3 Chapter 3: Coach signed at the pub

Chapter 3 The coach signed in the pub

   The door of the tavern was pushed open. With a hint of coolness, a blond man in a brown felt coat walked in.

   He looked around, and his eyes lit up after seeing the empty whiskey bottles in front of Gao Bo. He walked over and sat down in front of Gao Bo.

   "I like Scotch whiskey..."

   Gao Bo raised his head and looked at the man in front of him who was talking to him. He was not interested in talking. If he was a beautiful woman, perhaps Gao Bo would cheer up.

   "My name is Morton, David Morton!"

   Morton beckoned and asked the bartender to open him a bottle of whiskey.

   "Oh...good wine..."

   Morton had a glass of whiskey, showing a look of enjoyment. Then he said: "Don't mind if I sit opposite you... It's not easy to find a bar with fewer people today..."

   Gao Bo ignored the words in front of him. He just wants to drink a few glasses of wine quietly, and then find a way to find a job tomorrow-Gao Bo just calculated his wealth, including a few banknotes in his wallet and two steel pins on his trouser pocket, he Now there is a total of 789 pounds left. Gao Bo has spent a lot of money studying abroad in England over the years. Although his income as a coach at Chelsea is good, most of his money has also repaid the loan when he studied at the beginning. If you find a job as soon as possible, the money will be spent in England soon.

   But what do you want to do, continue to be a football coach?

   "Coach Gao Bo, how did you see that Chelsea was going to score?" Fatty Kenny moved a stool and sat down.

   "Intuition!" Gao Bo, who was unhappy, didn't have any thoughts to chat.

   "Awesome!!!" Kenny's eyes gleamed, "I heard that great coaches are very intuitive people. It is said that Mourinho has the keen intuition to predict the arrival of a goal!!"

   "It is indeed the coach who led Chelsea to the U18 championship!!"

   Kenny's belly was about to rest on the table. This lump of meat was piled up on the chair, which made Gao Bo worry for a while-worried about this poor chair.

   "Are you a football coach?"

   David Morton, who just walked in, his eyes lit up.

   "Of course, Gao Bo is a magical coach. I have a hunch that he...he is the next Mourinho!!"

   Kenny held the cup and tremblingly recounted Gao Bo's deeds.

   Morton was dubious.

   "Are you the coach of Chelsea U18?"

   "Former coach!"

   Speaking of this matter, Gao Bo felt irritated.

   Seeing that Gao Bo didn't mean to continue talking, David Morton was a little embarrassed, but he didn't seem to give up.

   After all, this is a coach who can lead Chelsea U18 to the FA Youth Cup!

   David Morton thinks he is lucky...

   "Mr. Gao Bo." Morton tidied his collar, "I am David Morton, the owner of an English second division team!"

   Gao Bo glanced at the blond man in front of him.

   The rich who can own a second-tier team would drink in such a place? Regardless of the fact that the second division of England is already a fourth-level league, the second division is also a professional league. The average weekly salary of the main players is also around 5,000 pounds. If a second division team operates, it will have at least one season. Just spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on it...

   David Morton saw the suspicion in Gao Bo's eyes and touched his nose.

   "I am... the boss of Luton Town!"


   Gao Bo nodded.

   Luton, he knew that this was a team that had just been relegated from the first division, and because of the team's financial problems, before the second division began, he was fined 30 minutes.

   "That Luton who was relegated to the first division and was fined 30 points?" Gao Bo asked.

   This news is the only football news that Gao Bo has had an impression of except for the Champions League final.

After being relegated from League One to League Two, he was fined 30 points at the beginning of the season. To make matters worse, a large number of Luton's main players left the team because the team was unable to pay, and since the end of last season, Luton's main player The position of coach has been vacant, and the team has been unable to find a coach who can lead the team to the professional league.

   No coach wants to go to a team that is destined to be relegated before the season begins...

   With Luton's current situation, even if no penalty is given, it is the biggest relegation favorite team.

   If the second team drops one more level, it will be the semi-professional national parliamentary league, then it will be separated from the professional league...

   What good coach can I find at this time?

   Therefore, when Morton heard that Gao Bo has a history of coaching Chelsea U18, he was moved.

   Gao Bo thoughtfully, he knew what Morton meant to reveal his identity.

   But do you really want to go to a second division team that was penalized at the beginning of the season?

With his A-level coaching certificate, he should be able to find a job in a Premier League team. Of course, he can't be the head coach. However, the position of the echelon coach and even the assistant coach of the Premier League first team is not a big problem— -There are not many coaches holding A-level coaching certificates in European football.

   "Uh, my team debt has been paid off, and the only problem at the moment is 30 deductions..." Morton himself was also guilty.

   "There is also the problem of the team lineup. I guess Luton can only rely on the reserve team and youth team players as a framework to play in the second division."

   "There are still two or three main players staying..." Morton's tone weakened.

   Gao Bo did not speak. For him, coaching in the second division is also an option, but this is related to his future, so it is understandable for UU reading www.uukanshu.com to be more cautious.

   Seeing Gao Bo did not speak, David Morton sighed.

  A good coach will not take over the mess of Luton. In fact, if there is a choice, Morton will not take over the mess.

The original owner of the Luton Town Football Club was David Morton's mother, and when his mother passed away, Morton's father, Morton, took over the management of the club, and invested in the management and capital of Morton. Down, Luton Town even had the hope of breaking into the British Championship.

   Only the old Morton passed away. As the youngest son, David Morton only got the inheritance rights of Luton Town Football Club. Most of the other assets were divided up by David Morton's two half-brothers.

After paying the inheritance tax, David Morton had no money to invest in the club. The team that lost an external blood transfusion quickly fell apart and was relegated from the English Premier League. Later, he was penalized due to financial problems. ....

   For David Morton, Luton Town Football Club is undoubtedly a negative equity, but he is not willing to give up the team.

  His mother is from Luton Town, who was born a fan of this team. For his mother, David Morton is determined to run the team.

   Morton stood up and raised his glass: "I know that there are not many good coaches who are willing to take over the mess of Luton. Coach Gao Bo, I took the liberty."

   Morton drank it, turned and walked outside the pub.

   "My weekly salary at Chelsea is £7,000!"

   Gao Bo's voice sounded behind Morton.

   "Eight thousand!!"

   Morton turned around in surprise.


   Gao Bo raised his glass and smiled at his new boss.

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