1 Chapter 1: Waking up to an new world [Edited]

As I woke from a deep slumber, my surroundings came into focus. I was in a cage, imprisoned in an unfamiliar place. My mind raced as I tried to piece together what had happened. The last thing I remembered was buying a new game from the market and then blacking out.

Panic set in as I realized the predicament I was in. My body felt foreign to me, as if it didn't belong to me. I screamed in desperation, hoping someone would hear me.

My cries were answered by a man with a long mustache and a rotund belly. He approached me, brandishing a stick. Despite my attempts to defend myself, my lifeless body had no strength to fight back. I was powerless against the man's beating.

As I lay there, defeated, I took in my surroundings. There were others in similar circumstances, all with tattered clothes and empty eyes. But what struck me most were the demi-humans and other races, including humans, imprisoned alongside me. The cages were located in an alleyway, with a steady stream of people passing by. It was clear to me that we were in some sort of slave market. Each of us wore a choker around our neck, a mark of our captivity.

A flurry of questions flooded my mind. How did I get here? Was I dead? Was this all just a dream? Was I too horny? (Cough) But I pushed these thoughts aside, knowing that there was no way to find answers. I tested the strength of the cage bars, hoping to escape, but it was no use. They were too strong.

"Did you hear that the young miss of the Bloodfallen family is coming to the market?" "What, really?" "Yes, young miss Veronica Bloodfallen is apparently coming to our market to buy a slave."

Two nearby voices caught my attention. They were discussing a young lady, but it was the mention of the Bloodfallen family that caught my attention. I racked my brain, trying to place the name.

Before I could come to a conclusion, the man with the big mustache and belly appeared again. He swung his stick at my cage, making me flinch. "Hey, human, listen carefully. The young miss of the Bloodfallen family is visiting our shop today. Remain silent while she's here, and don't you dare cause a scene like earlier. If you do anything like that, it won't just end with a beating this time." He walked away, but before he was out of earshot, I called out to him. "U-um, are we in the Aragon Empire?"

The man gave me a confused look before answering gruffly. "Are you dumb or something? Of course we're in the Aragon Empire."

As he left, my heart began to race. It all clicked into place. "I reincarnated into a visual novel," I muttered to myself. It all made sense now – the Aragon Kingdom and the young lady's name were clear indicators.

The game I had bought was called "The Sly Knight." It was a game with a multitude of characters and plotlines, allowing players to choose from various characters with their own backstories. The game focused on combat and relationship development, with the more characters you befriended, the more help you received during gameplay. The game had various attributes and multiple story settings.

It Gives player's a free reign over the course of action they take in the game.

The game has Serval different world's and fantasy elements.

To be honest, I was pretty shocked when this game was released.

I wondered how many years did it take, to Build this caliber of game.

The game begins in the Aragon Empire, which is home to several of the game's main characters and the location of the major battle.

The Bloodfallen

How can I forget the Bloodfallen family name?

It was the family that started the uproar in the Empire, which led to the empire's total destruction.


The red carriage, with its ornate gold trim and fallen rose crest, stood out like a beacon amidst the bustling market street. An army of soldiers, their armor gleaming in the sunlight, stood guard around the vehicle, their spears and shields at the ready.

As the door to the carriage swung open, a vision in red emerged, her head adorned with a small round hat. Veronica, the young woman, gazed at the soldiers with her crimson eyes, her voice laced with concern. "What's the problem? Have we arrived at our destination?"

The soldier, his gaze averted, replied, "Yes, Miss. We have arrived, but there is a minor issue."

"What is the issue?" Veronica asked, her brow furrowing in worry.

The soldier hesitated before speaking. "The alleyway we are taking is too narrow for the carriage. As a result, you will have to walk there."

Veronica let out a sigh of resignation. "Haah, no problem then. I shall walk there by foot." She stepped out of the carriage, followed by two servants, and urged the soldiers, "Lead the way."

As they made their way down the narrow alley, the group arrived at a marketplace filled with cages placed at the corners of the road. Veronica gazed at the scene with her scarlet eyes and instructed her servants, "You guys stay here; I'll go there alone."

One of the maids protested, "But miss—,"

Veronica interrupted her, her tone firm. "Don't make a fuss about this; also, I'm taking my maids with me." And with that, she confidently strode towards the marketplace, her maids following in her wake.


Suddenly, several soldiers rushed into the passageway, their shouts and the screams of the injured filling the air. I could see the aftermath of a powerful explosion that had occurred just a few seconds before. People were running past me, some of them missing limbs and covered in blood.

I was still trapped in my cage, staring at the chaos in front of me, feeling powerless. I watched as the large, mustachioed man gathered his belongings and prepared to leave.

In a desperate move, I reached through the bars of the cage and grabbed onto his leg as he walked past.

"What are you up to, Bastard? Let me go!" he yelled, trying to shake me off. He began kicking my hands with his other leg, and I was afraid my bones would shatter from the force.

Tears streaming down my face, I begged him urgently. "Please, let me go. I'll perish if you don't."

"Leave me, Bastard. Even if I let you go, you'll just die," he spat at me, continuing to struggle.

"Please, I'm begging you. Let me go!" I cried out in pain.

Finally, with a sigh of annoyance, he reached down and tossed a key into the cage. "Tsk, here's your key," he said, before turning and running away without looking back.

Without hesitation, I fumbled with the lock, my hands shaking as I tried to unlock the cage.


As I finally managed to open the lock and escape the cage, I stepped out into the chaotic marketplace. Sobbing and screams filled the air as people tried to flee the area.

My gaze was drawn to a soldier lying on the ground a short distance away, his back propped up against a wall. From the looks of it, he had a serious wound on his stomach.

I approached him quickly, hoping to find out what had happened.

"Y-kid, you shouldn't be here. Leave this place," the soldier said weakly as he saw me approaching.

"Can you just tell me what happened?" I asked, ignoring his instructions.

"A monster ambushed us when we were patrolling this area. It's currently engaged in a fierce battle with our young lady, Veronica," he explained, his voice strained.

A monster attack in the marketplace? I thought to myself. Is this the event?

At that moment, another massive explosion shook the area, coming from the south.

I turned back to the soldier to ask him a few more questions, but when I looked at him again, I saw that he was no longer alive. I had never seen anyone die before, and the sight was shocking and jarring.

With a sense of dread and confusion clouding my mind, I pushed forward, propelled by an overwhelming need to discover the source of the commotion that had so abruptly interrupted the calm of the marketplace. My legs carried me swiftly towards the unmistakable clang of steel upon steel, each step bringing me closer to the epicenter of the chaos. And before I knew it, I had reached the very heart of the marketplace, where a violent battle was raging on.

The scene that greeted my eyes was one of utter chaos and devastation. Corpses littered the ground, a macabre tapestry of death. And in the center of it all stood a young woman, her red dress torn and bloodied, her silver sword glinting in the light. Her hair, the same brilliant silver as her weapon, was matted with sweat and blood. Across from her loomed two monstrous creature, a gorilla-like beast with teeth as long and sharp as knives. Its size was that of a small building, towering over the girl, a looming behemoth of muscle and fury.

Just seeing this terrifying beast in front of me causes my heart to quake with terror.

But then my gaze returned to the girl, and I saw that her face was a portrait of determination and strength. She was not afraid, not anxious, but resolute. Even from where I stood, I could sense the aura of power that radiated from her, a force that seemed to transcend the mere physical. She stood there, alone against the monstrous creature, unafraid and unyielding.

With a fierce cry, the girl charged towards the monstrous creature before her, her scarlet eyes alight with determination. The sword in her hand blazed with a radiant energy as she bellowed, "You fiend's pawn, prepare to meet your demise."

As the girl closed in on the monster, it seemed to sense the danger and made a desperate leap to dodge her sword assault. But fate was not on its side. A shimmering shield materialized out of thin air, intercepting the creature's escape and sending it crashing to the ground with a thud. The girl stood victorious, her blade still at the ready, as the defeated monster lay motionless at her feet.

[A story path is available]

A floating information screen appeared in front of my eyes.

'What exactly is this?'

Out of curiosity, I touched the window, and as I did.

A new window appears.

[Please select a target]

My mind raced as I struggled to comprehend the system's message, my thoughts consumed by confusion. As I lost myself in contemplation, my eyes were irresistibly drawn back to the striking figure of the girl in the red dress.

[ Observing the character ]

[ Character: Luina aslad Veronica Bloodfallen ]

—Level: 56 [ Silver rank ]

—Mage : Lv 8 ( Higher Realm)

—Character Difficulty: Hard ( When I say hard, I mean "very hard").

—Race : True Vampire

-Next evolution : Vampire Queen. { Progress :54% }

—Hp : 70%

—Stress level : 20%

Interests: killing, hunting, torturing, and spending time with her favorite pet.

Love interest: none.

Favorability: 0%

[Skills]: (Blood Control), (Night Queen), (Devilish Charms Eyes), (Recover by Negative Energy), (Resistance to Holy and Negative Energy), and so on.More...

{Equipment}: the sword of Lazar.

Description: The Lazar Sword is a legendary-tier sword once owned by Nilfar Bloodfallen, the previous vampire god. Its distinguishing feature is that if handled by someone with enough energy to release its full form, it can even kill a deity.

The lazar Sword has been made by the great dragon king's heart.

Other characteristics include: [Locked]

Other characteristics: [Locked]

Character information —:

Veronica Bloodfallen The third child of vampire lord Damien Bloodfallen and the Bloodfallen House's next heir




. Information etc.

A plethora of information about the infamous "Veronica Bloodfallen" appeared in front of me.

The character whose path was the most difficult and risky also

I can tell this system is from a visual novel based on some of the information in the Status panel.

It's precisely what I stated before. In this game, you must form bonds with other characters and assist them in their journeys in order for them to assist you.

If I'm being absolutely honest, it's a jumble of everything.

As I returned my attention to the ongoing battle, I saw that Veronica was easily holding her own against the monstrous gorilla. She was slashing at its legs with her sword, her movements precise and deadly, while the gorilla struggled to fend her off.

Despite its size and strength, it was clearly losing the fight. But then, an arrow came flying towards Veronica with great force. She lifted her sword to defend herself, and as I looked closer, I saw that the arrow was covered in some sort of mist.

'Magic coated '



I watched in horror as the scene unfolded before me, my mind struggling to make sense of what I was seeing. Veronica, who had moments ago been locked in battle with a fierce monster, now lay motionless on the ground, her shoulder bleeding from a wound inflicted by an arrow. The creature lay dead beside her, but I couldn't comprehend how it had been defeated.

As if in answer to my unspoken questions, a shadowy figure emerged from the darkness. Dressed in a sleek black suit that covered his entire body, he approached Veronica's prone form with a sense of purpose. Raising his hands in the air, he seemed to summon several other hooded figures, similarly dressed in black, who materialized around him. The sight sent a chill down my spine, and I couldn't shake the feeling that something sinister was afoot

"Examine the body," the man commanded in a cold, emotionless voice, gesturing to one of the hooded figures. The figure obediently approached Veronica, kneeling beside her motionless form. With a flick of its hand, it cast a spell that enveloped her body in a mystical light, before disappearing as quickly as it had appeared. Though I couldn't discern the spell's intent, a sense of unease settled in the pit of my stomach, as if it were meant to cause harm rather than heal.

"My lord," the examiner reported with a bow, "it appears she is dead."

"I see," the man in the black suit said, his voice devoid of emotion. "Then let us leave the capital immediately." He turned on his heel and began to walk away, the hooded figures falling in line behind him.

I watched as they left, leaving Veronica's lifeless body abandoned in the marketplace. It was hard to comprehend that someone who had been so powerful and proud of her abilities could now be dead. My feet were still trembling with fear and anxiety as I debated whether or not to approach her, to try and make sense of the senseless violence that had occurred.

Suddenly, a notification appeared in front of me. [Character Analysis: Lou Luina Veronica Bloodfallen] - Take note: Dark magic is progressively poisoning her body, and she will die in 4 minutes. If the lethal black magic is not eliminated, she will perish.

Without hesitation, I opened her status window and saw that her HP was at a dangerously low 6%. (3:47) 'She survived that brutal attack,' I thought to myself with a mixture of amazement and worry.

________[ *New Route Options* ]__________

1) Save her from death and follow the character's path.

—Reward: Random Skill

Exp : 8000

2) Forsake her. It might have a significant impact On the timeframe of the game.

—Reward: You will solve a major mystery.


I was presented with two options: the first was to save Veronica from death and follow her character's journey, and the second was to forsake her and discover interesting advancements in my life. Both choices seemed suspicious to me, and I wasn't sure which one to choose.

[Note: Only 2 minutes remaining]

I decided to go with the first option. As I clicked on it, a notification appeared on the screen. [Option selected: (1)] [Quest started: Save the Blood queen] [Suggestion: Make her drink your blood]

Without hesitation, I ran towards the center of the marketplace where Veronica's body was lying. Kneeling beside her, I called her name and tried to figure out how to save her. The suggestion to make her drink my blood seemed strange, but I didn't have any other ideas. I had to try something.


[ (Veronica's Pov) ]

Since I was a child, my father taught me that being affectionate towards anything is the greatest weakness of individuals. He believed that being loving with someone or having a yearning for them could cloud one's judgment and impede one's progress. I took this lesson to heart and made a conscious decision to avoid such weakness.

I dedicated my life to becoming the strongest, forgoing a traditional childhood and adolescence, focused on training and self-improvement. Though I missed out on the normal experiences of youth, like going to parties with friends and having a lover, I never regretted my choices. As the next head of the Bloodfallen house, I knew that sacrifices would have to be made. And I was willing to make them, in order to be the best leader I could be.

I had worked tirelessly to achieve my goal and had finally become the Aragon Empire's most powerful young mage. I was the sixth most powerful wizard and saint of the sword, and I was incredibly proud of my abilities. I believed that not just anyone could have accomplished what I had.

The scene I could never have imagined played out in front of my eyes.

My protective shield had been penetrated, and the arrow I had hoped to block had pierced my heart.

My awareness is gradually melting away.

This meant I was dying as the dark mana was slowly engulfing my body.

I still have a lot to do in my life, which is why I'm experiencing such strong sentiments about death right now.


'Someone please save me.'

" Miss Veronica "

" Miss Veronica, Can You hear me, if you do, please respond to me"

A gentle and troubled voice reached my ears, as if in response to my silent plea. Though I lacked the strength to open my eyes, I could feel a warm touch caressing my cheeks and a sweet aroma tickling my nostrils.

With all the strength I had left in my body, I managed to open my eyes. I found myself staring into the worried gaze of a boy with black hair and sapphire eyes. He looked familiar, but I couldn't quite place him. As I struggled to remember who he was and how he had come to be there, a sense of hope and gratitude washed over me.

"Oh, thank goodness. You blinked your eyes open. For a brief time, I was convinced you were dead," he said, his voice filled with relief.

But I was confused, I didn't remember this boy, and I couldn't understand why he would be relieved that I was alive. I couldn't recall doing anything that would cause anyone to be concerned or saddened by my death.

Then why.

I was in his laps, and his arms were over my shoulders.

"Veronica-san, I'm about to cut my hands, so kindly drink this; it will help you heal."

As he extended his hand towards me, I couldn't help but feel a sense of dread wash over me. Was he offering me blood? My mind raced as I tried to make sense of the situation.

"T-that won't work," I stammered, my mouth trembling.

But he seemed unfazed by my reluctance. "You don't need to be concerned about that," he said calmly. "Please, just drink this."

With a steady hand, he drew a small knife and made a precise cut on one of his fingers. The blood that flowed out was dark and thick, and as he brought his fingers to my lips, the sweet smell of it hit me. It was unlike any blood I had ever smelled before. I hesitated for a moment, but the pull of curiosity was too strong.

My vampire senses were screaming at me to drink this.

"Drink it."

And then I began sucking the blood with all my power.

As the blood entered my mouth, I felt a wave of ecstasy wash over me, causing my entire body to shake with delight. It was as if all my senses were heightened and I was experiencing pleasure on a level I had never known before.

But as the blood flowed through my body, something even more miraculous happened. I could feel the darkness that had been consuming me, slowly leaving my body. I couldn't believe it, this was impossible. I had been told that once a vampire was infected with this dark mana, there was no cure. But here I was, feeling the darkness dissipate with every drop of blood I consumed.

When I looked at the boy, I noticed that his entire face was red as he stared at me.


As I continued to drink the boy's blood, I noticed that his hands were trembling, and his breathing was becoming more labored. It was clear that the act of giving me his blood was taking a toll on him.

But as for me, my body was now at its peak condition. The dark mana that had consumed me was gone, and I felt stronger and more alive than ever before.

I released the boy's hands, and as soon as I did, he fainted with me on top of him.

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