should at least tell him?"

Adaline raised her head once again. She agreed with her. While she cares about Will as much as she cares about Arbor, she also had a good friend in the Sun kingdom, Sandra.

Grace still plans to convince Will to spare the elves.

Adaline used her vines to gently coil around Grace's waist and placed her on top of her.


Adaline ran at full speed towards Will.

Arbor and Silvas stopped talking as the trees told them Grace and Adaline are leaving the village.


Both elves ran outside. There was no way they could catch up to Adaline even in a flying mount.

They feared not only what monsters might befall on Grace, but they also knew that she was not ready to leave the village.

Truth is they were right. Grace was still afraid, but she hides her emotion so as to not worry her family. The thought of her being kidnapped and being locked up in that room, and never being able to see her family and friends makes her cold, and sometimes leaves her gasping for air.

Fear can take a hold of someone in more ways than they can imagine. Both Arbor and Silvas knew that, and that's why they are afraid for Grace.

"Dad, I'm taking Drake." Arbor was referring to Silvas' flying mount.

"No, we're both going!"

"Grace is my daughter!"

"Grace is my granddaughter!"

None would budge. In the end both son and father rode the organic flying mount and flew to the Sun kingdom.

Time until the elves 6 raid the Sun kingdom. 6 hours.

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