In Another World With My Sword

After being betrayed and killed by his best friend, Tsuoma Sadeo is reincarnated into a fantasy world where humans and magical creatures coexist. Armed with his indestructible sword and immense magical powers, he becomes a formidable sword mage. However, his new life takes an unexpected turn when he is met by the Princess of Straterfall Kingdom, his summoner, who has a crucial mission for him. A powerful demon, Urea, has possessed the Empress of Latasha, the second most powerful kingdom, and is secretly rallying dark mages to awaken the King of Demons, Agarrat, from the abyss. A goddess, determined to prevent this catastrophe, forms an unlikely alliance with the Princess of Straterfall. Together, they summon Tsuoma and, by mistake, his friend Teruki. The two must undergo rigorous training to defeat the Three High Demons: Urea, Trezona, and Duggan. As the stakes grow higher, Tsuoma and Teruki race against time to prepare for the ultimate battle. Will their training be enough to save the world from destruction, or will they run out of time? And who exactly is the supreme one and what is his or her plan?

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30 Chs

The Dojo Challenge

 The environment is cloudy as little drops of rain splattered down, making splattering noises on the rooftops of houses around. A boy holding a sword in it's sheath is seen running and smiling under the rain.

Darkness smiled on the earth and the environment is saved from the piercing darkness with translucent illuminated neon light bulbs. And also the light from the half moon. Different scents wafted through his nostrils. He smiled in satisfaction as he ran. He saw people open up their shops.

He passed a woman selling various weapons and equipments. He always fancied a golden sword sheath with dragon design. It was four thousand yen and he had been saving up his feeding allowance for months to buy the sword sheath. He had three thousand yen and he hoped to get the remaining from his father. His father owned a dojo where he trained young boys in his Sadeo sword technique. 

There were many dojos in that city and they all had different sword techniques. Most times, competitions were held to determine the best dojo in Japan.

He got home and greeted his father, he saw his father talking to another man who happened to be his best friend's father and head of Akida Dojo with the furious sword technique, and he knew better than to interfere. He went to his room but caught a bit of their conversation. "Dojo challenge."

Though he didn't get all the details but he hoped his father accepted the challenge. He had never fought in a dojo challenge before and so was looking up to it.

The next day, his father called him and told him about the challenge. 

"Tsuoma, you saw Mouya when he came here last night. He came to challenge us for the title of Lead Dojo and I accepted and placed Tona to fight for us. Many other dojos would be participating, and I wouldn't want us to lose." Don Sadeo said looking at his son.

Tsuoma was shocked, he couldn't look up at his father, but was mumbling incoherently. He spoke up after some minutes of silence.

"Sure father, he is a strong swordsman." He said but his soul didn't agree with his words as he gripped his right fist tightly. His father noticed it but said nothing. "Dismissed." His father said and he stood up to go to his room. There he jumped on the bed and wept his eyes out.

He took his sword admiring it, it was a sword his mother bought for him when he came of age before she died and he never parts with the sword for once, it was a gift from his mother which he uses to think about her whenever he was feeling down or depressed.

"Why won't father allow me participate, is it because I am weak. But I trained hard and have mastered many techniques. I believe he doesn't want me to participate because of all the high people coming but still depriving his own son that's bad."

He got down from the bed, took the sword and jumped off the window. He went to the garden where he trained till daybreak.

 The environment is filled with fallen leaves. A shirt can be seen hanging on a tree trunk. 

The tree has several slashes on it.

A boy can be seen laid down on the leaves while gripping a sword.

He is oblivious to his surroundings as he sleeps with reckless abandon. His white

Ichijūkō' [1] is stained with sweat and his blue 'hanzubon' [2] is spared.

 A curly hair, blue eyes and red haired young girl comes out to the garden. She is well dressed in a white floral gown with a jacket at front. She giggled seeing the boy with his mouth opened. Her eyes glowed mischievously.

She looked around and saw a little shrad of wood. She picked up the stick and edged close to him, she then put the stick in his mouth. The boy jolted awake and in a split second pinned the girl down under him. The girl grinned as she looked up to him. He became shocked and speechless gazing down to her eyes, his face turning red from embarrassment.

"If you have finished appraising me Tsuoma Sadeo, I'd like you to get off me." She mocked. The boy instantly stood up from her. He looked away from her shyly. He mumbled something which sounded like a greeting. The girl laughed in her little voice.

 The scene changes to a room decorated with many pictures of swordplay and swordsmen. The room is in a square formation with a table and chair decorating it. A bed is situated not far from the only window in the room. The sun shines it's ray gently into the room. A mirror is also there and the boy is admiring his long wavy black hair, his blue eyes and his muscular body. The mirror reveals the boy now dressed up. He wears a white shirt and blue baggy trousers.

He wears an outdoor slippers. He came out and crashed into the girl sending both of them down.

"Sumimasen." [3] He shouted to the girl.

She groaned. "You are awfully clumsy today, hentai." [4] The boy bowed his head in shame.

"I'm sorry, Teruki."

The girl grinned and stooped to peck his cheek. "I will accept your apology when you win."

His face took a shade of dark red and he was surprised.

"Surprised right, well Tona said he was sick and your father decided to choose you. When he tells you, act genuinely surprised because you heard nothing from me." She eyes him mischievously and he gulped hard and nodded.

He was happy, his father had chosen him.

The scene changes to reveal two figures who are seen running from six men at their backs. The figures turn out to be a male and a female. The male is adorned in knight robes while the female is dressed in a manner befitting a princess. The six men look murderous and hungry as they pursue the duo hotly. Suddenly from nowhere, a woman lands facing the soldiers and backing the duo. "Rine, cads, vso, mekai, saver, shine, holfast me ba soff." [5] The woman chanted in an unknown language and the six men stopped moving and start screaming and attacking themselves. She looks at the duo.

"Hurry, go, find somewhere to hide and cast the summoning. We have to get our hero according to the prophecy, I will try to hold many of these soldiers off, now go Princess Emile, the fate of our world rests on you." The woman said and faced back. "More of them are coming, go." The princess looked like she would argue but sounds of boots came nearer to them. The knight grabbed the princess and ran with her away from the place. "Please be safe, supreme mage, Agnolia." He whispered and kept on running.

 The scene revolves to a stadium filled to the capacity with various people. There is a cool wind blowing, reducing the ferocity of the blazing sun. The arena is empty until a man walks to it holding a sword in his left hand and a megaphone in his right.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Dojo Challenge, one of the most interesting fights in history among various skilled swordsmen. Today you will see swordplay like never before. The rules of the game is…there are no rules, go all out as you want but don't kill or maim your opponent. Once you are the last one standing, you win. So let's get this party started. From Maseo Dojo, we have Temari Ako. From Sadic Dojo, we have Zaragoza El. You have read the rules your leaders gave you, so let the swordplay begin."

Tsuoma wasn't interested in the match, he was busy developing strategies on how to win. The winner gets a diamond crest long sword which was said to have been wielded by the strongest sword master before his death. It was believed the sword could cut through anything and he longed for it.

The girl won the match. Other matches came. Tsuoma also participated in some and won all until it came down to the match between he and his best friend. His best friend from Akido Dojo defeated the girl and entered the finals.

Tsuoma saw his friend's eyes and saw they were cold and devoid of emotion. He wondered what happened. In a flash, Tsuoma's shirt had received seven slashes and he began to bleed. Everyone in the stadium were shocked. He didn't use that skill during his battles.

"This is the final match for me to defeat you." He said to Tsuoma who was struggling to stand up. "I see you have learned a new technique uh Mashas." Tsuoma said groaning.

"Yes friend and I will take you down with it and other of my secret techniques. That was furious blade attack 0.5." Mashas said taking a stance.

Tsuoma sighed and tore his clothes from his body revealing his strong body physique. "I have been training also, in order to catch up." He removed his sword from his waist leaving it in the sheath. He put his body in an x formation with his sword at his front. His legs faced together.

"Tsuoma sword technique first form, BLUNT STRIKE." He ran and moved around Mashas darting left and right then smashed the top of the sword on Mashas head sending him flying backwards and crashing on the floor with his back. He groaned in pain. Tsuoma sped it looked like he teleported and continued bashing the sword on Mashas. Mashas wasn't bleeding but cracks could be heard as his bones groaned in agony. He raised his hand and wrestled Tsuoma out of his sword and kicked him backwards. He tried raising the sword but the sword sent him falling down away from his hands Tsuoma picked it with ease. Tsuoma smirked. "Only someone strong as me or stronger can lift my sword and believe you me I have trained hard." Mashas groaned and stood. He grabbed his own sword. "Furious technique, fantastic fury." He dashed slashing wildly with the intent to kill showing on his face and demonstrated by his sword. 

They kept on attacking each other fiercely, none holding back. It was the longest and last fight of Tsuoma in this world.

"Why do you want to kill me so badly Mashas?" Tsuoma asked, pain evident in his voice as he fell down still holding his sword with one hand and his chest with another. His face contorted in pain.

Mashas grinned. The spectators didn't understand what was happening as they knew Tsuoma was winning and now he was a on his knees and the next thing he was vomitting blood.

From the spectators side of the stadium, Teruki ran and jumped. She yelled for Tsuoma who couldn't see or hear anything. Before he fell unconscious he saw Mashas stealthily wiping his sword.

Tsuoma saw it, the poison that killed him and then he died. His eyes watered for the betrayal by his friend.

Ichijūkō [Singlet]

Hanzubon [knickerbockers]

Sumimasen [sorry]

Hentai [pervert]

Rine, cads, vso, mekai, saver, shine, holfast me ba soff. [By the light of the spirit, let friends become enemies.]

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