118 Return of the fallen hero

"Why?! Seriously, why?! Was Radix that popular and so well liked that over 300 elves want to risk their own lives to avenge him?" Will was completely flabbergasted. He didn't think more than 20 elves would be attacking his base.

"It's closer to 350."

"Holy…" Will took a deep breath, calming himself down to think how to deal with this.

"When will they be attacking?"

"Midday. In about 5 hours."

"Why at midday? Wouldn't a strike at midnight be better?"

"They don't want to kill you, they know about your reincarnation ability or whatever it is, meaning that killing you would be useless."

"I call it 'respawning' fitting right?"

"Uh, sure. Like I was saying, they don't want to kill you, they want to hurt you by killing the people who live in your kingdom. At midnight the people would be in their homes, sleeping. But at midday most of them would be outside and vulnerable."

"Oh, well that changes things."

Grace heard the tone in his voice shift to displeasure. She didn't like it one bit.

"Wait, what are you thinking right now?"

"I was thinking of maybe sparing at least half of them, until you said they want to hurt the people living in my kingdom."

He has people living with him that he cares for deeply: Sandra, Jack, and others he's getting to know.

"I know how that sounded before I told you, but hear me out, I told you the truth because I didn't want to lie to you again because you're my friend. I don't want to betray your trust again after you've forgiven me, but I also don't want to see 300 of my people die."

"Friend, huh?"

Will sat down to think. He didn't want to repeat a mistake again and spare the elves, but Grace was not only a friend but she's the daughter of Arbor, someone who Adaline trusts and loves.

It took Will a bit to say something.

"Which direction are they coming from?"

"North-east. They'll be flying here in their flying mounts, well most of them."

"Tell you what, if I see them around my kingdom, I'll shoot them on sight and some may die. But if they are smart and decide to retreat I'll let them live. If they continue to want to raid my kingdom and throw away their lives, I won't let them live, and I won't take prisoners like the last time when you and your father were there."

"I guess… that's better than nothing." Grace frowned. Would her people retreat at the sign of trouble?


From the distance they heard various explosions and loud noises as if there was a huge battle going on. The noise only lasted for no more than 10 seconds.

"What was that?" Grace asked.

"I think my golems just killed a dragon." Will said with no emotion.

"In 10 seconds?"

"Yeah. Anyways, you two should probably go back to the village, for your protection." Will gave Adaline one more hug.

"Oh, and I'm saying this as your friend, but you better do your best to convince the elves not to go anywhere near my kingdom, or I'll have every single one of my golems kill your people. But like I said, if they retreat I won't do anything. So long, Adaline."

Will teleported back to his kingdom leaving both of them there.

Grace wanted to say more things to convince Will to spare her people, because she truly believes that there is a chance that all 300 elves will die trying to raid Will's kingdom. But there was nothing else she could say or do.

If she heard people were planning to attack her for protecting herself from being kidnapped like Radix attempted, she wouldn't want to spare them either.

"Let's go back." Grace got on top of Adaline and ran back to the village.

Once Will made it back to his kingdom he was greeted by a golem.

"Master, urgent news!"


"The one who destroyed your kingdom, we found her, we found Victoria. She recently tried to destroy a few golems but she began running away once she couldn't do enough damage to our bodies, but we're chasing her right now as we speak."

"Where is she?!" Will got angry the moment he thought of her. She nearly killed Adaline, and destroyed his kingdom.

"Over there." The golem pointed. "You will see many helicopters, we'll lead you to her."

"Good… wait, where is Sandra?"

"She's with the villagers, Master."

"Are you sure?"

"I am seeing her right now talking to people."

"Okay, have some golems surround the kingdom and make sure nobody leaves the kingdom for the day, and make sure nobody is left outside, especially Sandra, keep an eye on her and protect her. Tell everyone this is an order from their king."

"I will, Master, but can I ask why?"

"There are about over 300 elves going to attack our kingdom around midday. If any elves appear near the kingdom shoot on site. If they retreat, let them go. If they attack a second time for whatever, chase them down and kill them."

"Of course, Master."

"Wait… before I forget." Will teleported to his cave to retrieve something for this occasion.

After making sure he had everything on him, Will attempted to fly away, but was stopped by none other than Sandra.

"Will? Why did the golems just ask us to stay in the kingdom?" Sandra asked, worried.

"In short: 300 elves will attack the kingdom, their purpose is not to kill me but to kill everyone in the kingdom. That's basically everything."

"Where are you going then? To the elves and hope to resolve this peacefully?"

"HA! No… it's something else that has to do with revenge for Adaline."

"Revenge? Is it Victoria?"

"Yeah… I was on my way to 'get' her."

"Can I come?" Sandra asked.

'Weird… shouldn't she want me to solve this more peacefully or something? Not to mention she just glossed over the fact that 300 elves want to kill the people of our kingdom.'

He also noticed her tone and facial expression changed the moment Victoria was brought up.

"Sure." Will carried her princess style and they teleported.

The sudden teleportation caught Sandra off guard and she held tightly onto his neck.

The people of the Sun kingdom, for the first time have heard the golems talk. They were shocked to hear the Sun kingdom would be attacked by elves and have been ordered to stay inside until further notice.


Victoria was running away from the golems that were chasing after her.

She happened to run into them when she was hiding inside a shack she occupied from some family after she killed them.

During the entire time in hiding she would try to recover her damaged arm, and used metal tools to take out the bullets that were lodged in her body.

Later she would want to train herself to get stronger to destroy the Reyes kingdom for branding her a criminal after sending her to the Sun kingdom, even if it was her idea in the first place to be sent there as an excuse to kill Will.

There is one way for her to get stronger, eating different animals. Upon consuming an animal she would gain their abilities.

And as it turns out whatever animal she ate from her own world also counts as she still had abilities from them which include: mantis shrimp, her dog, some species of reptiles she hunted, whales, some birds, and so on.

Before, Victoria had a cruel hobby of torturing small animals for pleasure. Her favorite was gathering a family of whatever animals she could find, kill one of them, eat them in front of them, or make them eat their loved ones.

Her family was very well off and could afford to visit many places around the world and eat exotic animals.

She didn't figure this ability until much later. That was when she decided she wanted to eat dragon meat, and cyclops. Cyclops had their laser eyes which she thought would be insanely powerful and useful.

Yesterday she managed to hunt down a cyclops after much difficulty, and now she had the abilities that a cyclops has.

A few minutes ago she heard some noise nearby and saw it was a dragon being taken down. Seeing an injured dragon nearby she thought it was her lucky day. She had seen so many dragons lately but they were always in groups and didn't have the confidence to kill many at once.

But to see a dragon being taken down she knew it was her best chance to eat dragon meat. That was when she saw the robots, some of them looked a lot like from a movie she saw.

There were many, about 30 to be exact, and they were harvesting the dragon's body leaving nothing for her.

At first she tried attacking them using laser eyes thinking it would be easier to destroy them than a group of dragons, but their bodies were so durable that a shot from her laser eyes merely managed to push one back without taking damage. That was when the golems reacted quickly and charged her.

She did try to fight back using her abilities, that was when they shot at her and she began fleeing. Fighting robots was one thing, but robots who shot enchanted bullets, and laser proof bodies would be too much for her to handle.

That was when she realized she failed to comprehend that they were able to take down a dragon, her greed overtook her process of thinking.

Nothing she could transform into could outrun the 'robots' and she couldn't even fight them or hide from them. She tried transforming into tiny animals but the golems always found her. She tried flying but they would shoot her down as her flying speed was slower than her running speed.

Golems can see everything around them, they don't need eyes to see.

Her best bet would be to use the mantis shrimp's strength once more, but once she does her arm would be incapacitated for a time. But not only did she not want to do that, there were too many golems chasing her that using the mantis shrimp strength wasn't enough to destroy all the golems at once.

As she was losing her breath from all the running, her eyes watering at the thought of dying, she saw a small hole on the ground.

"HOLE!" She ran into the hole and transformed into a small snake and slithered in it. Underground is somewhere Golems could not reach.

A few specific golems surrounded the hole while others stood back. The golems began shooting the hole with explosive enchantments.

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

Debris flew everywhere, fire and smoke covered the area.

"ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME?!" Victoria didn't expect the golems to have explosive bullets, heck, she didn't know they existed in the first place.

With her fragile snake body the explosions blew her deeper underground and got buried underneath the rubble.

She transformed into an ant and began crawling further down to avoid the golems and the explosions.

Minutes later the golems stopped shooting.

"Hey, I heard the loud noise, is she here?" Will asked.

He dropped Sandra beside him and filled her in about his creations.

"BENeaTh Us, MAster."

"Is she dead?"

"I aM NOt sure."

"Welp, I'll start digging, clear the way everybody if you don't want to get hurt or burried, if you see her shoot her."

Sandra and the golems listened and hastily walked back.

Will placed his dragon scale glove back on and disappeared from their sights.

Will teleported underground, he could feel the rubble pressing up against him.

"Time to put this dragon strength to use." Will waved his arms with as much strength as he could muster.


The area around him was being torn by his immense strength and it was shaking.

Will continued to teleport to random places underground and began kicking, punching, and jumping as hard as he could causing the entire place to shake. Every action he made changed the area around him.

His armor set gave him the strength of an apex dragon.

Victoria, who was nearby, could feel something shaking as if a bigger bomb had been set off near her.


She found herself being launched away by some incredible force. The entire area around them was completely open. Due to the debris she couldn't see well but she could see light above her, meaning that whatever just happened had the strength to open a large hole underground.

Thinking the golems had found her, she transformed completely into a cyclops to fight back while her right arm was that of a mantis shrimp, cyclops can not only use laser eyes but their skin is tough. She could transform back into a worm but what's the use if they can just find her again.

Once she sees her chance she'll run, all she needed to do was fight back as she was stuck underground.

'Okay if those robots come here I'll bury them underground and escape. If there are any more outside I'll lead them to the Reyes kingdom and perhaps they'll change their targets from me to them.' Victoria thought.

Once the rubble cleared, she didn't see any golems, instead she saw a human figure that wore dragon scale armor, there was only one man she knew that wore dragon scale armor.

"Will?" Victoria couldn't believe it.

Will clenched his fists in anger, to hear her voice again was unbearable. Still he much preferred to see her in the form of a cyclops than her human form, it was more pleasing to the eye.

"No, you're not Will, I killed him, I killed Will!"

She definitely remembers blowing off Will's head by slapping him with her mantis shrimp hand; she remembers seeing his headless body plopping on the ground beside her.

"Did you really think that killing me… would be enough to stop me?"

Next thing she realized she saw Will disappear from his place, and reappear in a flash in front of her. With her hero reflexes she tried to make a move, but Will had already dug his arms into her cyclops arms, behind her two large could be seen from the impact Will's hands carried since he couldn't control his strength at all.

Transforming into a cyclops made her a bigger, slower, and an easier target for Will.

"AAAAAAAHHHH!" She could feel two things pierce her arms.

"THIS IS FOR ADALINE!" Will tore her hands, creating large gusts of winds and even blowing away more debris with every movement he made.

There is a reason why he never wears his complete dragon set anywhere else, because even slight movements carry immense strength. It is also the reason he isn't holding a weapon, because he'll crush any weapon with his hands, especially now that he is full of anger and has adrenaline coursing through his body.

Victoria fell on her knees, both her hands were gone and bleeding, but are slowly regenerating.

Will didn't want to kill her, he wanted to make her suffer, only then will he kill her.

"Don't think I forgot that heroes can regenerate."

Will removed his dragon scale glove which also removes his strength. He got a cursed bullet from his system that he prepared beforehand.

He jammed the bullet on the inside of her open right arm while it was regenerating, causing her a great deal of pain.

Since she couldn't take it anymore she transformed back into a human. She noticed she wasn't healing anymore, and she felt weak.

"What did you do to me?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

{Cursed bullet}

{Curse: Curse of healing: cannot heal}

{Second curse: curse of weakness}

"Will, please don't do this, this isn't like you. Sandra wouldn't want you to do this to another being."

Will proceeded to jam a pickaxe on her mouth, breaking her teeth in the process. The tip of the pickaxe could be seen sticking out on the back of her throat.


She tried screaming but the pickaxe was covering part of her mouth, she tried to pull the pickaxe from her mouth but her arms were missing.

"Good, you didn't die from that. Not yet, at least. Still… I can't let some bullshit thing happen that can come here and save your life like the Sage or something. Guess I have to do this before it's too late."

Will pointed the gun at her.

"And this is for destroying my kingdom."

Before he could shoot her something happened…

Sandra stood between both of them while looking at him with a face of sadness.

"Sandra? What are you doing?" Will asked, he didn't like where this was going.

"Don't you see, Will? She has already suffered enough. You don't have to do this, you don't have to kill her anymore. Please? For me?"

"Sandra, she-"

"Will," Sandra interrupted him, "I believe everyone deserves a second chance, even her. So please, don't do this, don't kill her."

She gently and slowly took the gun away from his hand.

Seeing that Victoria felt a sigh of relief. She couldn't believe Sandra was protecting her.

Then she felt the barrel of a gun on her head.



Sandra shot Victoria, and the hero had died.

Sandra let go of the gun. Seeing a body in that state made her feel grossed out.

"BLEGH!" Sandra threw up. It was her first time seeing a dead human body, and it was the first time she had killed someone.

Will had his eyes wide open. He expected Sandra to side with her and protect her, not that.

He walked up to Sandra, she hugged him so tightly.

"It's okay." Will said as he rubbed her back.

"Is she dead? Of course she's dead."

Sandra couldn't even look at the body.


"Sorry, Will, I know you wanted to kill her but I just really wanted to shoot her. When I think about Adaline after how close we've become… and when I think about all the lives she took from those families from the villagers I made friends with, I just got so mad."

Sandra started to cry. Everyone processes death differently.

"I know… I know." Will teleported her out of the hole.

"Destroy the body and make sure not to leave a single piece of evidence of her body behind."

"But, Master, aren't you going to use-"

"I don't even want to touch her body, Golem. Just destroy it."

Will did think about using Victoria's body to make another magical item, but the thought of having her body on him made him feel beyond disgusted.

The golems got to work, they didn't just blow up the body, they crushed it, burned it, cut it, and finally left the ashes behind.

The fallen hero 'Victoria' was no more.

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