1 Chapter 1 I AM

The days are the same, always the same. Just like any other day, waking up doing the exact same things that I always do; serving. I serve people but not just any people, I serve people who used to be my people. The people who look at me now with nothing but rejection, who don’t see me anymore as one of their own. In this horrid life I now wake up to everyday, the life I’ll hate until I take my final breath to welcome the peace of death. The life I take as a Human.

This is the time we wake and go for that everyday morning run, me and my friends we’ll run around play stupid games with each other deep in the woods to stretch our legs then soon return back to the pack house for breakfast in the great hall. My pack is just one of the many that are all over the world, the difference is mine is the strongest of them all, the literal center to the Kingdom since our Alpha is not only just ours but everyone else as well, Alpha of Alphas; the king. Though it’s not just us, some other packs may have just wolves and some witches but when you’re the center of it all we have abundance of Supernatural Creatures. All over the world all types of creatures’ roam within their own packs and kingdoms but a mix is always there so when it comes to dining in the great hall there is never a dull moment.

Witches’ practices spells, Elemental fairies prospering the planet or collecting and creating for their human charge, the Vampires, those who pledge to our Alpha, taking in their morning offers of blood and more Werewolves coming out of the woods shifting from their wolf to human forms.

Yet here in the great hall, the hall where I used to sit among all of those creatures, stands among the servants. Servants, who are made up of supernatural beings now deemed low class no matter the status paying their dues as punishments, some who sometimes don’t mind serving. Humans who are here could be deemed as their regular nine to five jobs for good pay for their bills or just to be here to be a part of the supernatural world even if it’s to cook or clean for the masses.

I’m the disgrace placed here among the servants, don’t get this wrong Humans are not slaves, never will be. Supernatural leaders of each faction thought that would cause major problems and will cause the human race into extinction. So, when the Humans did finally find out about the supernatural world, they had to pick a leader of their own to represent them, their faction and soon included at the table to have a voice in this ever-changed world.

Those Humans who serve in the many place that allow for servants provide blood for the Vampires, cook, clean, host, some even in the sexual department think nothing of it but joy, to my own belief to just brag about being around different creatures all the time.

For me however I have no choice but to serve because there is no other place for me to go. I can’t just live here without being Supernatural. It's against the rules for any Human to stay among any supernatural for safety reasons, unless mated to one. Though in the case of mates it's very rare for a Human to be mated to any Supernatural Creature. So, in the end they put me to work and that is what I do; work in the pack house until they get rid of me.

When the day comes when they get rid of me it would be to send me to the Humans only for me to live there all on my own without family for me to fail. I wasn’t born one of them, I wasn’t raised as one of them, was taught about them a little in school but that is just about it. No matter what anyone says, you can be a Human. Because of that I do everything in my power that will give me a chance to stay here.

You will have no idea how much it sucks to be in a place where it's allowed but not to be wanted. A place where it was just my family but now my close friends look at me with shame and resentment. A place where all I want is to be welcomed back into the fold and be loved again. I am the person to tell you that one thing can make anyone turn on you no matter what. You would be nothing to them like I am nothing to my pack.

Mothers of my kind tell their daughters about me, like I’m the new scary story at the vampire fire to scare them. ‘Make sure you do this and not this in the law of mates or the Goddess will strike down upon you and you’ll be just like her, mateless, no wolf, alone and a disgrace to our race. Born a Wolf but turned Human since you dared defy our Goddess’. That's what they say, and I hear it all.

Our Goddess bestowed a gift upon us, us the werewolves were the first to experience this other species soon followed because the other Gods and Goddess didn’t want to be out done by the moon herself the first Luna. She created Mates after the tragic loss of the man she loved the first Alpha. Said to be the truest tragic love story in which she held the man she loved in her arms as he died and cast a spell with the hidden power she had. Back then no one knew of the supernatural; it was hidden and the affairs of the many were too hidden.

Like her mother who slept with a man who turned into a beast and gave birth to her, who turned into a beast. The first Luna who had to have her mother weaken her to be a Latean wolf, the first of the kind, so that she can never shift and be found out by her coven. Was the purest and most thoughtful soul there met a man brutal and in charge of his strong and willful pack soon to be called the term Alpha. With power she and her mother deemed she didn’t have unlocked his death in her anguish. Her spell that made him to be part of the stars for that he loved looking at the night sky and gaze upon the stars for a moment of peace. Soon to be killed by her coven, burned casted a spell on herself to be a part of the moon for that it was with her love, the stars in the night sky her forever Mate.

She then casted an even bigger spell as the wolves howled in the night sky when they felt her death upon the pack that they won’t have to worry of never finding love like she did for that of who she was and lose them because of that he was someone of a different species the spell of mates which being created in turn so that even though she and her Alpha were dead spoke to the wolves not to fight with the witches of her coven for that they just were scared and not knowing that other can learn to love others of different species.

Our Goddess was the catalyst the story being told over throughout the world soon then all Gods and Goddess who were formed by the will and faith of their species just like her soon created Mates for their kind but the thought of what she had to endure copied of what she spoke in her spell that mates only mate within their species. Then even though she was a Latean Wolf the thought of a wolf of a strong statue being that of a witch scared even more, so Crossbreading was termed and deemed illegal in the supernatural world, but those who thought of nothing but wanting strength and power did it anyway and Hybrids were formed.

Such a tale that it is, mine is one for the books just as well. I had a mate, it wasn't like he didn’t want me; it was just that the wait for me took too long. I was rejected and it was okay, he was happy with the woman he had chosen. Such a great man I deemed him to be when he told me he was waiting for me and I believed him.

But she came into his life, his exact words were ‘I would wait for you for years, to get the chance to be with you, then when I met her, I was just so sad and alone because the thought of not having you, my mate came into mind so much. She understood I had you out there in this world and in her loving heart said she’ll understand when I find you that I’ll choose you and leave her and it was the solid vow I spoke to myself that when you came, I would choose you. With time spent with her and years passed I fell in love with her El, and it’s been amazing though the thought of you never faded from my mind. It was just after so much time I thought maybe she just won’t come and thought like I did and found someone.’ What was it that I could do but understand and agree to the rejection, he was a happy man I couldn’t be selfish and take that from him, I wouldn’t, so I didn’t.

So maybe those moms are right, the Goddess is punishing me for my mate who decided the wait was too long. In all honesty it’s not fair, she should punish herself for making such a pairing in the first place or punish him for choosing when he knew I was out there somewhere but I wouldn’t wish for this or any type of misfortune on even my greatest enemy.

A Chosen, is when a wolf chooses who to mate with if they rejected their mate or gone through rejection themselves, their mate died, was born without a mate bond; which is very rare and in some cases like mine, their mate is too young to be with, some wait until they are of age and some, well they already found someone else.

I was fifteen when I figured it out; he came to visit the lands, he was of age years beforehand already being at the age of thirty-two. When one comes of age it doesn't matter if the other isn’t, you’ll know that person is your mate and that is what happened since I was yet to turn sixteen, the age you know of your mate, I had one more year to go. So, when he was in the pack lands, I couldn’t sense him due to my wolf's stature, but he could sense me, yet as soon as he was in front me that night looking for me through the halls I knew it, I felt it.

I wasn’t angry about the rejection like some other girls would’ve been in my shoes, who’ve been waiting their whole lives waiting for a mate for years after hearing the wonderful mating stories their parents told them.

He had a wife, he had children and they’re such a beautiful family and she is a lucky woman. Yes, there are times where I think to myself ‘I could’ve been her’, that lucky woman with a good man that other women would really wish to be sometimes for that spec of happiness.

When word got out about what happened to me, she offered me a room at their place, being the kind gentle woman she is. I believed that she was sincere with her offer, I also believed that a good mother would have this urge to help out kids in bad situations or maybe just felt guilty that she had my mate. I declined the offer of course; it was a nice gesture but I honestly thought it would’ve been very awkward. I still keep in touch though, right now there away on a trip vacationing from their normal lives.

Did I ever think this would happen to me, losing my wolf, my life taking such a turn as it did, but what can one really do about it but find a way to make whatever life throws at you work.

I never went to find a Chosen for myself, it wasn’t because I was sad about losing my mate, honestly when I found out that me and him were mates, I felt nothing, nothing at all like what we are supposed to feel when you first meet them, it was just an empty feeling like talking to a stranger but I knew the bond was there it was just very dull like to me for some reason.

So, when he rejected me, it didn’t hurt, it did for him, for a while he was really sick and weak. Some wolves are weaker than others and it’s the natural order of things yet some can handle the rejection others cannot, they end up taking their own lives because of it. Him being a Warrior Wolf has strength so through the rejection I knew he would be okay. I, however, was still scared for him. It is sad to see someone in such a state and not understand why I didn’t go through it myself, not until later when I figured it out why.

Everyone else however, who bore witness to the rejection of the bond ceremony, some Elder Wolves; which are wolves who are ancient known to be that of the lineage of the first Werewolves of our time. Some upper-level pack members; the Alpha Senior, which is what wolves call pass Alphas when they passed down their title, are the current Alphas’ grandfather. The Alphas father should be current Alpha of the pack, the King of the Werewolves but chose to be an Elder instead since it’s in his bloodline, he is able to be one who as well was present at the ceremony.

His son wasn't there though, he had packs business to attend not only being Alpha of Alphas, the strongest of them all, he goes and visits other packs and does whatever a King does when they visit their territory within their kingdom, for my Alpha all packs are his.

Everyone present at that ceremony, well everyone but maybe the Alpha Senior didn’t know why I felt nothing when the bond was breaking and when it was broken but when I figured out why I never told them. It was something that hasn’t been thought of in centuries, something now just a brief subject in our werewolf history. If they ever figure out that I had something like this, claiming something like this to a person that I shouldn’t have will cause problems.

This person being my Alpha, the damn King of Werewolves and to make it worse he’s mated to his queens, been mated to them for the last ten years now and yes, I meant what I said when I said Queens. It isn’t my fault, with this you don’t choose who it happens to and if I did have a choice trust me it would not be him, I mean yes, he is a very handsome man but he is a taken man.

There would’ve been an uproar, how I was able to do this and someone of a rank I’ve had in the pack no way. Let it be known that someone of my stature to be one to bring back this sacred and cherished thing among all Supernatural Creatures is unheard of. Many of Supernatural creatures, not all, were bestowed mates by their Gods and Goddesses. When mates were first spelled into the world of the supernatural all creatures had one until a fairy who was jealous that the one she wanted to be mated to was mated to someone else. Left her behind like she was nothing to be with the other person, this fairy soon found her mate but rejected him in her rage when she knew who he was not wanting to be with him and accepted that she may have a good life with him since she only saw herself with that man she lost. So, with powerful dark Elemental magic that is now illegal among the supernatural she made a spell to curse their child to be mateless but she couldn’t control the spell and it blasted out in a powerful wave affecting not just that child but many around the world.

What revolves around mates are nothing but sad stories trying to be something beautiful, like that of a Human pairing with a Supernatural Creature. A supernatural man spoke of having a bond with a Human knowing that mates within the species fell in love with her. Soon to be ridiculed and his lover killed. The man, a very weak one of his stature being a Jinn named Jared, who stole power and created it that all those who didn’t believe him, outcasted him and laughed at his ridiculous notion of mating to a Human and who were a part of her death. Made a curse for that someone where in their families they would have those who would be mated to Humans.

Because of how angry he got they made it so that when this claim came to part someone being mates with that outside of their species powerful witches would check for the bond and see if it would be true. Yet what they didn’t know was that only to the father the curse of no mates was done before created by him in which the fairy stole it from to use for her vengeance. Cursed Jared to be mateless for being a bastard child and his mother deemed his servant and no longer his wife.

Yet the reason why the King has Queens is because he is a man of two creatures; a Werewolf and a Vampire, a Hybrid the most powerful known by creation; all Hybrids from the beginning were created but then soon since the blood became mixed in the bloodline, they became born. The Kings line is a powerful one that of Alpha blood, elder blood and the Luna Senior being a hybrid herself that of a Witch and a Wolf. Though there is one species that escapes that of a Mate and that species is the Witches. They have no mates being that of who they are they are able to be with any one they please.

So, with him being both wolf and vampire he has a mate for that of his species, one a wolf and one a vampire. No one knows the story behind the Kind becoming a Hybrid, no one but him and how he survived is a great mystery of chance is what some say. Vampire toxin from the fangs is needed to create a vampire if not born one yet it’s very dangerous to wolves, those who drink it or allow a vampire to bite them and insert the toxin gets really ill and may take time to heal depending on the rank of the wolf and some can even die. Yet those who heal will lose something in return such as scent, sight and even the ability to shift to their wolf forms, yet he turned. Many have tried to create this hybrid again but failed many times over. He is the only of his kind but not the only hybrid though the strongest hybrid to walk this Earth.

What I did was something other creatures long to have, it is deemed that you're special, gifted by the Gods and the Goddess of the Supernatural Creatures. No one really knows how this gift came to be.

For me however it's not a gift that I would be excited to have, because I was a Latean Wolf, a wolf who is dormant and couldn’t shift something lower than an omega, when I spoke about running in the mornings with my friend was that on the back of another wolf who allowed me so. They would say it was a joke, that I was making it up, that there is no way this gift would be given to me, that I couldn’t even please my own Goddess by turning into the wolf she granted me with, yet the failed to realize that she was one to, but that was taken out in the story by men to show nothing but power to, not have a Goddess to be a weak wolf and over time it stuck that way. Only certain people know it, the reason why I do is because I’m good at listening.

It just happened, scared the shit out of me too. When I looked at him when I turned sixteen, the age to find your mates, the bond took it’s hold and I couldn’t do anything about it.

My wolf just chose him for the pairing, I felt my soul call out to him, I did this to a man taken, the one thing that all Supernatural Creatures value above all. I Imprinted.

This great gift that I got has one big downside, it's one sided. The other person who was imprinted on still has their own mates and won’t feel this ever so great bond and, in the end, choose the mate that was granted to them. So, I’m still confused as to why I had a bond with my mate to begin with, if I was granted this one of higher power that out shadowed it, when others who have imprinted like me didn’t have anything but the Imprint, so why give me both. Then why make it so dull in comparison, or was it when I first saw the Alpha, I let that school girl crush feeling wash over me and fade away the bond of my mate. Doesn’t matter though because when it comes to the stories of the Imprinters those, they imprint on always choose their mates, they always do, all but one.

There was one who chose the Imprinter over their mate, over a thousand years ago during the times of the Great War. I don’t know much about it all I do know is that the man was a Wolf and the Imprinter, she was a Vampire and they had children and those children, well it’s the Alphas bloodline. Some don’t speak about the Alpha turning granted that they have to ask him about that ordeal and since the talk about Imprinting is so brief now since that time was the last time it happened, maybe that’s why no one really put the pieces together about the King not even his own family.

I, being the one who wants to learn everything I can about this, I did and was able to put the pieces together.

That being the Kings bloodline maybe that's what he survived the transition and became the hybrid, being a vampire, sort of, the blood it was already there just dimmed down throughout the centuries in DNA granted since it’s a strong line of Alphas, Elders and adding in the fact the Luna Senior is a Witch Wolf Hybrid it wasn’t thought of.

Having a child that is of a different species than that of what you are is very dangerous to that of the mother and the baby. Some survive but many don’t, the greater the difference of each creature determines that of the survival. Witches, their magic protects them from that downside, but the only problem is the stronger the magic they have the better, the weaker their magic gets then it’s no good. It’s like with their aging, their magic helps protect their youth so the stronger the magic equals a longer life, when it gets weaker, they age like Humans would.

I’m surprised the Imprinter survived the birth of wolf children being a vampire. It’s amazing considering how dangerous it is, she must’ve been a strong woman to go through that. Some said that being a gift from the Gods and Goddesses birthing children from other species was nothing to worry about. Yet it begs the question of if the man was the Imprinter and the woman chose them and being of a different species, she falls pregnant will she have nothing to fear because they are with a powerful bond?

Honestly it doesn’t matter, I Imprinted on Alpha King Lucian, a man who is fully mated and would never give me the time of day therefore no hybrid children for me to worry about. The bond, the reason why I couldn’t care for my mate beforehand, this Imprint bond that I now have, barely a month later after I turned sixteen caused me to lose my wolf and turned me Human, that was seven months ago.

“Hey, I knew you’d be here El” words snapping me out of my never whirlwind of thoughts. Alice, a strong she-wolf, warrior status. The one wolf who didn’t care about what became of my wolf, someone I didn’t know before this happened but glad to have met, a really good friend to me.

With her fiery red hair and bright smile, Alice was in the top twenty Warrior Wolves for females, found me here still in my bedroom of the pack house, well more like a castle, farthest from all other rooms and people.

“Sorry, I was just in deep thought” I told her with a sheepish smile and walked towards the door where she stands. “I’m not late, am I?” I asked her as we both left my room as I gently closed the door behind me.

“No” was her answer to me as we rounded the corner and found our way up the steps, granted that the entrance of our pack house is on the second floor. I, staying on the first, shows how big this place is for the amount of people living here though makes it seem so small.

“Eleanor, I know what you’ve been thinking about and it can get better just give it some time” she spoke out softly to me as we climbed up the steps. I just nodded my head in return not wanting to talk about it, because I know it would never get better but only worse. I bring shame to the wolves. It can never get better, not for me. Not with the life I now take as being Human.

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