Impressions: The Last of the Nobility Book

novel - Fantasy

Impressions: The Last of the Nobility


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Beware of the Dragon Wolf. There is a tale of supernatural beings, some gods, some demigods, others the fates themselves in the long-lost noble lineages. Then amongst the supernatural was the Scio, a people with the knowledge of all beings and the ability to live harmoniously with those of goodwill. Legend has it that one day the oldest noble lines will intertwine combining the legends of the west and the east with the legend of the Cradle of Mankind. The tale warns of the power of the dragon rising and suppressing the wolf or worse destroying the cradle of humanity. Such power and majesty are rumored to belong to the most beautiful and the strongest. But everyone knows that legends are exaggerations and tales are for putting children to sleep. Thokozani is considered a well-behaved child, disciplined and obedient to her parents. Little Miss Perfect since everyone can remember, Thokozani is the epitome of stability. Nathaniel Woodcombe is the youngest and weakest of the Woodcombe boys all known for their acts of bravery and patriotism. Their Lineage is royal from the beginning of time. The Woodcombes have suffered great losses and only Nathaniel and his nephew remain as the male descendants of supreme supernatural beings. As evil seeks to gain control of the world and leave yet another plane devastated a Fate takes a huge gamble. The fate of humanity lies in the hands of the weak, young, and naive. Will the world make it or is it doomed to the same fate of the Earths before? Will the last of the noble lines be worthy of the task or will yet another planet be plunged into darkness and despair? Or will love prevail and a new world emerge?

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